EMPRA – Limited Edition USA

 EMPRA – Limited Edition USA

EMPRA – Limited Edition USA – EP Review

Well as if these three fine people don’t look like a ton of fun! Not sure if it’s still the picture you’ll see when logging in to support EMPRA at their Facebook page…but the photo of these three smiling that’s up there right now is every bit as inviting as their harmonies & melodies. With just the right amount of mischief in those six-eyeballs-staring-back to confirm & hint that the wild antics of rock’n’roll still live vibrantly on. EMPRA is here to make some beautiful noise with unforgettable explosive-energy and full passion on display.

Opening-cut “Doesn’t Make Much Sense” makes plenty enough sense to the eardrums…of this I’m sure. Though I’ll certainly point out there are stronger rhythms to come on this EP, this opening track does manage to leave its mark and raise the bar as it plays through. Though the verse has the excellent chop-and-start guitars and a solid energy, I didn’t feel they began to truly separate themselves until the chorus began. The energy that “Doesn’t Make Much Sense” rises to is absolutely mind-blowing – this becomes a massive, crowd-pleasing anthem by the end of it all…it explodes with bright sounds and really showcases the tightness of this pop/rock/alternative band. Kind of like someone blended up The Offspring and Third Eye Blind together and got this awesomeness out of the tap.

For the record…I’ve got nearly no use for either The Offspring OR Third Eye Blah…but I’m liking what EMPRA is doing a whole hell of a lot…

“Strange Condition” clinched it all for me very early on. Absolutely wicked rolling bass from Matt Agius in this song, excellent guitars chiming in at the perfect time, solid drumbeat, excellent harmonies and absolutely stellar vocals and writing – did I cover it all? This is completely and thoroughly pop/rock bliss…and with another massive chorus & excellent guitar solo – this three piece are out to put five-piece bands to shame with how full their incredible rhythms & creative musicianship becomes.

“Only Love” reveals a little of the accent of the Aussie through the vocals of Sanny Veloo. Singing sweetly until he kicks the guitar pedals into overdrive and rocks this song right the fuck out with vocals that deserve an award. With controlled screams and ambitious energy – Sanny has nailed each and every song so far, but the explosiveness in his vocals throughout yet ANOTHER huge chorus will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

I can’t help but absolutely love “I Won’t Give Up.” Not only does this song play along with perfect pop/punk precision…the melodies are just insanely good! I think they borrow somewhat from the Foo Fighters in the sense that Dave’s on record talking about writing an amazing chorus, then switching it up to use that chorus as his verse, and THEN go after finding a bigger and better chorus. This song literally has it all…you know I try not to play to many favourites with my writing…but I can’t help but declare this explosive-beauty to be my favourite on this EP; it’s seriously incredible. Fantastic drums from Georgia Flipo and guitars from Sanny…this song just RIPS by with blazing speed and energy I just can’t enough of. And that scream leading to the final moments of the song? Genius.

“Sabrina,” the final song on the Limited Edition USA EP shows the stripped-down version of the EMPRA sound. Almost recalling more progressive and classic pop-sounds that you might find in Jellyfish before finding that Foo Fighter-y clutch-roar of the guitars as it heads into its final-minute-and-a-half. Reminds me of the second gear that Dave & Co. found on the song “A320” after its beautiful opening led them straight into a whirlwind of completely memorable rock. Hell – anyone that bought the Godzilla soundtrack back in the day realized quickly that was the only song on it that mattered!

Regardless of comparisons, EMPRA has put together a mix of explosive & emotional energy on the Limited Edition USA EP. I’m not sure quite what’s taken their sound so long to cross the water…but I’m definitely glad it’s arrived here now.

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