SBS Podcast 107

To help serve as your reminder to get out there and support the independent music-scene today online for Bandcamp Friday, we’ve got a full lineup of audio awesomeness & thirteen tracks that’ll give you a great head start on helping you know where to spend your hard earned dough – it’s Proof Of Purchase Volume […]Read More

SBS Podcast 093

One last episode for ya in May to dig on before the summer officially kicks into full gear, stocked & loaded with killer cuts from Neon Radiation, LoFi Chill, Duhon, Voluptas Mors, Will Dee, Xavier Toscano, and TheKunig – plus we’ll be talking about what’s happenin’ & what’s up with artists Tru Heru and TheKidTally […]Read More

SBS Podcast 055

Back again friends! Kickin’ it here in August with another spectacular playlist for your summer – you know how we do it here on the SBS Podcast! Come check out music from Martin Del Carpio, Plike, Fraction & Finsta, Sienná, MADIO, Koncrete Examples, Peter Porker, Voluptas Mors – and we’ll take you further into the […]Read More

Voluptas Mors – Inception

Voluptas Mors – Inception – Album Review Like clockwork! No surprises here – Voluptas Mors is back already with another new album, proving my theory that its two main members Ramon and Laura clearly do not require that thing the rest of us humans need & have come to call ‘sleep’ – I swear these […]Read More

Voluptas Mors – Immortality

Voluptas Mors – Immortality – Album Review Definitely one of the names out there in the music-universe that I sincerely look forward to popping on to my playlist, the trip-hop/electro-chill music of Voluptas Mors is certainly always welcome here.  After delivering an absolutely fantastic adventure in sound just last year with the release of four […]Read More

SBS Podcast 040

40 of the most inspirational cuts we’ve stumbled upon from our first five years – and what a lineup of songs it truly is! Now to be clear…we’re not saying anything ridiculous like, best 40 songs you’ll ever hear in your life or any kind of click-bait headline – we’re telling it like it is, […]Read More

Voluptas Mors – Imagination

Voluptas Mors – Imagination – Album Review If any of you out there have been wondering which genre snags my interest just by seeing it written before I even hear the music, it’s Trip-Hop.  Without question, that’s my favorite genre on the entire planet…very rarely will any other genre show you a true glimpse into […]Read More