About SBS

Our Mission Statement:

To inspire and encourage the independent music community until it over-takes the mainstream.

It began with a hole being created in between a room in a house and a garage…a window was installed…studio-gear was brought in…and it was just as they said it would be – “if you build it, they will come.”

Founded in late 2012, sleepingbagstudios has gone on to become a reliable source of information, music and mayhem within the independent music-scene.  We didn’t just build a music-studio…we built an entire atmosphere that allowed artists and bands to freely express themselves in all-new ways.  Designed by musicians for musicians…we had multiple bands and artists – the future superstars of tomorrow – come through to play live-music, do interviews, record and even just hang out to learn more about how to get their music out there.  We served the independent music-scene in all the best ways we knew how while trying to establish ourselves as a verifiable and credible source of information and music from our first location in British Columbia, Canada.

Throughout the first four years…much has been accomplished…scores of album-reviews and bands/artists seeking out our insight on what we hear in their music…many people met along the way that have supported us through our special events and broadcasts…and really, the most incredible adventure & journey through this reality we’ve created around ourselves.  We take nothing for granted – and every moment we’re able to be a part of the incredible lives of the people that make our independent music-scene the extraordinary one that we truly believe it IS, we appreciate beyond words.

2016 marked a brand-new chapter for sleepingbagstudios as we packed up and moved from British Columbia to Ottawa, Ontario – the nation’s capital.  Through the quality of our work and tireless commitment to the independent music-scene and relationships we established with bands & artists from all over the world, word continues to spread strongly and support continues to grow for what we do…and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Towards the end of summer in 2019, we continued to grow and establish our presence even more online & within the independent music-scene.  For the first time, we branched out as far as we could go, and took it to the limit by adding the Services section to the SBS website, allowing our clients to work with us more rapidly & directly by offering a whole host of incredible services, available right from our pages.  The best years of this adventure, this project, this labor of love, are still ahead for us all – we’re thankful to have each and every one of you with us and extremely excited about what’s in-store for the future!

It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of such an amazing community of artists and music.  We fully believe we’re only a mere reflection of the talent that’s out there in our world today…so if we’re doing anything that’s awesome, just remember – it’s because YOU were amazing to begin with.

Proudly spreading the word on the incredible talent found throughout the independent music-scene in all genres, styles, skill-levels and ages…we believe good music is exactly that – good music.  Doesn’t matter what your music sounds like or what category we’d find it in – we listen to everything, always.  You and your music deserve to have a strong voice representing it online… and that’s where we come in.

JER@SBS – The Bearded One


“My entire life has been about music.”

Long ago before there was grey in his beard, Jer@SBS ventured into music-journalism in his early 20’s. Taking pictures, doing album reviews and conducting interviews in the mainstream with countless bands and artists as they began their careers…names like Tegan And Sara, Our Lady Peace, Chevelle, Finger Eleven, Calexico and many more… that was all in the beginning… long before sleepingbagstudios.

After spending all-too-much time in the ‘real-world’ – Jer@SBS quit the corporate-life officially in 2012 to put his natural talents to better use. With an unmatched ear for music and insightful ways of understanding it – he chose to go back into journalism…but this time, for the independents out there.

Jer@SBS now spends every waking moment on behalf of advocating for the incredible music made by musicians worldwide through sleepingbagstudios. Posting album-reviews, podcasts, interviews, an internet-show for SBS has allowed him to really live out his dreams by being an honest-voice and support for the independent music-scene…and he’s still just getting started!