Alex Musicci – “Just Let Me Know”

 Alex Musicci – “Just Let Me Know”

Didn’t take more than halfway through this new single from Alex Musicci for me to start believing he was onto something special here with “Just Let Me Know.”  He’s got a really unique sound to his voice…combined with the effects, natural accent and sweetened tones, the way he sings this song grows on you so quickly it’s insane!  Demonstrating the pure power of the art of the hook, “Just Let Me Know” progressively builds with each part adding a new stunning dimension to the song along the way…but MAN – that chorus is absolutely pure audio-gold!  Definitely a strong hook and one I can only imagine would catch on with a ton of you out there – press play on the video below and chill for four-minutes while this impressive artist makes a sincere impression through strong songwriting.

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