This digital wizard continues to rock our world late in the year here in 2020 with music & vibes that always seem like they’re straight outta the future.  BROCK returns with a brand-new single/video called “DINGRAY” that has seriously got the spark & the sonic juice you wanna hear, and of course what’s fast becoming a signature look to the sleek design & flow of the visuals he’s rockin’ with onscreen.  Having already willingly followed BROCK straight down the rabbit hole for his singles “BEEP” and “BHEVY” earlier this month – I need to get myself an app for new BROCK breakin’ online when it drops, cause this dude’s got mad skills, stellar sound, and style for virtual miles y’all – and it is constantly on display in the songs & videos he’s been pumpin’ out this year!  When it comes to “DINGRAY,” this dude reminds me a lot of producers/artists like Linus Loves & Dada Life with the inspired energy & movement in the sounds bouncing around throughout the atmosphere.  With savage & searing intensity in the electro-elements firing shockwaves of even more audible charisma & character into the mix for ya – BROCK once again hits a huge homerun for precision, professionalism, and a selection of vibrant 3D sounds that feel like you could reach out & touch’em as they pop outta your speakers on “DINGRAY.”  The man’s got the skills, sound, swagger, and style in doses strong enough to pull anyone into the Electro realm – let yourselves be his next victim and become his latest fan by clicking on that video for “DINGRAY” below!

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