Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction”

Yusuf Othman – “Superfiction” – Music Video Post “I’m trying to make Pop music.  Let me know how I’m doing.”  #Yessir! Yusuf Othman – having the privilege & honor of being able to confirm talent like you’ve got, is pretty much the reason I exist and get out of bed at the strangest hours, every […]Read More

i.S. the WizARd – “Dichotomy”

i.S. the WizARd – “Dichotomy” – Music Video Post i.S. the WizARd you say!  Now that’s a moniker you won’t forget right there is what that is y’all. “Sometimes it’s grimy, sometimes life’s gritty” – as the man will tell ya himself, and he’s got a track here that reflects that, using contrasting textures between […]Read More

Dead phone calls – “Revolution Day”

Dead phone calls – “Revolution Day” – Music Video Post All the way from Prague to our Canadian-based pages here on the internet – you’re gonna dig on the murky electric vibes of Dead phone calls and this solid new single “Revolution Day.”  If your playlist is filled with bands that trip hard into that […]Read More

SnapDibz – “Backwards In My Head” Feat. Rey Khan

SnapDibz – “Backwards In My Head” Feat. Rey Khan – Music Video Post I was diggin’ on that latest single from SnapDibz featuring Rey Khan called “Rivals” and the video that came with it last week – today we’re takin’ ya for a trip back in time to where it all started.  No Delorian required […]Read More

Suavé Menté – “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” Feat. La

Suavé Menté – “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” Feat. La Lean – Music Video Post Alrighty y’all!  Hopefully you had a chance to tune into the SBS Podcast earlier today to check out the latest single “Pa Vin Pou La Pe” by Suavé Menté featuring La Lean on our show – but if you haven’t […]Read More

Tanja Carol – “Lost In Paradise”

Tanja Carol – “Lost In Paradise” – Music Video Post Some artists just have that natural connection to music, and Tanja Carol is one of’em. If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you had a chance to listen to her latest single “Lost In Paradise” along with more of my […]Read More

SnapDibz – “Rivals” Feat. Rey Khan

SnapDibz – “Rivals” Feat. Rey Khan – Music Video Post It is a well-known fact that around this site of ours right here, we’ve been big fans of animated videos of all kinds – and you can definitely add this cut from SnapDibz featuring Rey Khan to that growing list of stuff we’ll never get […]Read More

Michael Imperiale – “Please Stop Killing Me”

Michael Imperiale – “Please Stop Killing Me” – Music Video Post “Dedicated to those who were taken by those entrusted to serve and protect.  R.I.P.” Talk about the kind of song you wish never had to be written. The fact is, it needs to be.  Look closely – not only will you see a ton […]Read More

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days”

Jonathan Williams – “One Of Those Days” – Music Video Post Really solid & steady songwriting from Jonathan Williams on his new single “One Of Those Days” – and when considering the shaky ground he’s found himself on in the past…one might very well say that even just being here today to make his music […]Read More

Big Bus Dream – “Operator”

Big Bus Dream – “Operator” – Music Video Post “You have the edge…you see it coming.  I wish I did…I do not.” I freakin’ love that line…it’s so…matter of fact, direct, and grounded.  All-in-all, it’s one of many lines in this tune by Big Bus Dream that stand out – “Operator” is a really well-crafted […]Read More

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