While I’d never claim to have any superpowers, or even the cool-ass ones we’ve got on this planet like synesthesia – the reality is, I feel the music you all make.  BROCK included of course.  Happy, sad, mad, or otherwise, generally speaking, I’m right there with y’all no matter how far away I might be…and the more of YOU that there is in the music you make, as I’ve said so many times, the better the results and the stronger connection that gets established between listening ears and the art that you’re creating.

Case in-point…I’m damn near devastated here while checking out BROCK’s latest single “DEAR AMY.”

Congratulations are in order.  Don’t go getting it twisted, BROCK’s been a proven champion time & time again through the music we’ve posted here on our pages.  From the very first days in listening to cuts like “BEEP,” “DINGRAY,” and “DAMARO,” all the way to tracks that he’s put out more recently with collaborations like “LARA” with ESHNAB, and “ILIKETHISBITCH” featuring Honey-B-Sweet – this dude has been pumping out genuine entertainment from the lefts to the rights with his remarkable production talents & non-stop creativity.  I’m long on record here in-print saying just how much I dig what this dude does – and of course, I stand behind every word.  That being said, like all artists, BROCK is ever-evolving – we’re still just scratching the surface of what this dude will go on to be capable of – and tracks like “DEAR AMY” prove he’s got that much more of a tangible X-factor than perhaps even I realized myself.  You see – while I’ve always enjoyed BROCK’s tunes in every form, it’d be harder to argue that he’s broken through to that level beyond entertainment before – and I truly believe he has with this single.

This is the sound of real sincerity in digital form – “DEAR AMY” is the sound of everlasting heartbreak & undying love.

Listen.  The story behind this song isn’t mine to tell…BROCK might let ya in one day when he’s ready to, but I ain’t gonna be the one to blow up his spot until that time comes, if/when it does.  Bottom line is, you can safely surmise that “DEAR AMY” is about love, loss, heartbreak, nostalgia, memories of the past – a life that could have perhaps been shared, but wasn’t.  Without a word, BROCK communicates the pain he’s felt through his latest single – full proof that Electro music is easily as capable as any other genre of detailing emotion as vividly as it gets.  You feel the weight in this downtrodden melancholy cut that BROCK has created, and rather than mix it up and shift his gears into something sunnier along the way, he’s wisely chosen to let us all in on the inside for a moment, and reveal a really personal track at the end of the day.  Sure all instrumentals are fundamentally interpretive, of course – but there’s no doubt that whether or not you’re thinking about what “DEAR AMY” makes you think about personally, or if you’re thinking about what BROCK might have been feeling himself when he created this cut, either way, you’ll connect with the heavy weight of the emotion on display, if not also be crushed by it entirely.  I haven’t been in the greatest of places mentally myself in this last couple weeks…so for me, right now, “DEAR AMY” was the kind of song I really needed to hear…I needed these contemplative & introspective vibes that BROCK has so expertly designed on his new single to help clear my own head & heart a little as well…and I can’t thank him enough for sharing a deep cut like this one right here.  Not a thing about “DEAR AMY” that I’d ever think of changing…BROCK has got this dialed right in like never before – like I’ve been getting at, the more BROCK there is in BROCK’s music, the more he’s gonna tap right into unforgettable moments in time just like this stunning new single he’s got here, and the more we’ll all be connecting to his music on multiple levels as a result.  Dude’s had a phenomenal year in his career as a producer & artist without question – “DEAR AMY” proves there’s so much more still to be discovered within his music, potential, and ideas that he’s bound to continue to morph & change & evolve into a versatile hybrid entertainer more than capable of engaging our hearts and minds in brilliant new ways.

BROCK tweets!  Kinda.  Sort of.  Sometimes.  Maybe only when the moon is full – I do not know.  But when he does, you’ll find that happening here at his official Twitter page:

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