MemoVele – “Someone You Loved”

Stunning cover tune from the husband & wife collaboration between Andrea & Chiara of the duo MemoVele, who take on the massive hit single “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi and give it a beautiful acoustic shine of their own.  Looks like these fabulous people are living quite the life there in their studio based […]Read More

Jacques – “Love Isn’t Good Enough”

“Did you get my message?” Loud and clear Jacques, loud and clear…sometimes “Love Isn’t Good Enough” – #truth. Soulful artist Jacques is singin’ out the pain and heartbreak to you all on his latest single.  As many of you out there already know full well, the game of love is one of the hardest to […]Read More

Hanen – “Breathe”

Absolutely solid stuff from the screen to your speakers – Texas-born, LA-based artist Hanen has got a killer single on his hands with his brand-new cut called “Breathe” that is built for the right here & now.  A wicked fusion of style & sound in the music and a charismatic, versatile, and dynamic artist on […]Read More

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do”

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do” – Music Video Release/Review Lookin’ mighty fly sir, yes indeed. Here’s what I can tell ya…Ronald Williams might not have had the most organized career from day one, but the material has always been there.  For example…this single “Love Me As I Do,” we originally reviewed back […]Read More

Izzie’s Caravan – “Zephyrs”

Izzie’s Caravan – “Zephyrs” – Music Video Release/Review If the name of Izzie’s Caravan seems fresh in your mind still, you’re not alone in that; it was only about a week ago that we had a chance to check this project out for the first time with the song “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin’” posted up on our pages, […]Read More

Isabella García – “I Trip” Feat. Bon3

Ever since we first heard artist Isabella García for the first time last year, it was more than apparent she had the talent & desire to take her music to the top of the charts – and with her own personal choice of direction, given the fact that her versatility & cultural influences afford the […]Read More

Ultra_eko – “King Of The Wild Things”

Ultra_eko – “King Of The Wild Things” – Music Video Release/Review Deadly! Artist Ultra_eko has been racking up the views, plays, and listens hard since the release of his brand-new single/video for “King Of The Wild Things” – he’s pulling in people by the thousands already and this cut still hasn’t even been out for […]Read More

Highride – “Superstarblind”

Scorching hot sleaze-rock all the way from Sweden to our Canadian-based pages – inject a massive dose of energy into your day via the menace & mayhem in the music of Highride and their new single “Superstarblind.”  Gigantic hooks and that sweet-sweet sound of distorted fury dial the melody & controlled chaos up well past […]Read More

Sundance Jump – “Zodiac Killer” Featuring W. Dire Wolff

Back with another cut from their record Deep Purple Sage, Sundance Jump & W. Dire Wolff return to our pages with their new single & video for “Zodiac Killer.”  Filled with that throwback rock sound & their signature acid-washed style, the latest cut from this collaboration has them blending a BTO-esque vibe with that mix […]Read More

Izzie’s Caravan – “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin”

Izzie’s Caravan – “Lightnin’s-A-Howlin” – Music Video Release/Review I’ve always been willing to admit that the Blues were more outside of the scope of what I grew up on than most genres, but even with my limited knowledge, I can tell ya that this single from Izzie’s Caravan ticks all the right boxes to pass […]Read More

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