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Me Soul Be Flowin – “Past Lives” / “Fire”

Me Soul Be Flowin – “Past Lives” / “Fire” – Singles Review So!  This is something! As to what exactly that is…well…that’s probably a bit harder to explain, but I’m certainly happy to try. Let me introduce you to Navè, the inspiring host of a…hmmm…what’s now become a musical-journal of sorts, called Me Soul Be […]Read More

Chris St. John – “I Called You Rose”

Chris St. John – “I Called You Rose” – Single Review Quaint stuff there brother-Chris, quaint stuff. Ultimately there’d be little if nothing to complain about here when examining a single like “I Called You Rose” from Chris St. John’s new album I’m Dreaming – on a technical-level & proficiency-wise, the man does what he […]Read More

Happy Curmudgeons

Official Press Release Happy Curmudgeons Return In 2021 With New Single/Video – “I Know How You Feel” Is Officially Available Now! When original founding member Dave Hamilton first started making music as the Happy Curmudgeons in 2015, he had every intention of opening the doors of opportunity as wide as possible to create unique collaborations […]Read More


THRILLCHASER – “Fantasy” – Single Review YUP! I mean…it was a super solid day filled with passionate artists, bands, and music already on the Tuesday I wrote this – “Fantasy” by THRILLCHASER seemed to completely fit into the awesomeness I was having that day at our homepage, and I figured why not add one more […]Read More

The Jode Gannon Band – “Sunken Ships”

The Jode Gannon Band – “Sunken Ships” – Single Review The first thought that crossed my mind in comparison to the sound of what I was hearing in The Jode Gannon Band’s new single “Sunken Ships” seemed to automatically jump to a conclusion of something like, if the Cold War Kids & The Fray got […]Read More

Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps – “Fuck You”

Scarlett Siren & The Howlin’ Tramps – “Fuck You” – Single Review I mean…like…damn.  I was just looking for a friendly hello, and all I got was “Fuck You” in return. Weird flex & unusual approach!  But as far as rejections go, they doesn’t tend to usually sound THIS good. Anyhow.  There is more than […]Read More

SBS Podcast 120

No matter what corner of the scene you look into right now, there is a ton goin’ on this year – come celebrate that fact with us on the new episode of the SBS Podcast today!  We’ll be featuring deep dives into the music of Author Toy, Kootenay & Co., Raw Soul, Happy Curmudgeons, Forsaken […]Read More


Official Press Release Link&Chain Returns In 2021 To Celebrate Their Legacy With YOU – New Single “Ready” Is Out & Available Now! 2021 marks an incredible milestone for Link&Chain – and they couldn’t be more excited for YOU to join them as they celebrate the legacy in music they’ve created for over thirty-five years with […]Read More

Aldrich Benson – “Be The One”

Aldrich Benson – “Be The One” – Single Review …there are two dudes somewhere over there on the west coast right now, wondering…how IS this gonna go today?  So far as I’ve written about Aldrich Benson’s music here on these pages, like I did yesterday in reviewing “She” – I’ve been commenting on songs that […]Read More

Forsaken Garden

Official Press Release The Visionary New Video For “Scrambled In Your Wake” By Forsaken Garden Is Online & Available Everywhere Now! With a powerfully gripping combination of Dark Wave-meets-Post Industrial synthetic-based sound that explores the depths of art, music, philosophy and poetry as one – Forsaken Garden creates sensationally thought-provoking songs for the third-eye aware.  […]Read More

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