Skelley’s Dream – We Are Amazing

 Skelley’s Dream – We Are Amazing

Skelley’s Dream – We Are Amazing – Album Review

Beautiful voices and musical dreamscapes swirl and captivate on this new album from Skelley’s Dream. Started up by songwriter Winski and based in Holland; this project, along with each and every enthusiastic collaborator on board to record this album have achieved something truly fantastic here on this album. No bullshit – there’s an actual magic you can hear on this record that you can’t hear in others and it’s not simply the talent and brightly-produced songs…you can hear the LOVE these people all have for this music they’re making.

Now, normally I’m stuck somewhere in the dungeons of dank rock quite often in these reviews, but today when I say bright, I mean BRIGHT…this album sparkles in its production. And let me tell you something else – that wouldn’t have been EASY to do…no…not this time. Imagine you’re producing…engineering…mixing….whatever…. Just imagine for a second you heard EACH of these absolutely incredible, lively performances coming through your headphones and into your soul. Cause after that, and with what I’m hearing – each of these amazing collaborators gave the performance of their lives on this record…well, the pressure then switches to the control room to honor the songs and bring about sweet & swift musical justice.

Personally, I’d love to know who collected money from the pool during the recording process. I don’t mean royalties or anything like that…I’m talking about the BET they must have made with each other! You know the one…where Winski and all these collaborators are huddled together talking about who’s going to out-do the last amazing track that they just recorded…cause it truly seems like each song is nearly better than the one that played just before. Someone HAD to have gotten paid…or maybe it was tied into some kind of like….I dunno….Survivor-meets-The Voice kind of reality series.

I get it. Seems over the top right? It’s NOT, I assure you – these are compliments well deserved. And even the “reality series” comment isn’t a burn coming from me – you all know I love my talent shows. Skelley’s Dream had me beyond convinced at track two, the title track, “We Are Amazing;” it would be the PERFECT anthem for ANY of those reality competitions. Truly. It’s a song that makes me want to stand up and cheer by the end, even when no one’s around. One of those songs that truly just makes you feel happy to be this ALIVE…

The album continues to embrace this spirit as it plays, and to hear artists so focused and lost in the moment like this is a thing of beauty every single time. “I Got My Hands Up” is an excellent example of how well this album has been made; with the majority of the lyrics coming from the title alone, you’d almost think you’d find it repetitive or uninspired. Instead – through one of the most brilliant vocal performances on the album, this guest singer carries the song with each and every note, virtually becoming an instrument in the song. Again, Winski has got this arranged and set up like an absolutely empowering anthem of inspiration.

I mean, if it wasn’t for the need to type this out, I’d still have my own damn hands up and still be singing along.

“I Know Why You Say” nearly had me wondering if Nina Persson was guest starring on this album somehow, which again, is another compliment for sure. Echoing the sweetness and grace of the former singer of The Cardigans and current solo artist – this particular guest can match those honey-dripping vocals note for note in a way that will always leave you craving more. “Why Is This Happening To Me” is equally impressive, accompanied by a beautifully energetic but low-key beat – this female guest-star DELIVERS verse after verse after verse…wonderfully…perfectly… To continue strengthening the female-led vocals section of this album, “I Have Seen Your Eyes (For Nova)” has one of the most truly inspired and emotionally connected performances – gorgeous.

And then it happened all over again.

“Softly Falling.” You want to hear a voice that can make the ice on a bearded-guy’s heart like mine melt away, then listen to this. We’re five months into this year and I think so far this might be the song I’ve heard with the most potential to stay with me for the rest of my life after one listen. Since then, I’ve listened to it plenty for confirmation….and yeah…I don’t think I’m crazy at all – this is an absolutely astounding and incredible song, immaculately performed. The song writing is impeccable – this is a major hit.

It’s not ALL up to the ladies…though I have to admit, they might have the edge here in my opinion! But the guys bring it strong in tracks like “All Right Now,” “I Got My Hands Up” and the pumped up title-worthy track “We Are Amazing.” And I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention the wickedly awesome “Just A Minute,” – another track just filled with LIFE, bursting with vibrant performances from all. The main vocals are as perfect as you can ask for, it’s got a saxophone solo and a rap verse – this track is immeasurable fun from the start to the finish. Towards the end – “So Good To You” features another strong performance in a song that really helps bring closure to this album. You can almost feel the curtains ready to close as it draws towards the end in this second to last track. Perfectly placed and fantastically genuine; it’s got some excellent guitar work to go with the passionate vocals.

All in all…there’s a somewhat subtle concept stamped right on the title of this album. Even though it’s RIGHT there for all of us to look at and understand, it’s not until you hear the music that the entire concept begins to blossom in your mind. This is the story of the everyman (Winski) that managed to break free of convention. And once he found he could exist on this new beautiful musical plane, he invited others to come along and join in the sheer JOY he had found through his pursuit. And together, they made beautiful music, from the inside of themselves and out into our world for you to hear.

And it’s through this album….this concept….that Winski is truly communicating to you all from behind the scenes. He’s assembled this album full of collaborations to prove a point; that talent and ability, courage and passion exist strongly in us all. That together, amazingly comfortable & inspired performances can come to an emotionally-charged conclusion in the creation of true art. And that this project of Skelley’s Dream exists as a metaphoric reminder of the limitless and beautiful possibilities within us all…

We Are Amazing.

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