Atta boy homie – get some BROCK!

You know the name by now – you’ve plenty familiar with our ALL-CAPS minstrel of digitalized mischief – y’all should be no stranger to BROCK by this point in time, and if y’are, you’re way behind the rest of us.  Light years if fact – do yourself a favor and catch the fuck on up if you haven’t been checking out BROCK already, because this cat is capable of extraordinary things – and he’s gone & reached way down deep in his bag this time to pull out all the stops for “ILIKETHISBITCH” featuring the vocals of Honey-B-Sweet in the mix.

As I alluded to earlier on this year, the man’s been testing out his sound with a bunch of guest-stars making appearances on the m-i-c, like we’ve experienced recently with his collaboration with ESHNAB.  Keep in mind, that’s not always going to make that addition become the dominating trait – nor should it – the bottom line is ya gotta do the right things to suit the vibe & suit the song, and no one out there knows how to do it better than BROCK when it comes to straight-up cleverness & versatile composition.  Perfectly sampling in the vocals of Honey-B-Sweet in all kinds of “BADASS” ways throughout “ILIKETHISBITCH,” you’ll find BROCK’s got them placed precisely to bounce off the walls around ya as you listen, and found a way to have every sound you hear complement the overall vibe from start to finish.  “ILIKETHISBITCH” is vibrant, dynamic, and seriously entertaining…BROCK knows his way around the studio boards and every time he shows up, he proves that the evolution of his whole sound & style is continually surging at a rapid pace while also building upon the bulletproof legacy he’s been creating piece by piece, single by single.  Dynamic sound that leaps straight outta your speakers is the “GAME” – and BROCK be thy name.

Complete with another stellar video that highlights his cutting edge visual style – “ILIKETHISBITCH” is a wild trip by every conceivable definition and absolutely one of the best he’s got in his catalog to-date when it comes to what we see happening onscreen…and quite arguably what we hear as well.  You know BROCK has always got something massively entertaining for y’all to enjoy – and teamed up with Honey-B-Sweet to make the magic happen, there’s no doubt he’s flexing skills at the top of his game for “ILIKETHISBITCH” and delivering on wall-to-wall solid digital entertainment designed to revitalize Electro.

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