For the record, as positive as I might seem to be in these posts & reviews I write here at sleepingbagstudios, the facts are that there are precious few bands & artists out there in the world who I’d consider to be able to do no wrong – and BROCK is fast becoming one of’em.  I would be extremely hard pressed to find any other entertainer in any genre, style, sound, or art-form that has been more consistent with the quality of what they do this year than BROCK has been, or maybe ever for that matter.  Since mid-October, we’ve been rocking cuts like “BEEP” and “BHEVY,” and then in November he took it further with tracks like “DISKER” and the spectacular video for the title-track “F CONCEPT” from his 2019 record.  And you know something folks?  No matter WHAT we seem to click on from this digital minstrel, it’s been absolutely worth every single second of our time, without exception – and that is RARE.  His latest album Without Boundaries is every bit the proof of his awesomeness – for real, I dare ya to take the Pepsi challenge and prove it to yourself…don’t take my word for it, go listen – this dude is something genuinely special, and he freakin’ proves it every time he pushes record.  “GLIDE” comes from the mid-section of the new 2020 record, and as 100% expected at this point, BROCK delivers the goods once again on an immaculately smooth ride through a subtle Electro rhythm & groove that’s built on charm, and of course, all-out exceptional sound.  BROCK knows exactly what buttons to push & how to push’em RIGHT in stunning ways that keep the mind’s eye fully engaged, and hands reaching for the volume to turn this guy’s music right UP where it belongs.  As professionally on-point in the mix, structure, and design as ever – “GLIDE” delivers a subtle audio experience with sincere melody and an array of enticing vibes – check it out for yourself below!

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