"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

Steven Faulkner – “Leech”

Steven Faulkner – “Leech” – Single Review There we go brother. Steven’s been hard at work creating some killer cuts this year…it wasn’t all that long ago that I reviewed his last single “War For The World” – which for the record, I quite thoroughly enjoyed.  I did however, add in my usual two-cents for […]Read More

Rick Shaffer

Rick Shaffer Interview SBS: Rick!  Long time my brother – welcome back to our pages.  I’m stoked to get into talking about the new record Broken Souls, and we’ll get there.  Let’s start out by filling in the gaps for us.  Last time we heard from ya was when we reviewed your record Creatures Of […]Read More

Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass”

Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass” – Single Review No objections here y’all. For the record, there’s a vast difference between being satisfied with something and indifference.  Sometimes when it comes to music, you can hear a tune that you enjoy, that you know you’d never turn off, and still not necessarily be running to your […]Read More

UD – “21 Days”

Well now…would you look at that – all the way from Mumbai to our Canadian pages here at SBS – how cool is that?  We’ve made our way into many countries out there in the world, but as far as I can recall, this is our first visit to Mumbai via the internet…it’s always a […]Read More

SBS Podcast 100

It’s that magical time of the week – and a reminder to get in on the action in supporting the independent music-scene – it’s Proof Of Purchase Vol. 4 on the SBS Podcast!  A full lineup of incredible cuts and first impressions from the recent harvest at Bandcamp – don’t forget to get involved on […]Read More

FAM – “Almost”

“They see you makin’ cake they bring out all the knives.”  #truth FAM (Kevin) has got himself a solid single that hits home with “Almost” – I’m lovin’ the addictive hooks he’s put into the chorus of this cut.  Written in tribute to his fallen brother and finding triumph over his subsequent battle with depression […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 129

Back in 2013, Closer hit the stage for the very first time and we were there to witness the madness & mayhem of the restoration of Noise-Rock in good ol’ Vancouver, BC. Kicking all the ass from The Media Club – check out this classic set from Closer from our first five years – and […]Read More

Danielle Hollobaugh – “Patiently”

Danielle Hollobaugh – “Patiently” – Single Review There’s not a day that goes by here that I don’t find a new artist or band to worry about. Danielle Hollobaugh is not one of them. And if I’m being truthful with you…that’s a conclusion I came to with a single spin of her latest cut “Patiently.”  […]Read More

Sinistra – “Art Of Manipulation”

Sinistra – “Art Of Manipulation” – Single Review This single audibly defines the word epic. Quite honestly, I can think of legions of people I personally know that would absolutely love what Sinistra has created with “Art Of Manipulation” – this is one of those hybrid cuts that truly has it all.  From the immaculate […]Read More

Lil Ink – “Back Then”

Lil Ink – “Back Then” – Music Video Release/Review You.  Are.  Welcome. We’ve had some decent starts to the weeks here at our pages over the years, but Lil Ink is ensuring we’re having one of the best Mondays in our history with a brilliant single/video combo for his song “Back Then” from his album […]Read More

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