BROCK – “FLOW” – Music Video Post Ayyyyyy – 2022 might be winding down at this point as we head into the final month of the year, but that doesn’t mean our main man BROCK is letting his foot off the gas pedal.  Back with another slice of digitalized audible awesomeness for your face-holes to […]Read More


BROCK – “AM I” – Music Video Post “I generated the visuals by entering text into A.I.  Then I sent 3500 frames to my editor the video is the result.  AM I BROCK yes BROCK AM I.” Y’all sure are interested in what the ol’ A.I. can do these days huh?  I’ll admit…I think it’s […]Read More

BROCK And Eshnab – “I Will Change Your Mind”

BROCK And Eshnab – “I Will Change Your Mind” – Music Video Post It sure seems like there’s never a week that goes by without a new BROCK tune when the guy is in the swing of things, which he has been all summer long pretty much…at least as far as we can tell.  The […]Read More


BROCK – “CELESTE” – Music Video Post High-flyin’ good times with our main man BROCK in the mix this morning – the dude’s got a brand-new single/video out for a song called “CELESTE” that’ll take ya straight on an otherworldly trip into space.  The man has been on a verifiable hot streak of releases he’s […]Read More


BROCK – “RUN” – Music Video Post It has been said many times, by folks with far greater wisdom than myself, that if you really want to grab them clicks & views out there online, then simply adding a cute cat into your video will do the trick every time.  Personally, while I think that’s […]Read More

BROCK – “8X”

BROCK – “8X” – Music Video Post There we go!  Video on-point brother-man – this is the kind of energy we know & love from BROCK to the nth degree, maybe even “8X” what we deserve!  A perfect example of exactly why we’ve been loving on this dude’s music & videos for the past couple […]Read More


BROCK – “DELICA” (DANCE MODE) – Music Video Post Awwww – y’all must be a truly well-behaved group of people out there.  Last week, I promised ya, if you were on your best behavior, we’d be back soon enough to have some more fun with BROCK this summer – and lo & behold, here we […]Read More


BROCK – “DELICA” – Music Video Post Looks like your favorite digital madman is back at it again for the summer, in ALL-CAPS like you know him to be…let’s be real here – you wouldn’t even recognize BROCK without’em, right?  Dude’s gettin’ all kinds of atmospheric up on ya with his latest single “DELICA,” taking […]Read More

SBS Podcast 147

It’s about time we got back in the booth to share some new tunes with ya, and we’re doin’ exactly that on this shiny new episode of the SBS Podcast!  We’ll be featuring the latest from TWOFEW and BROCK on the show, in addition to spinning amazing music from Jana Pochop, Swill, SirenBlue, Hochen, Pete […]Read More


BROCK & ESHNAB – “IMBECILE” – Music Video Post As I’ve been tellin’ y’all from day ONE since the very first time I heard his music, BROCK has had the future wide open from the moment he stepped into the spotlight and established his name in the game.  He’s switched it up countless times in […]Read More