Artdayn – Soundcloud Singles

 Artdayn – Soundcloud Singles

Artdayn – Soundcloud Singles – Singles Review

Alrighty people…time for some of that good-good stuff that should make you grin one way or the other – either you’re going to find the clever lines from Artdayn bringing that smile to your face, or it’ll be the flawless way these tracks come out – like I said, one way or the other, this guy will grab your attention.

Artdayn has an incredible amount of assets working in his favor.  He’s got plenty of jokes & clever lines – and he’s put every one of them out with an incredibly dead-pan and professional delivery, basically forcing you to take any line that might make you grin just as seriously as you would any other song out there that has no humor in it at all.  What makes Artdayn amazing to listen to, in my opinion, is that astoundingly professional approach, even in the wildest situations.  He’s clearly got an insane amount of courage and confidence on the mic & in his music – and you’ll hear plenty of that in the new singles we’re examining in review here today.  His style is remarkably versatile and he doesn’t rely on pure shock appeal – he’s clearly put SO MUCH work into each of these songs and his performances that no matter what it is he’s singing about, you have no choice but to acknowledge the skill and creativity.

Case in point – the very first song I checked out, called “Home Movie.”  From the looks of it, Artdayn has dropped an entire new batch of singles out there online just a couple weeks back – this just happened to be the first one I hit up.  To say that “Home Movie” was…twisted…would probably be the mildest way you can put this tale of forbidden love.  That’s a description for the people that likely wouldn’t survive a single listen to all the references to dripping pussy, riding dick, 69’n, and making holes too sore to be used the next day…you know, the standard stuff that the rest of us out there read about over breakfast.  I’m not gonna lie – the words in “Home Movie” certainly made me chuckle…I believe they’re intended to, even as seriously as Artdayn seems to take every word in his performance.  I have to believe that it’s the commitment that runs deeper here than anything else; Artdayn is NEVER going to let you in on the joke if this is one…every moment is taken on just as seriously as any other electro-R&B sound you could hear out there from any other artist or band.  Content is hella different of course, but my point is that…well I guess it’s that, likely anyone other than Artdayn would have probably just written ‘regular’ lyrics to this killer cut.  You can hear the amount of dynamics there are that exist in this song…and once you’ve got the flow of the words right, you can always switch them up to whatever you want to say.

So you see what I’m saying then right?  It’s not like any of this happens by accident…far from it.  Artdayn has CHOSEN every word he’s singing on “Home Movie” – that’s a CHOICE to not just go with the straight & narrow path that so many have walked before him.  Facts are facts – he’s going in his own direction.  As those out there that have attempted that before already know, it’ll lead you to a hardcore group of savage, unrelenting fans that can’t get enough and a tougher time dealing with finding your way to the mainstream.  Not impossible – just a hell of a lot harder when you’re going against the grain like this and audibly against what your mom & pop even know to be music at all…it’s not any kind of a leap to the assumption that a song like “Home Movie” is a tough sell to the masses, but again, the professional, accessible and all-out listenable way that Artdayn makes his music is entertaining in such a way that it’s quite likely to get a lot of people singing along with him before they even realize what the words are.

And wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing?  I think so.  It’d make every one of my days on earth a hell of a lot more fun if I just passed people on the street or in the lineup for the grocery store singing the down & dirty lyrics that come with “Home Movie.”  Crossing my fingers that this happens one day.

LISTEN to the smart way this guy structures his music on “The Fall” and you’ll realize that Artdayn has all the right instincts when it comes to entertainment.  Showing that he’s far, far from being any kind of one-trick pony or gimmick, the jokes aren’t anywhere to be found here; this artist doesn’t need to rely on humor to make an impact, that much is clear just by listening to “The Fall.”  Like…for real…this song is already killer to begin with, right from the get-go…but that breakdown & bridge around the 2:30 mark crushes me EVERY time – it’s a perfect moment in time.  Artdayn makes the most of every moment on the mic, whether it’s through his use of layers & effects or his voice straight-up on the rocks, he moves through “The Fall” with style.  The verse glides along; the pre-chorus takes the energy up, punctuated with an ‘OW!’ before it moves into a highly stylistic, fusion between electro & metal to form the chorus.  Each part that Artdayn seems to create takes its own chances…he puts himself out there on an artistic level with true commitment you can hear on “The Fall” and the other singles as well.  I’m beginning to get the sense that once the doors in the studio are closed and the red-light comes on, Artdayn slips right into the zone where he’s most comfortable…everything you’ll hear from this guy, no matter what the sound or the style may be, seems to come out sounding like it’s exactly the kind of music he should make.  This kind of versatile sound and brilliant focus could take Artdayn in any damn direction he wants to go…but ultimately, I’d be shocked if any avenue he’d choose didn’t lead him to the success he’s looking to achieve.  “The Fall” is a powerful love song, full of dynamics and expression in the music, all delivered in a relatable & highly effective dose of entertainment via the main man on the mic.

