Blake Shepperd – “Molly (so WHAT?)”

 Blake Shepperd – “Molly (so WHAT?)”

Blake Shepperd – “Molly (so WHAT?)” – Single Review

Someone give this guy a hug!  Sounds like he wants one.

Interesting track from Blake Shepperd here.

I suppose you could consider “Molly (so WHAT?)” to be the first track you’d hear on the sequel to his 2023 record called DIRTY CLUB FLOOR, which expanded from having four songs in its lineup last year, to DCF2, which boasts a large-ass twelve.  So I’d reckon if you liked what you heard before, chances are, you’ve got more of that on this full album…precisely three times as much if you’re into the math & shit.

Anyhow.  Lemme tell ya why you’d want to tune into this single, straight up – it’s the personality you’ll find.  If you’re looking for music that’s got something different than the rest, then “Molly (so WHAT?)” should have no problem at all filling that hole in your playlist.  It’s weird, it’s wild, it’s armed with larger-than-life sound…I mean…I listen to music all day long, every single day as a critic, and I can tell ya that if you’re looking for something that’s seriously going to catch the attention of your ears, this is it, 100%.  I’ll be upfront with ya and tell you directly that I don’t know all these great things add up to wanting to listening to “Molly (so WHAT?)” every day for the rest of your life…there’s probably a time and a place for tracks like this I guess, but I do think it’s safe to say that if you dig what you hear on that initial spin, there’s definitely a chance you’re gonna be addicted to this Electro-based oddity for at least a little while.  Y’all regular readers know me here…I’m always going to advocate on behalf of the strangest among us & those that choose to do things differently than the rest…and there’s something about Blake that seems like he’s potentially got the juice to make a notable splash out there in this scene we share.

Like…it’s AGRO to the point where it actually comes back around full circle and becomes FUN…and I don’t know that I can say I’ve heard too many songs that have been able to pull that off before.  When you listen to the vocals in this tune, you’ll know what I mean…I feel like “Molly (so WHAT?)” might not be a song I’d normally be into, but that’s where you have to give credit where credit is due – Blake’s found a way to beat the odds in that regard, and again, that comes down to the INSANE level of personality you’ll find in this song.  Obviously if it was just up to the vocals, who knows…maybe I’d be into some dude yellin’ at me, maybe I wouldn’t…I can’t really say for sure, but I can confirm that I like what I hear on the mic so much more than what I would have assumed, and it’s basically the main reason that I kept coming back to this song for another spin.  That being said, I think it’s largely because the vocals hit so perfectly with the dynamics of the music surrounding them, and the fact that the music seems to have just as much of a riotous spirit as the vocals do.  It’s quite the effective combination when it comes right down to it.  I did my best to kick the tires on this track and find some kind of weakness to it, but I’ll fully admit, this thang holds up STRONG on repeat listens, and quickly becomes so much more addictive than you’d likely ever think it would be at first.  Like, if you had this on at the club, this would be THE anthem of the night, and there’d be no point in playing anything else after a highlight like this.  Then you’d probably leave, and proceed to burn the rest of the city down with this as your soundtrack.

So consider yourselves warned I suppose!  Every once in a while, an oddity can come along & completely steal the show…and chances are, “Molly (so WHAT?)” is going to be THAT TRACK for a whole lot of folks out there.  Like…you could TRY to resist the digitalized groove and hybrid vibes of this single, but I don’t think I’d recommend that you do…I’m all about fighting battles you can actually WIN, and I don’t think you’d be able to stop yourself from listening to this cut more than once.  It should be noted, that not only is “Molly (so WHAT?)” my own first experience with Blake’s music, but if you’re tuning into DCF2, it could be yours as well – this is the opening track on his latest record, and it’s a brilliant gateway in.  It’s got all the right ingredients it needs to get the wheels in your mind turning and wondering what the fuck else you might find in Shepperd’s catalog.  Even if we don’t know WHAT it is exactly that makes a track like this as addictive and irresistible as it is, we have to succumb to the fact we know we want MORE!

The energy is simply off the charts.  Would I change anything about “Molly (so WHAT?)?”  Honestly, no.  I feel like this crazy cat is gonna be just fine doin’ what he does and there’s no advice that I could give to Blake Shepperd that would make this single any better than it already IS.  The most you’ll find me conceding to ya is that it’s got what I’d probably consider to be a bit of a novelty type of sound overall, which usually suggests that a song will appeal more to you when you’re in the right frame of mind or mood for it, as opposed to everyday listening.  But, so WHAT – that applies to most music anyhow!  As for the opening spoken word sample added in…I genuinely think that’s an amusing part of this single.  One of the first signs of getting old is feeling like something used to be better way back when…and so while I think that Blake has used that clip to make a point and keep things light on the way in, I also think it might be revealing that he’s already hit that first level of becoming older than the scene he’s playing for a bit, or at least confirms with the song to follow that he’s always willing to rebel against father time.

All-in-all though, a track like “Molly (so WHAT?)” absolutely gets my attention, and I’ll sure it’ll get yours too.  Find out more about Blake Shepperd at this official multilink here:

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