Jordan Paul – “Archetype X”

 Jordan Paul – “Archetype X”

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Jordan Paul – “Archetype X” – Single Review

WhatEVER! Is this for real?

Here’s a guy that should truly find himself in a lifelong music-career…I know there’s certainly a place on my playlist for songs like “Archetype X” from Jordan Paul…this is absolutely outstanding. Like…’picking the ol’ jaw up off the ground’ kind of outstanding – this brand-new single is STUNNING. If I was to make a comparison, it would be something akin to like…Queen, Mimicking Birds, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin all had a beautiful love-child…and thy name would be Jordan Paul.

Seriously…what’s NOT amazing about this track? I love the way “Archetype X” floats into the beginning with golden-tones from the guitar melody forming a dreamlike scene for the vocals, which are sparkling, sweet and flat-out incredible. This WHOLE SONG is gonna move right through you in so many ways as it shifts and changes throughout – but this opening is quite a remarkable start to the song. The vocal-flow & style match the mood & atmosphere beyond-perfectly, but probably comes on in a whole approach you wouldn’t typically expect. I have the feeling…that maybe, just maybe…maybe Jordan Paul is a musician that can truly execute and bring the vision and music in his mind to vibrant life through his recordings; you won’t hear a single note out of place – “Archetype X” does everything exactly as it is supposed to do…as intended by Jordan Paul. I’d be astonished if this new single didn’t come out sounding precisely how he’s always wanted this song to sound.

It’s the kind of song I feel like I could write an entire essay around…so I’ll have to be careful – but you get the point – GO AND LISTEN TO THIS SONG! The opening guitar style and melodies are so similar to the beauty you’ll find in the music of Mimicking Birds…the vocals start out in a pop-style Freddie Mercury singing a toned-down, heartfelt melody; the talent displayed right from the outset is honestly kinda staggering…this is a completely verifiable artist in the purest-sense of the word as applied to music. The chorus is beautiful…the lyrics are right there on display and fully echo the sentiment of the instruments…and the enthusiasm & passion driving the song begin to increase as the song finds a complete second life from it’s third-minute and forward.

Bursting into a combination of Radiohead-meets-Led Zeppelin…the music remains enchanting, charismatic and inventive as Jordan switches gears entirely from the sweet pop sound to a full-on dead-ringer for Robert Plant in his prime. The end of “Archetype X” was something I pretty much had assumed couldn’t possibly be any better than how the song began when I very first started to listen…and MAN did Jordan Paul prove me wrong! THAT my friends…dear readers, dear pals…THAT is how you end a song!

Even the change to get to this sound is as subtle as it gets…with a crash of the cymbals and a slight change in direction for the guitars…the drums begin to let loose and Jordan takes the microphone for an adventure straight into the rock-fantastic. I honestly cannot get enough of “Archetype X” – to me a single like this is such a massive indication of an artist putting everything they’ve got into their art in such a successful way that it is able to grasp firmly onto a natural feel & confident sound while breaking all kinds of genre-boundaries. Impressive from the first moment to the last – I’m a big, big fan of what Jordan Paul has put together here…he’s got me excited enough through this incredible new single that I’d look forward to anything he puts out in the future.

Not just look forward to it – it would become an instant top-priority to my ears.

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