Proving his love for Miami even further, Artdayn reps with the area-code directly on “305” and a low-down mix of club & rap that weaves through the beat with style, skill and a splash of humor to switch it up every once in a while.  For the most part, “305” sounds like rallying cry for the party-people of the city…especially with the crowd sounds and chant of the chorus hooks; the verse gets a bit more personal…Artdayn’s back chasing moms & daughters once again on this third single.  What can I say?  I told you this guy is focused…maybe I should just be a little more specific on WHAT he’s focused on…which seems to be…well…pussy or the pursuit OF pussy, 24/7.  Though there is definitely a moment in the wildness of the end of this cut that’ll lead you to the firm assumption that Artdayn at least makes time to get high as well, which is good.  No one should have just ONE job all day long and chasing pussy can get tiring, just like anything else…it’s important for the man to have another hobby – why shouldn’t that be gettin’ high and bustin’ rhymes?  What do YOU do with your spare time?  I support whatever they’re putting in the water down there in Miami – Artdayn leads himself to another solidly entertaining cut here with the vibrant rhythm in his flow on the bars through “305.”  The moment those verses kick-in, the beat takes a turn into a brilliantly dark, menacing & eerie atmosphere that sounds like cruising through the streets late-night at max speed, shades on for no other reason that not giving a fuck.  Artdayn details the grind of keeping those late-night hours going at full-speed and having to get up in the morning to get to work…make no mistake dear readers, dear friends – the struggle is REAL.

I think it’s going to be seriously interesting to hear what Artdayn does in the future.  Up to this point, he’s already proven his abilities, commitment and creativity – but in my opinion, this final track lit this entire studio up and saved me a few bucks on my electricity bill just by playing it’s wild energy.  THIS.  Whatever you want to call THIS…”Jenny” is an audio experience I didn’t feel like I could have ever seen coming based on what I’d already heard before this.  Artdayn has a rhythmic flow in his words that bends syllables to his every whim & impulse…but ultimately, he’s kind of ditched rap for a more electro-pop style on this final single.  The rambunctious energy in the backing vocals puts the cherry on top of what’s already an incredible amount of fun.  Give the man some serious credit here…he’s taken ONE name and made it a hook you’ll feel like you can’t live without after you hear how he sings this track.  I will have this song in my head for weeks, if not entire lifetimes to follow…that’s how strong he’s made this hook and how brilliantly he makes it sink in.  I can recognize that, perhaps “Jenny” is further outside of the regular bizarre borders & scope of Artdayn’s style & sound…but once again, he sounds every bit as comfortable in this environment, if not right at home completely in the throes of its wildest moments.

I’ll always be mystified by the abilities of an artist like this that can take ONE word, name or subject and take it to such a memorable place…I’m not even remotely kidding when I say I’d put “Jenny” right up there with the best of the tracks out there that provide a truly good time you can feel resonate within you.  As much fun as the music is, as detailed as the verses are – I don’t have to explain to an artist like Artdayn that has much insight as he has just how much impact a hook like “Jenny” has…or the fact that if it wasn’t for him putting every ounce of the pure joy, focus and enthusiasm he applies to music that it likely wouldn’t have worked at all.  To me, that one simple name and title of this song “Jenny” became the key to discovering just how limitlessly capable the mind & music of Artdayn could potentially be…because it’s how committed he is to giving every track the approach & performance it deserves that is making all the difference here…he’s exactly why an idea as stripped-down as “Jenny” can go from good to great…or whatever is beyond-great, in my own humble estimation.  You’re picking up what I’m putting down here though right?  I’m saying as straight-up as I can…if you want to have an unbelievable amount of fun listening to something that seriously hits the spot this year, or next year, or whenever…you’d be doing your whole face a disservice by not putting “Jenny” into your ears.  It’s a song so strong that it even stands-out amongst the other high-quality cuts that Artdayn has got here in review today…bulletproof hooks that’ll make you a believer not just in the song, but in the artist himself.

This guy is obviously endlessly creative, super talented, and highly imaginative.  And he’s got all the courage and passion required to go after every moment with the perfect amount of commitment and energy each style & sound calls for.  I’m EXCITED about Artdayn – I really think this guy is onto something wild here and we’ll never know what to expect from him…other than complete quality and all-out entertainment that is.  Seriously impressive stuff – I already can’t wait to hear more from this guy.

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