Guest Actors – “By Demand”

 Guest Actors – “By Demand”

Guest Actors – “By Demand” – Single Review

Sometimes I really love the pull to writing about music.  Take today for example…I’ve got the progressive rock crew from Victoria, BC, known as Spaceport Union who have made their way across Canada here to Ottawa for a show tonight and hang out session tomorrow – I should be cleaning this place up from top to bottom!  Silly me…I clicked play on the lead single by Guest Actors called “By Demand” from their upcoming October release Under Those Silent Skies and within seconds decided to put off my chores and like…all my other responsibilities to listen to this over and over.

This crew is all the way out from Tel Aviv!  If this is what the Tel Aviv music-scene is like then I’m moving there, straight-up – I am absolutely loving what I’m hearing from Guest Actors on their new song.  For fans of early, stripped-down and intimate Coldplay tunes…or if you dig the ballads and melodic songs from Keane…what can I say other than make some more room on your playlist for more of a sound you know and love dearly?  Guest Actors have that same amount of strength, purity and honesty in the emotional depths of their music and are 100% as captivating as the best of the best on “By Demand.”

I’m always the first to admit I’m a melody guy…and it’s songs like this that are completely the reason why that is.  “By Demand” is stunningly beautiful and impressive from beginning to end.  You can examine any element and you’ll hear the true magic of music in full effect here; from the smooth bass tones, perfect snap of the drums, sparkling guitars accenting the music led by the brilliant piano & keyboard elements that fill in the atmosphere of the song perfectly – right up to the incredible way that this song is sung and structured.  Anyone caught leaving the room or even trying to start a conversation about how their day went while this song is on should be straight-up drawn & quartered.  Guest Actors have created a real timeless & time-stopping moment of spectacular beauty on “By Demand” and it not only commands your full attention – it completely deserves it.

Musically, they’ve certainly got their stuff together…the writing is tight and the song has deep hooks that sink deep into the listening ear and head right to the soul.  I’m impressed with the professionalism in this band and the way they’ve assembled this song for maximum impact through such subtle means.  Real credit to the vocals here…as much as I think everything in the music would even make for an amazing instrumental experience on its own – there’s also no denying the insane amount of perfection that’s being put into the microphone here as well.  Lyrically “By Demand” is incredibly sound and insightfully sweet – a gorgeous mix of emotions and smartly-written words that fit the energy and the atmosphere of the music like the two were always meant to be together before the ideas were even born between them.  That’s how well this one comes together for Guest Actors…everything sounds like it wrote itself…like they picked up the instruments and this was the sound that naturally flowed out of them all.  The result is one of the most convincingly natural sounds in music I’ve heard in a long, long time and easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

TRY and find a fault in this – I dare you!  “By Demand” captures the essence of melody in music in a breathtaking moment of beauty…it’s as warm and inviting as a song can possibly be…and if you’re like me, you’ll want to stay in this moment for as long as you’re able to.  Responsibilities, chores…heck – the WORLD can wait on hold while I’m listening to Guest Actors; this is the exact mix of indie melody, creativity and humbleness that I am ALWAYS seeking out in music…and now here it is.

There are some songs in our lives that once written and recorded become so much, much more…those songs that you can feel resonate right inside your very core like they’ve always been inside you, yearning to connect to something that can possibly describe your emotions, thoughts and dreams in your head.  “By Demand” is that kind of song – the connection to this melody straight to your heart happens immediately and never lets go, nor would you want it to.  Guest Actors have written a tune that speaks right to our souls and the lovers & dreamers in all of us…a truly immaculate and unforgettable moment in time that is an extraordinary highlight of this year we’re in.

This entire band has a wide-open future with limitless possibilities if they keep this up – I’m absolutely STOKED to hear their new album.  Under Those Silent Skies is officially being released on October 10th – and I guarantee if you take the time to listen to “By Demand” you’ll want to be first in line to get it.

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