What did I tell ya just a hot minute ago?  We’d be back in no time at all, fired-up & ready to BROCK all over again – and here we are, determined to do just that, right here, right now.  In a totally different way than we did here just yesterday in posting up “LARA” with his homie ESHNAB on the m-i-c too – “GAME” has BROCK back in the comforts & confines of his instrumental Electro & goin’ solo for this cut – but when it comes to the quality of the videos as well, we’re talking about night & day here!  I’d be more than willing to put this right up there with the best of the best that we’ve seen from BROCK video-wise.

Which is sayin’ a lot really when it comes right down to it…it’s not like the man hasn’t put relentless quality into absolutely EVERYTHING he’s done so far…truly, he’s got standards that never drop, and for the vast majority of what we experience, BROCK is always moving his career forward in one direction or another.  While it’s arguable that there’s a little less BROCK in this new BROCK tune than you normally tend to find with how mellowed-out & chill this single is, the professional control & precision of his production remain attributes you can always hear and recognize…”GAME” might have a more niche pocket of vibes to work within, but the quality itself, never drops.  Visually is where you can see that BROCK has invested in upping the ante this time.

We might not know exactly what all state-secrets are being stolen in this here data-heist, but it sure as hell looks & sound cool don’t it?  Stellar footage being used in this video, and as with all-things-BROCK, he brings just as much quality to the screen as he does to your speakers with crystal clear footage and sharp editing that makes the whole thang flow fluidly from sight to sound.  “GAME” is fairly on the chill side of BROCK’s sound overall, but still a compelling fit for the vibe he’s chosen to work with visually – it’s the combination of these two elements that enhance the overall experience, you feel me?  Some songs really end up making more of an impact when paired with the right vibe onscreen, and “GAME” is a perfect example of how that works.  Each time I gave this video a spin, it felt like the storyline of the video needed the song, and the song needed that burst of inspiration the video gives ya vice-versa – ultimately, that’s the kind of real balance you wanna strike between mediums to make an impact on us.  The real key thing to note here, like I mentioned at the start, is that you can absolutely tell that BROCK has got his mind focused on success from every angle, and continues to find new ways to elevate what he’s doing; it’s not only highly satisfying for us as listeners and watchers, but that genuine interest & investment he makes into his craft & career are going to be what fuels this guy forward for years to come.  I’ve been shoutin’ BROCK‘s name from the top of my soapbox atcha loud & proud and I’m positive I’ll continue doing that as he surges throughout the scene over the future to follow every step of the way – he’s making his mark by ensuring his creativity & quality never drop, and he fully proves that again here.

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