"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

Baywud – “Where Was I Then”

Stunning. Songs like this are incredibly hard to write to begin with, let alone pull off with as much heart, soul, and sincerity as you’ll find in this cut from Baywud. It’s quite often what we know about that comes through the best in the music we make…for better, or for worse.  Baywud has clearly […]Read More

John Evergon – “Hallelujah”

Official Press Release John Evergon Dazzles & Charms With His Cover Of The Cohen Classic “Hallelujah” – Available Now! After revealing his immaculate gift for melody & intricate finger-style instrumental guitar compositions to the world & stunning fans and critics alike with the spectacular music flowing throughout his debut record Constellations Of Thoughts from last […]Read More

Zetroc – “The Bottomless”

…loading…*please wait… Scrap that – wait for nothing!  Click on this wild new single & video from Zetroc called “The Bottomless” and take a verifiable trip with us this morning. Welcome to what’s essentially the new Twilight Zone of the modern day…it’s the space between the analog & digital realm…or perhaps more accurately, the space […]Read More

The Marica Frequency – The Clone

The Marica Frequency – The Clone – Album Review Alright…so…a couple things can be, and are true.  One is that, I’ve known The Marica Frequency has had some material banked-up & ready to roll since the last time I had reviewed their music – and the other thing is that, after having heard their previous […]Read More

General Housekeeping

I know, I know…it’s been a while since there’s been a blog posting here – 100% my fault. You see…I was busy humming & hawing over internet providers & hosts & whatnot when SBS needed a savage upgrade, trying to figure out the next move.  As a result of my waiting, a whole bunch of […]Read More

Jack Of None – The Purpose Of The Moon

Jack Of None – The Purpose Of The Moon – EP Review You gotta love it. You gotta recognize the fact that, of the .1% of bands fearless enough to combine music & art to begin with, that only .001% would ever have the courage, integrity, and confidence to put out a song like “Maman” […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 141

Way back in the day, just shortly after we started rockin’ officially ourselves in the summer of 2013, we were hooked up with The Penske File, who were on a tour from eastern Canada all the way over to the west, where we were originally based out of in BC.  An incredible honor and a […]Read More

Ty The Artist

Official Press Release Ty The Artist Is Making The Most Of Every Moment In His Music & Career – Brand-New Singles 11/27! After tantalizing the music-scene online around the globe through a stellar series of single releases in his groundbreaking debut year going solo, Ty The Artist officially returns on November  27th, 2020 with a […]Read More

Turfseer – “Fact Checker”

Turfseer – “Fact Checker” – Single Review Well lo & behold, my good friend Turfseer, we’ve found some extremely common ground! Chances are, this is a name you regular readers of our pages are plenty familiar with, especially when it comes to this year and the sheer dedication that this songwriter has been applying to […]Read More

Nate Newburn – LAZARBURN

Nate Newburn – LAZARBURN – Album Review “Singer-songwriter, humanitarian, environmentalist, cannabis activist, avid surfer.” Dig that Nate Newburn.  We’re starting off on solid ground here.  Aside from the fact that my crusty behind hopelessly belongs on dry land, I feel like I can fully relate to Nate on the other four main aspects of what […]Read More

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