If you build it, they will come!

That age old wisdom is true of both this song and of BROCK‘s growing catalog of tunes gaining momentum out there in the world when it comes right down to it.  “DAMARO” has the Electro enthusiast back in action for the fifth time on our pages this month alone as BROCK has been cruisin’ his way to an absolutely stellar 2020 stocked full of killer entertainment he’s created…he’s clearly inspired, seizing that all-important momentum, and freakin’ outright surging forward this year with his career harder than ever before.  You listen to a song as masterfully well pieced together & structured like you’ll hear throughout the gradual & steady build of “DAMARO” and you can’t help but be mesmerized by the hypnotic vibes he creates & the professional control he’s continually putting on display from sight to sound on all the singles & videos that he’s released this year.  LOVING the sound-selection & crystal clarity of the production & digital melody shining throughout “DAMARO” – it’s simply more confirmation that BROCK does indeed, have it 100% goin’ ON with the music he’s making…there’s no argument to be made otherwise.  You factor in all the extraordinary colors in his new video and genuinely beautiful ladies & scenery throughout “DAMARO” and there’s literally nothing not to love about this experience – BROCK‘s inherently flashy sound is a perfect match for the stylistically slick look to the vids supporting his music.  Check it out for yourself and give “DAMARO” a serious bump or two – BROCK’s been slayin’ it in 2020 & there’s no sign whatsoever he’s got plans to slow down.

“DAMARO” comes from the album F Concept by BROCK – listen to it at Spotify here:

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