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Taiyel – “Necessary” Feat. Larry Gaaga

Taiyel – “Necessary” Feat. Larry Gaaga – Music Video Post Ayyyyyyyyy yo!  Brooklyn in the building y’all.  #QueenOfNY   #HardcoreNetsFanHereInCanada Believe me when I tell ya, the last thing this Afro-fusion femcee needs is any confirmation from me or anyone else out there – she’s got numbers that speak strongly for themselves with listeners & viewers […]Read More

Copperhead Jones – “No One Givin’ Up” / “Where The

Copperhead Jones – “No One Givin’ Up” / “Where The Heart Will Always Be” – Singles Review Well folks…I just wouldn’t be doin’ my job properly all these years if I didn’t end up with at least a couple of natural instincts to help guide me along the way…we all develop a sense of the […]Read More

Falsely Accused – Compression

Falsely Accused – Compression – Album Review I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am that the opening track on Falsely Accused’s debut record Compression was not in fact, a more grammatically accurate cover version of Van Halen’s megahit from back in the day.  This could have gone either way folks…believe me, I’m […]Read More

Jer @ SBS Presents 15/30 – 001: A Crooked Path

Jer @ SBS Presents 15/30 – 001: A Crooked Path To Destiny There are probably many people in my life that would have told you from day one I was going to end up with some kind of career within the music business.  My only genuine interest from as far back as I can think, […]Read More

Frank Zeno – “Hey Hey!”

Frank Zeno – “Hey Hey!” – Single Review “Why don’t you loosen up a little – whatcha got to lose anyway?”  #WordsToLIVEBy There is all kinds of solid advice & friendly guidance found within the new single by Frank Zeno called “Hey Hey!” – in particular, that quote up top kinda said it all for […]Read More

Luanne Hunt – Portraits In Song

Luanne Hunt – Portraits In Song – Album Review You know…it’s pretty crazy to realize that even though this will technically be the eighth time I’ve written about Luanne’s music over the past three years, all-in-all, that still barely scratches the surface of how much she’s accomplished with her entire career.  This fine lady has […]Read More


TWOFEW – “GONE” – Single Review Hey there!  Did you watch the latest episode of SBS Live This Week?  If you’re here reading about TWOFEW, chances are that means you’re either a fan already, or you’re about to be – so if you haven’t checked out our newest show, make sure that you do – […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 161

Our first interview of 2022 – we’ve got TWOFEW on this episode of SBS Live This Week and a whole lotta fun in-store for ya.  An entire band full of fantastic people and talented musicians, we talk with Michael, Danielle, David, Mike, and John throughout the show, check out where the magic happens right there […]Read More

Third Development – “Echoes”

Third Development – “Echoes” – Single Review If I missed the first & second developments…can I still jump right into the third?  #AskingForAFriend The truth is…none of us really know what Third Development is fully capable of…yet – even sounding as amazing as they do on this brand-new single called “Echoes,” this collaborative crew has […]Read More

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night”

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night” – Single Review Hannyta!  M’lady, you’re definitely on the right path. If you read my previous review on her debut single “Wildflower” from back at the end of December last year, you know I had plenty of great things to say about this stellar artist making her way […]Read More

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