Jana Pochop – “Money & Heart”

 Jana Pochop – “Money & Heart”

Jana Pochop – “Money & Heart” – Single Review

Welcome to a review on the polymorphic music made by the impossible-to-categorize artist known as Jana Pochop…just gonna be straight-up with you all right off the bat, despite all the great things I’m about to say about her, we are not related, at least as far as I know.

Though I’ll certainly consider her my sister from another mister out there when it comes to the desire to combine art & music – we’re absolutely allies on that quest.  Jana is absolutely crushing this insightfully fresh combination of folk, indie, hip-hop, pop with the sweetened & bright melodies that keep the hooks in the music just as sharp the lyrics and her songwriting instincts.  There is…SO MUCH…to LOVE about this new single “Money & Heart” that I could write an entire thesis around what she’s done here.

Perhaps the best way I can put how I feel about Jana’s new song, would be to say that, although I think this idea…this…writing a song about music thing, I think it’s been attempted a few times lamely in the past…I have never in my life heard it done as well as I know I’m hearing it now on “Money & Heart.”  As a guy that writes something or other almost every day of his life multiple times in some way, shape or form – I cannot even begin to explain the captivating experience that it truly is to hear the incredible way that Jana has put these thoughts and examinations of what music is really all about…this is…like…like I’m speechless!  How can I possibly compete with anything I might write here in review?  Jana Pochop is ten-times the writer I am – that much I can tell you with confidence.  “Money & Heart” is such an unrelentingly honest song that absolutely nails what a life spent making music is like…the descriptions in the words…the clever moments in the words punctuated by the backing vocals…the rhythm and flow of her words…the unbelievable AMOUNT of words in this song and the amazing gift she has for using that space as a songwriter.  She is…flawless…and Jana is seriously big-time entertainment just waiting for that call to head on up to the next level – I know that, because “Money & Heart” is as ready as ready can sound.  If you can’t tell just how talented Jana IS and likely how amazing the future for her is going to BE just from listening to the perfect way she approaches every moment of this song…then clearly the volume isn’t up on your player or stereo and you should really be wondering why you were sitting there while her new single was silent without questioning why that might be.  You get the point – the talent of Jana Pochop is impossible to ignore; she rolls through “Money & Heart” sounding like this is unquestionably what she was BORN to be doing…that’s how smooth & smart this is.

Not even kidding…if you’re one of the suits’n’ties out there and you haven’t picked up the phone to call Jana and sign her to whatever demands she wants to make on whatever contract she chooses to sign – I almost kinda hate to say it, but I kinda hope you MISS OUT – you SHOULD have called her YESTERDAY.  It does not take five or fifteen years-worth of reviewing music to hear the authenticity in an artist like Jana.  Her bars are strong; emcees take note…she’s got flawless metering, perfect flow, rhythmic rhymes and she understands how to make the most of every syllable.  And like…as IF I needed to be any further impressed, the way she sings the chorus of this song is freakin’ BRILLIANT…the audible cherry on top.  I’m honestly blown away by what I’ve heard here from Jana on “Money & Heart” – lyrically, it’s just aces ALL the way through…the smart way she raps through the verses, the sweetened way she sings the innocent & humble questioning that comes along with the chorus…it’s as entertaining as words can get.  At least in my opinion…I’m just a writer, so what do I know anyhow?  I figure in about another, ohhhh…maybe like, ten or twenty years of doing this writing thing, that I might come up with an article or song or something that I can be half as proud of as Jana should be of this song, and I’d be happy.  I have seriously nothing but the absolute respect for an artist like this that has such an in-depth understanding of how to use the language to her advantage and work real poetry right into real hooks.  What she’s taken-on in “Money & Heart” isn’t just a song – it’s a straight-up achievement; the subject and theme of the impact of music and how it affects Jana as an artist and us as listeners…it’s all as well-explained, thought-out, sincere and passionate and you could ever hope to hear it.

Jana keeps it plenty real – she’ll explain the good parts and the endless challenges of pursuing a lifetime in music…but you’ll also hear the endlessly inspiring, empowering and uplifting attitude in the tone of her voice and melody at all times.  The chorus hooks are so ridiculously memorable that I struggle to hear any possible way that a song like this shouldn’t put her entire town right on the map.  I mean…the verse is just as awesome or even MORE awesome…just gonna take a heck of a lot longer to memorize all those words so that I can sing along with her.  Certainly ain’t gonna stop me from tryin’ sooner than I should I’m sure.

There’s literally not enough praise that I can give to an artist that has it this together.  I will likely hear at least another ten-thousand songs before I hear something that I believe in as passionately as I do this song – I am absolutely in awe of what Jana has written and how well she’s executed every single moment on “Money & Heart.”  THIS…is really what great music is all about.  Absolutely incredible tune – I have zero doubt whatsoever about my overall assessment and what I’ve written here in review – Jana is a superstar ready to explode into the spotlight any second now; she’s going to be a household name.  Mark my words if you like – but do the right thing and LISTEN to hers, she’s an artist with something to SAY…and that songwriting ability of hers has got her a date with a certified future in music as far as my ears are concerned.  She’s altogether ready and most importantly, you can hear from “Money & Heart” that she knows not to wait, and to go seize the day…all that good stuff.

And she SHOULD pursue this all at full-force.  The only thing an artist like Jana should have to wait for is the world to catch up to her.  That’s gonna happen sometimes when you’re this far ahead of the game.

Find out more about Jana Pochop at her official page at:  www.janapochop.com

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