Trey Wonder – “Annie Bruiser”

No surprise to us here at SBS, alt-punkster Trey Wonder is back in action right at the beginning of the new year in 2020 with a brand-new single/video.  From the warped musical-mind that brought you cuts like “Out Of The Dark,” “Building Up,” and more recently “Happy With Me” released towards the end of 2019 […]Read More

Kane James – “Goon”

Kane James – “Goon” – Music Video Release/Review “Listen to the tune!” Yessir!  The art of the hook in full-effect y’all – Kane James takes this new single for a seriously stylistic spin through low-end grooves and a wicked vocal rhythm to his rhymes that completely hits the mark.  “Goon” yo – hellz yeah I’m […]Read More

Sundance Jump – “Deep Purple Sage” Featuring W. Dire Wolff

Diggin’ that each time we get a new cut from Sundance Jump that it seems to present a different dimension of the character, personality, and sound you’ll find in the music made for the album Deep Purple Sage, featuring W. Dire Wolff.  We’ve posted up “Johnny’s Too Young” in the past, and more recently had […]Read More

Prymrr – “Goodbyes”

Prymrr – “Goodbyes” – Music Video Release/Review Hello Prymrr!  Welcome back homie.  Now onto “Goodbyes!” You might remember the young firecracker from back in 2018 when we posted up a review here at SBS on her single “GAMBLiN” – back when she still was yet to be a teenager and still known to her fans […]Read More

BlueWoods – “Doin’ Fine”

We’re servin’ ya up some ultra-smooth Jazz this morning! This is the way to wake up!  BlueWoods have got a brilliantly expressive and catchy new single called “Doin’ Fine,” complete with video support, comin’ to ya direct from the album CityLife released this year.  This cut’s got all the personality, charisma, and charm you’re looking […]Read More

Dr LK. – “Forever Love”

Bringing you a set of vibrant Electro hooks and wild bars to fuel the energy & vibes of “Forever Love,” Dr LK.’s latest single is stocked & loaded with dynamic sounds that burst & bloom with radiant passion.  Designed to enhance that special connection between you and your desires, “Forever Love” is the audio spark […]Read More

Dirty Coke – “Trip”

As if this isn’t one of the raddest videos you’ve seen this year! Bringing a wildly artistic design to a combination of beat poetry & Hip-Hop, with a wickedly animated video to support it – Dirty Coke is servin’ up the “Trip” the title of his latest single implies.  Rolling through his bars with stylistic […]Read More

Temperature Falls – “Zuzu’s Petals”

Timely video!  The scenery in “Zuzu’s Petals” is all covered with snow – perfectly reminiscent of what winter is already looking like outside many of our windows, while Temperature Falls heats up the atmosphere in the sound surrounding you with a smoldering style and sleek fusion of R&B/Soul/Electro/Trip-Hop.  With expressive vocals and a sweet & […]Read More

Sundance Jump – “Sew My Shadow” Featuring Dire Wolff

Sign me up for some of this! Sundance Jump had me curious last time around when we posted up the video for “Johnny’s Too Young” last month…this time, I’m pretty much ready to stand up and cheer – I freakin’ love this short & sweet little jam goin’ on here with this instrumental interlude called […]Read More

IJK – “High Tide”

IJK – “High Tide” – Music Video Release/Review Back in fine form, yessir – it’s been about two years since we last featured Lebanese artist IJK on our pages and it’s always awesome to hear a comeback that warrants our attention.  Through a vibrant combination of hooks and a solid mix of Pop/Funk/Rock creating a […]Read More

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