A stellar dose of supreme sound & an ultra-slick video to go along with it?  Sign us up BROCK, we’re into it!

Startin’ to feel spoiled in October, we’ve had the privilege of being introduced to a bunch of killer new artists & projects bursting onto the scene late this year, and you can definitely included BROCK in the mix with this new single/video for “BEEP.”  A perfect hybrid and bridge between the worlds of IDM & EDM, you’ll discover incredible complexity and stunning levels of accessibility combined with exceptional balance and professional precision all throughout this wild cut.  Brilliant energy and a highly memorable melody-line to fuel the hooks & movement as it plays, the video for “BEEP” gets equally intense & clever onscreen with a stylistic look that instantly makes a visual impact on ya as the wickedly edited style chops up the scenes & keeps the entertainment flowin’ fast & furiously while the song rides confidently alongside it.  Extremely well assembled stuff, no matter which angle you’re examining this from – whether you’re watching, listening, or hopefully BOTH like ya should be, BROCK is crushin’ it on “BEEP” from the speakers to the screen.  Word on the street is that this dude is makin’ big moves in 2020 – and with the outstanding quality you’ll hear, see, and experience for yourselves with “BEEP,” you can trust us when we say it won’t be long at all before you see BROCK back on our pages here, and spreading like wildfire across the internet.  This single & video has the spark!  It’s got the juice!  Check it out below!

Find more music & videos by BROCK at the official channel at YouTube here:

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