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Violet Orchestra – “Desperate To Dance”

Violet Orchestra – “Desperate To Dance” – Single Review Well now!  Here’s a song that expresses a whole gear I’ve never once experienced personally. Mind you, I’m mercilessly repressed in just about every way – don’t get your life-advice from me folks. Musically, I tend to know at least a little bit about what I’m […]Read More


BLOOODHOUND – R.A.T. – EP Review If there’s one thing I’ve certainly always appreciated when it comes to the music I listen to, it’s an artist or band that can generate the interest it takes to create the desire to follow them right down the rabbit-hole, no matter how far it might take you, or […]Read More

everso – Singles

everso – For The Few, Not The Many – Album Sampler/Singles Review Diggin’ the THICKNESS in the bass-lines that start this record up on “Rundown” – yessir!  everso goes on to reveal a quirky Alt/Indie sound that’s got that endearing uniqueness to it…think along the lines of something akin to Band Of Horses…you know the […]Read More

Shawn Lemelle – “Fade Away Love”

Shawn Lemelle – “Fade Away Love” – Music Video Post The man’s got style y’all – you can hear it in his song, you can see it in his video – Shawn Lemelle has got the vibe, and flexes all kinds of stylistic finesse from sight to sound on his single “Fade Away Love.”  Shawn’s […]Read More

SirenBlue – Same But Different

SirenBlue – Same But Different – Album Review I’ve been stoked to come back & tell ya about SirenBlue’s new album Same But Different ever since I got a taste of what they were cookin’ up with the advance single “Every Other Weekend,” just a couple weeks ago when I was reviewing it here at […]Read More

Sid Hagan And Marvin Taylor – “Sorrow”

Sid Hagan And Marvin Taylor – “Sorrow” – Single Review I mean…it’s a miserable tune, but very much surprisingly pleasant to listen to. Pain is a relatable subject, and perhaps all-too-universal when it comes right down to it, but the reality doesn’t change – it just IS.  Sid Hagan knows it.  Marvin Taylor, who wrote […]Read More

Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3

Lofi Engineer – Hip-Hop Chill Beats For Engineers Vol. 3 – Music Video Post Ayyyy man – I get it!  Y’all engineers are out there, doin’ what you do around the clock, just tryin’ to get through the grind & get it done – and wouldn’t life just be BETTER with a kickass soundtrack happenin’ […]Read More

308 GHOST TRAIN – Next Stop No Brakes

308 GHOST TRAIN – Next Stop No Brakes – EP Review Now it all makes sense. I was sitting here, readin’ through the pages of the ol’ internet and checking out what our friends in the Rock band 308 GHOST TRAIN were up to, and I sat here marveling over the fact that the guys […]Read More

D Boone Pittman – “She Likes The Beach”

D Boone Pittman – “She Likes The Beach” – Single Review “…any place would be lucky to have a D. Boone Pittman to reveal its charms, its limitations, its stories, its humanity — its truth — to the world.” Dig that.  We goin’ with the punctuation, or without though?  I’ve seen it written every which […]Read More

Lazarus Benson – “Merry Go ‘Round” Feat. Kung Fu Vampire

Lazarus Benson – “Merry Go ‘Round” Feat. Kung Fu Vampire – Single Review “You’re not the circus – you are the clown.” The man’s got himself another solid entry into his catalog and another killer collaborative effort in the mix for ya.  And while I’d love to claim I’m surprised by that, I’m not really…Benson’s […]Read More

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