Shrt_Lyf – “She Said”

Shrt_Lyf – “She Said” – Music Video Post I’ll tell ya this much…if Shrt_Lyf is willing to put this much work into all of what he does, the man’s goin’ straight worldwide in no time this year.  For a dude with Shrt in the title of his name, this guy is LARGER than LYF y’all […]Read More

Maniac Blac – “Concrete Island”

Maniac Blac – “Concrete Island” – Music Video Post Ayyyyyy let’s get this man MOVIN’ folks – based on everything I’ve heard and seen in this single from Maniac Blac, we need a whole lot more music from this man right here.  A little bit of research will reveal that the track came out originally […]Read More

Second Choice – “Fade Away”

Second Choice – “Fade Away” – Music Video Post If you tuned into the SBS Podcast earlier today, you had the opportunity to hear the latest single by Second Choice called “Fade Away” spun on our show & learn a little bit more about this project helmed by Fredrik Lindström that we’ve been following here […]Read More

Don Pasquale Ferone – “Perseveranza”

Don Pasquale Ferone – “Perseveranza” – Music Video Post Last year towards the end of 2021, we were introduced to an artist/pastor known as Don Pasquale Ferone based out of Italy through a promo video we posted up here at the homepage for his album called Certezza – and hopefully in the process, introduced a […]Read More

Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams”

Alexia Trif – “Lucid Dreams” – Music Video Post Not that there’s ever been a reason to doubt the success of the sensational singer/songwriter Alexia Trif, given all that we learned about the Romania-born solo artist last year in posting up the video for her single “Still In Love” here at our homepage in the […]Read More


VSOP SOCIETY – “PIGPEN” – Music Video Post You know what they say y’all…if at first they can’t hear ya, then SHOUT YOUR MOTHERFUCKIN’ FACE OFF UNTIL THEY DO!  Believe it – this method has worked for more artists than good ol’ DMX (R.I.P.). No doubt that a performance as large & in-charge as you’ll […]Read More

i.S. the WizARd – “1Day”

i.S. the WizARd – “1Day” – Music Video Post “1Day” you say?  Well…what are you doin’ right now i.S. the WizARd?  We’ve got time, you’ve got a microphone & a beat to work with…how are you gonna go and tease us all about what’s happening in the future when you’ve got our attention right here […]Read More

Fantastic Trees – “The Haunted”

Fantastic Trees – “The Haunted” – Music Video Post Well would ya look at that…another Rock band burstin’ outta Boston you say?  I wonder if there has been a Canadian-based internet music-page has been relentlessly pointing out that growing scene over these past couple years or more…lemme think…lemme think… The most confusing thing I can […]Read More

DJ Chart – “Hola Cariño”

DJ Chart – “Hola Cariño” – Music Video Post All the way from Switzerland…with a Latin Reggae sound?  C’mon now…admit it – that’s probably not what you were expecting now was it?  Further proof that you never know what will show up on these pages of ours, and even more-so, our penchant for finding music […]Read More

Queen Nandi – “Shout Out” