Stefanion – “Instagram”

Taking on The Gram! Artist Stefanion has got a few things on his mind that he wants to share with y’all on his new cut “Instagram” produced by HXTEL BE4TS – so listen up!  Working with stylistic Trap vibes and venomous lyrical bars aimed directly at the social-media giant and those that use the platform […]Read More

ELKEST – “Relearn”

Artistic & insightful stuff from artist ELKEST on the brand-new single “Relearn” – words of wisdom come at ya from all angles onscreen, designed to make an impact on each & every one of us listening & watching.  Reaching into important social issues and ultimately aiming to inspire with an observant plan of action where […]Read More

Desert Rain Project – “Free”

The resurrection is here! They say music is all about timing.  If that’s truly the case, you can’t really ever get upset or be discouraged if that first go-around doesn’t quite work out the way you hope it would, which was once the case for Desert Rain Project.  Years ago, they were rockin’ strong – […]Read More

Sundance Jump – “Johnny’s Too Young” Featuring Dire Wolff

Tracy, Tony, Roger, Suzie, Johnny…Sundance Jump has got a whole cast of characters in the story driving the new single “Johnny’s Too Young” to create “another sad story or something like that.”  Featuring the talents of Dire Wolff, together they create a collaboration that combines Psychedelic Acid Rock with an Alternative-Americana approach that’ll keep you […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Let It All Burn”

Love Ghost – “Let It All Burn” – Music Video Release/Review You know…I wasn’t entirely sure, but I was reasonably sure that things were changing in Love Ghost after seeing some recent social-media posts…and indeed that seems to be the case here – holy lineup switches Batman!  The four-piece became a three-piece then added two […]Read More

Ascii Mode – “Voyage”

Time to take a seriously beautiful trip dear readers, dear friends – the latest video & single from South Korea’s Ascii Mode is visually & audibly stunning! An Electro duo that’s destined to make massive moves with their music, Ascii Mode has put together a fantastically stellar experience designed for all to enjoy with their […]Read More

Mark Henes – “Ghost Train”

Mark Henes – “Ghost Train” – Music Video Release/Review Exciting times for artist Mark Henes…dude’s workin’ his way towards his first official debut record rumored to be called Crystallized Reflections & scheduled for release sometime around the end of October next year.  And you artists & bands out there know full well what that time […]Read More

Lil Dream – “VOSS”

Dude balls so hard even his water comes straight from the top shelf yo! Lil Dream is right in the flow of his single “VOSS” from the record Swipe Rixh 2 – it’s crystal clear that this is an emcee that knows his way around the bars, hooks, and rhythm.  With a big bass-beat cut […]Read More

Ghostreaper – “Sons Of The Gun”

Ghostreaper is gettin’ ready to scorch the earth this year with a hybrid debut album that fuses Metal with the wild wild west – their new record Straight Out Of Hell arrives officially on December 6th this year.  If you’re a fan of everything from serious Hard Rock to Traditional/Modern Metal, you’re going to want […]Read More

MYKE the Pharaoh – “Broken/Golden”

MYKE the Pharaoh – “Broken/Golden” – Music Video Release/Review “Dedicated to all those who struggle with addiction and, or mental illness…stay strong.” Like I’ve pointed out on these pages of ours several times throughout the years – it’s all about how you choose to use your platform as an artist.  Sure the world’s likely going […]Read More