SBS Podcast 089

What did we purchase out there in the madness of Bandcamp’s big day of sales to support the artists & bands out there?  Good question!  The answer comes in the form of incredible new tunes from Yellow Paper Planes, Violet Night, West My Friend, Nebrie, Bees In A Bottle, Sky As Skin, Man Made Lake, […]Read More

SBS Separated 2020 Day 24/31: Man Made Lake – “Lemon

SBS Separated returns for March 2020!  Catch all kinds of amazing music, unseen moments & unreleased live footage throughout the entire month.  Take a trip back with us to 2014, when Vancouver Island’s hybrid-rock band Man Made Lake came over to our studio on the mainland and spent the day with us playin’ tunes.  The […]Read More

0217 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album

It was an epic event…and yep, it yielded a TON of pictures, video footage, and all-out great times.  In honor of such an incredible memory and the fact that they’re returning online with a brand-new single this week on Friday, we’ve got one last dose of shots from our time spent with Man Made Lake […]Read More

0207 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album

Forever to be known as one of the raddest experiences we’ve ever witnessed – Man Made Lake playing live right in front of us for hours & hours in the ol’ SBS studio garage back in BC in 2014.  They were hot off the release of their second record around then…and by the time all […]Read More

SBS Podcast 040

40 of the most inspirational cuts we’ve stumbled upon from our first five years – and what a lineup of songs it truly is! Now to be clear…we’re not saying anything ridiculous like, best 40 songs you’ll ever hear in your life or any kind of click-bait headline – we’re telling it like it is, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 028

Slow jammin’! Excellent artists & bands on the show with atmospheric & emotional tunes & ballads for ya this week – sit back, relax & enjoy!   Your official show lineup includes: Man Made Lake – “Lucky” Jean Synodinos – “Real Renegade” åMBe’ – “Little Grain” Bad Reed – “Slackjaw Romance” Yesterdays Promise – “Tomorrow’s […]Read More

0177 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album

So many awesome memories from Man Made Lake taking over the studio in 2014!  They’ve got a brand-new album out this year called Godless and continue to thrive out there in the music-scene…check out some more shots from our time with them from a couple years back!Read More

0160 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014) Album

No doubt we’ve got a TON of pictures from this event still hangin’ around here – Man Made Lake OWNED our studio for like, a solid ten-hour jam that rumbled, rocked & rolled during our second-annual event with EverydayMusicTV.  The only band that needed power that day with all the other acts, artists & bands […]Read More

0151 – Man Made Lake (Live @ SBS 2014)

Way back in 2014 when SBS was still on the west-coast of Canada – we had about ten artists/bands stop by for an event we held in collaboration with EverydayMusicTV where each of them had an opportunity to play a song or two in a try-out of sorts to get into EDMTV’s 1000-day lineup of […]Read More

0143 – Man Made Lake Album III

One of our favorite bands out there in the independent music-scene…SBS has interacted with Man Made Lake in numerous ways throughout the years and we continue to be massive fans of this crazy crew.  Check out some more pictures from our shared time with this band throughout meeting them in early 2013, to the video-interview […]Read More

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