• Azwel

    Azwel Interview SBS:  Alrighty…welcome Azwel!  Many thanks for your time – I’m stoked to talk to ya!  I’ve been checking out the new record & things I can find out online…and I’ve got a ton of questions about just about everything.  Before we officially get cracking into it all…I always want to make sure everyone ...
  • Steven Lewis Malski

    Interview with Steven Lewis Malski SBS:  Steve! Thanks so much for joining us here at the pages! From everything I’ve read, you’re a musician as well as a whole bunch of other things…one of them being that you’re an author of the new book, The Power Of Art In Healing And Transformation, which brought you ...
  • Rayko

    Interview with Rayko SBS:  Really dig your new single “Gender Genocide” Rayko – thanks so much for taking the time to do an interview with us and talk about the details!  You slay the guitar, you slay the mic…these are things we know 100% so far…but for those out there unfamiliar with your music yet, ...
  • Steven Dunn

    Steven Dunn Interview SBS:  Steven! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us brother! Lots to cover, short span of questions to get to the heart of it all…so let’s do this! I’ve had a listen to your music…I’m sure I could throw out a description or attempt to make a comparison or two, ...
  • Amaru

    Amaru Interview SBS:  Amaru!  Dude!  Thanks so much for taking the time to answer a few questions with us here – completely appreciated.  I’m always looking forward to finding out more about an artist like you with such a diverse sound in their music.  Let’s get everyone on the same page to start with – ...
  • Roman Kharkovsky

    Roman Kharkovsky Interview SBS:  The infamous Roman Kharkovsky!  Thanks so much for taking some time to talk to us here at SBS and to all the people out there reading.  Let’s get everyone on the same page to start, so those that haven’t heard you yet get an idea of what you’re all about.  How ...
  • VinLa’Infinite

    Interview With VinLa’Infinite SBS:  VinLa’Infinite – thanks so much for taking some time to rap it out with us here through an interview!  Stoked to talk to you about your new record Mortal & much more homie, it’s great to have ya with us.  Let’s get everyone on the same page before we start – ...
  • Big City Cowgirl

    Interview With Big City Cowgirl  SBS:  Alrighty Big City Cowgirl – great to have you with us!  According to my notes here & what I’ve read – you’ve been interviewed plenty before & this ain’t your first rodeo, as they say.  That being said – it’s the first time for us…welcome to sleepingbagstudios my friend, ...
  • J.M. Faupel

    Interview with J.M. Faupel SBS:   Josh!  Brother-man!  Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us all.  I’ve been checking out your tracks from the Still Breathing EP and your latest release, The Smiles You’ll Never See Again – and I’ve definitely got a ton of questions on what’s happening with those.  Before ...
  • Yellow Paper Planes

    As some of you out there already know, I’ve been harassing people at random out there on the internet to bring some new interviews to the pages here and find out what’s up in the independent music-scene…our first victim of the month has officially responded!  Below you’ll find answers from Joshua P. James of Yellow ...