SBS Podcast 040

 SBS Podcast 040

40 of the most inspirational cuts we’ve stumbled upon from our first five years – and what a lineup of songs it truly is!

Now to be clear…we’re not saying anything ridiculous like, best 40 songs you’ll ever hear in your life or any kind of click-bait headline – we’re telling it like it is, these are 40 of the most meaningful & inspirational songs/bands/artists from our own journey through the independent music-scene since it began.  Is it complete?  Hell no!  What list out there really is?  Are they all amazing songs?  Hell yes!  Because that’s what we play here on the SBS Podcast!

Condensing down five years worth of time into forty songs is impossible for a guy like me…but for episode 040, I had to at least give it a shot.  As I suspected, I had an absolute blast going down the nostalgia trail and reliving some of the incredible experiences, memories and moments from along the way…and what better way to share all that with you and what all this music has meant to me, to you, to all of us connected through SBS along the way.  Just another way we can say thank-you to the insanely awesome artists/bands out there for their dedicated efforts throughout the years and remind them that they stand apart from the rest for all the right reasons…and it’s a great way to get some new songs in ya as well!  Because if you don’t know these ones off by heart yet…ya should.


Your official show lineup for episode 040 includes highlights from our first five years at sleepingbagstudios!

From Year One:

The Yellow Dress – “Tummy In The Blood”

Swami Lushbeard – “My Best Thinking”

Nixie – “Citizen Warning”

The Pit – “I Wanna Plant Bombs Everywhere”

From Year Two:

Sky As Skin – “Satan Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas”

Man Made Lake – “A.S.M.R.”

Aztec – “The Benefits Of Being Alone”

Skelley’s Dream – “We Are Amazing”

From Year Three:

Aminita Satori – “Karma Tonight”

TKO – “Almost Finished Now”

Jordan Paul – “Archetype X”

Birds Over Arkansas – “Forgotten Lights”

Tom Rhodes – “With Or Without”

School Friends – “Backwards Habits”

Seashaped – “Millions And Millions”

DWARF – “Misinformed”

EMPRA – “I Won’t Give Up”

Count The Thief – “Vintage”

Return For Refund – “Yolo”

Smoking Martha – “Sweet As Honey”

From Year Four:

Convey – “Speed Dial”

A Truth Called Nothing – “Someone Better”

1FM – “Another Thing”

Jack Of None – “Unravel Me”

Joseph Tonelli – “Dust And Snow”

West My Friend – “How Could I Not Sing?”

A Choir Of Ghosts – “Ester”

Sun.Set.Ships. – “The Only Heaven There Is”

The Affectionates – “Make Our Move”

Peak Arrival – “Lemonade”

From Year Five:

Artdayn – “Jenny”

Alex Musicci – “Just Let Me Know”

Voluptas Mors – “Be Like Me”

I, Useless – “Hikers”

Guest Actors – “By Demand”

Sam & The Black Seas – “Within Me”

Life In A Tree – “The Odds”

Jana Pochop – “Money & Heart”

Yellow Paper Planes – “Bottle Up, Explode”

Resilient – “Slack”

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