Hoodie Rob Uzumaki – “Teardrops (2010)”

Hoodie Rob Uzumaki – “Teardrops (2010)” – Single Review “Hittin’ on these notes like I’m Mozart.”  #WhatInTheWolfgang  #HoldUpThereYoungBuck Don’t get it twisted…I’m not sayin’ that I don’t like what I’m hearing, I’m just sayin’ a comparison to one of music’s greatest composers this early on into Hoodie Rob Uzumaki’s career might be…hmm…a bit of a […]Read More

SAV – “Rampage PT. 1 (Rough Draft)”

SAV – “Rampage PT. 1 (Rough Draft)” – Audio Post Ahhhh yes…just another day in the life of… …wait a second here – did SAV just say what I think he said? He did!  “I might just make her hold my dick when I piss” – heat/pulse-check…yep…I’m awake. I never have a problem with a […]Read More

MELØ – Things We Lost

MELØ – Things We Lost – EP Review Right next door to us here at sleepingbagstudios in Ottawa, (at least, that is for the time being until our special announcement coming this summer…stay tuned for that!) based out of Windsor, Ontario, solo-artist MELØ has been making major moves with his music over the course of […]Read More

Ariee – “Sugar Daddy”

Ariee – “Sugar Daddy” – Single Review Ayyyy…if you know what it is you want outta life, I figure you’re one of the lucky ones ain’t ya? Ariee likes money.  Airee knows how to get that money.  If someone out there is willing to spend their hard earned dough on this fine lady, I personally […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 164

Absolutely STOKED to welcome Tacboy of ET Boys to SBS Live This Week on this episode via the ol’ video-interview!  Come check out the awesomeness of a sincerely grounded dude with a whole lotta heart, learn about ET Boys, hear their music – and stick around for bonus features with BG408 and METZ in the […]Read More

Ludwik Konopko – “Sunday Alchemy”

Ludwik Konopko – “Sunday Alchemy” – Single Review I tell ya folks…there are some seriously fantastic musicians out there around this world we’re living in that sure make what I do a whole lot easier.  The opposite is equally true too I suppose, but thankfully, that’s not an issue I have to deal with today.  […]Read More

Carl Anderson – Hillbilly Heaven

Carl Anderson – Hillbilly Heaven – Album Review “Well I’m not the average person.”  #YaHeckinGotTHATRightSir  #YesIndeed Hopefully there’s at least one of ya out there that’s been looking forward to this new record as much as I have been – Carl Anderson is by far & away one of the most sonically interesting & all-out […]Read More

SBS Podcast 151

Come check out a lineup from the early side of sound & a set-list stocked full of the future superstars of tomorrow!  We’ll be spinning songs by Taylor Hall, Life In A Tree, Hannyta, Taylor Roche, 432 Music Way, CASSANDRA, Amanda Barise, JOHO, Annie DiRusso, and our special guest, Antonio de la Torre, who we’ve […]Read More

Natural Groove Records Presents: Till Sunday Pirate/LAGARTO

Natural Groove Records Presents:  Till Sunday Pirate/LAGARTO – Singles Review Ahhh y’all know I love it when I get the opportunity to explore music that’s being made far, far away from where we’re based out of here in Canada – and thanks to good ol’ Natural Groove Records, we’re doing exactly that today as we […]Read More

Pidgie – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel

Pidgie – “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free” – Single Review It is a little strange to sing about it while you’re doin’ it, and you are, ain’t it? Pidgie’s a unique character out there in this scene we share for sure.  Sometimes you stumble across people with a true […]Read More