SmZ – “Hon Fråga Mig”

SmZ makin’ a solid impression through our speakers & screens this morning with the new single “Hon Fråga Mig” – which, if I’m not mistaken…has the man rappin’ it up in at least three languages along the way…maybe more?  All I ever know is what sounds good – and “Hon Fråga Mig” sounds freakin’ great!  […]Read More

Simon Andersson – “Better Day”

Powerful songwriting & highly memorable melody lead the way to victory for artist Simon Andersson on his latest single “Better Day.”  Armed with conviction in his words, stunning vocals, and a meaningful song that shines a bright light into the darkness to bring a little hope into this world via music & video – Simon […]Read More


Ooooooooooweeeeeee!  Yessir.  The man has got something real special for ya this time around. While our love for BROCK here at sleepingbagstudios is just about the worst kept secret in the industry at this point, believe me when I say, we’ll all be able to look back on these early days of the dude pushing […]Read More

Jona Da King – “Sicko Mode”

Some of that good-good homegrown Canadian talent to finish off the night strong here on our pages today – we’ve got Jona Da King busting outta Edmonton, Alberta in full-on “Sicko Mode” as he breaks into the international scene around the world.  Not only did the man crush it all throughout last year with a […]Read More

Maximilian Wentz – “Sorry”

Tough song to write my brother, and I’m “Sorry” it’s one you had to create Maximilian Wentz…we’re feelin’ your pain here. The reality is, he’s written this song in tribute to his grandmother, who is currently battling Alheizmer’s, and no longer recognizes him at this point in time. While I could go on about how […]Read More

Pilade Fanfani – “Fai Luce”

Go on now brother, be beautiful – we got your back here at sleepingbagstudios and we’re cheerin’ ya on! If you’re looking for a serious dose of personality in your music and a radiant sound to go along with it, look no further than this band based out of Italy right here, Pilade Fanfani – […]Read More

BROCK – “Bustang”

You know…it’s funny…I saw the horses show up in this video and you know what my first thought was? “Makes sense to me, horses are about the only method of transportation I haven’t seen in a BROCK video so far…” and happily went right back to watching & listening to this slice from his F […]Read More

The Key Of Green – “Dirt Of Worms”

I hope y’aint sleepin’ on The Key Of Green y’all…these dudes have been crushing it this year with their latest cuts & videos from their second record, Precedence & The Silent Wheel – and “Dirt Of Worms” here represents one of the gritty best from the gnarly set of tracks you’ll find on that album.  […]Read More

Trey Wonder

Punksatoney Trey has not seen his shadow, so we’re all set for spring y’all. And what, dear readers, would a new season even be without new music from Trey Wonder? Back in action with a fresh set of tunes dropping online including singles “Element 115,” “She Hates Vaccines,” and “Eating Me Alive” – the ever-hyperactive […]Read More

Ajuniior, Jay Rover, AG Wraps – “Pain”

Hope you’re all awake out there…cause you can’t get caught sleepin’ on THIS! Nothing better than a collaborative crew in full-effect, and that’s exactly what you’ll get here in this single & video combo for “Pain” by Ajuniior, Jay Rover, and AG Wraps from sight to sound.  Pro-shot by Ivan Shoots, everything looks as stellar […]Read More

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