SBS Podcast 147

It’s about time we got back in the booth to share some new tunes with ya, and we’re doin’ exactly that on this shiny new episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll be featuring the latest from TWOFEW and BROCK on the show, in addition to spinning amazing music from Jana Pochop, Swill, SirenBlue, Hochen, Pete […]Read More


BROCK & ESHNAB – “IMBECILE” – Music Video Post As I’ve been tellin’ y’all from day ONE since the very first time I heard his music, BROCK has had the future wide open from the moment he stepped into the spotlight and established his name in the game.  He’s switched it up countless times in […]Read More


BROCK – “SIRENS” – Music Video Post Somewhere back in October of 2020, we had the good fortune of stumbling upon one of the best instrumental Electro-artists thriving out there in our independent scene for the first time – BROCK.  Chances are, if you’re a regular reader of our pages & follower of the stuff […]Read More

BROCK – “2C”

BROCK – “2C” – Music Video Post There we go!  Awesome to have the chef back in the kitchen where the man belongs, you feel me? If you read my last post on BROCK’s music in the reappearance of his single “BUSTANG” as “BUSTANG GT,” you’ll know what I mean by that for sure – […]Read More


Uhhhhhhhhhh oh.  Has our hero run out of gas for these fast cars he features in the videos he creates?  We’re repeatin’ BROCK’s original “BUSTANG” as “BUSTANG GT,” and with a different set of visuals now?  That’s what we’re doin’ here? Word on the street is that it’s been a tough summer for BROCK so […]Read More

July Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

There was a moment there, a month back in June or so, where it felt like we were really surging with optimism over the lack of enthusiasm surrounding this new project of ours…yep…for a second there, it almost seemed like we might even hit a total of twenty subscribers by the time just a half-year […]Read More

SBS Podcast 128

We are stocked & loaded with incredible new tunes once again – it’s Proof Of Purchase! – Volume 14 on the SBS Podcast today!  Featuring cuts we purloined from the harvest on Bandcamp Friday back in May this year – it’s high time we cracked open all these treasure to share with ya.  We’ll be […]Read More

SBS Podcast 126

Long awaited & highly anticipated – Proof Of Purchase Vol. 12 is out now!  We’ll be playing cuts from records we picked up from the March sale on Bandcamp Friday to support the independent music-scene earlier this year, including tunes from Thelonesomekid, elitefitrea, Proud And Nasty with ArMani Jones, Todd Underwood, BROCK, MPG, d i […]Read More


While I’d never claim to have any superpowers, or even the cool-ass ones we’ve got on this planet like synesthesia – the reality is, I feel the music you all make.  BROCK included of course.  Happy, sad, mad, or otherwise, generally speaking, I’m right there with y’all no matter how far away I might be…and […]Read More


Well would ya looky here?  The king of musical branding is back in action – this time with an all-star cast! This is what I’ve been tellin’ ya all along…right up the big bold capital letters of his moniker & song titles, BROCK continually makes rad moves that stand out, whenever he shows up.  Considering […]Read More