It’s Monday morning y’all…and you know what that means for so many of ya out there – time to get back to the grind!  Sure as hell shouldn’t stop ya from starting up your day & week on all the right notes; and to help you all out there with that, we’ve got one of our favorites from the BROCK catalog posting up here for ya to enjoy.  Give this hustler some serious credit where credit is due – he’s put full video support behind damn near just every cut from his 2020 album Without Boundaries – with the inclusion of “ALL MINE” today, we’ve featured all but two of the stellar tracks from that record here on our pages in their visual form.  As I like to remind y’all from time-to-time…BROCK is outworking you, your grandma, the vast majority of the music-scene, and basically everyone else you can think of in between – when it comes to the commitment, dedication, and talent it takes to turn dreams into reality, this Electro wizard has all the right pieces of the puzzle in place – & chances are, he can see the full picture.  The more effort BROCK seems to put in, the more the results continue to build – he’s racking up tons of views & hits on his music, and rocking it on multiple platforms as he fully takes over the Electro circuit.

With his multi-dimensional sound & flawlessly flexible style, BROCK has entertained us all in a variety of captivating ways at this point.  He’s got ultra-flashy, up-tempo cuts that bounce with savage energy, he’s got controlled professional grooves that show the slickness of his production techniques & stunning ear for sound, and he’s got cuts in his arsenal like “ALL MINE” that combine an added layer of melodic audio awesomeness that appeals just as much to our hearts as it does our minds.  BROCK does so many damn things RIGHT…that were it not for his own incredible consistency, you’d lose track of it all just trying to count the ways you’ll love this guy’s music.  The facts are, he’ll give you a dose of the many reasons to dig what he does every single time he shows up with a new video & song for ya; and that way, it’s impossible to forget, because all that excellence you’ll find in his music is coming right through your speakers & screens each time you push play, no matter what song you choose.  All that being said, this particular cut has always been a favorite of mine from the Without Boundaries lineup and in my opinion, one of the best representations of what BROCK does on the sincere side of the Electro sound – what he’s got goin’ on in “ALL MINE” has massively universal appeal and highly inviting, irresistible vibes.

Of all the cuts in BROCK’s amazing catalog…the same very set of tracks out there online of which you will never find a dull song to listen to from…I’m almost surprised it still took as long as it did to get “ALL MINE” out there by comparison to the rest…we all like what we like & all…but DAMN this is a great tune, ain’t it?  BROCK & I have even chatted briefly about this track…he mentioned that “ALL MINE” has moments that remind him of that feeling you get when you listen to the legendary hit “Sexual Healing” – and I’m gonna 100% agree with him on that actually.  While the ever-creative moments and widespread range of sound-selection will still take BROCK down many different avenues as “ALL MINE” plays on that obviously makes this a BROCK track and as versatile as ever, there is that thread in the low-end rhythm & melody that bears a similar vibe to Marvin Gaye’s renowned hit for sure, and you get that good-good burst of uplifting energy every time that comparison shows up for a moment to charm your speakers.  Definitely one of the most welcoming tracks that BROCK has put out into this world so far, “ALL MINE” is an exceptional and outstanding display of his mastery of melody and his ability to generate Electro cuts that are as endearing as they are entertaining, and further proof that the man’s music is straight-up essential.

Check out other cuts from his album Without Boundaries that we’ve posted like:  “DAAB” – “DALIFORNIA” – “GLIDE” – “BEATAH” – “PARKIT” – and more by clicking on his name throughout this very article here…and make sure to listen to more music by BROCK by hitting up his official page at Spotify here:

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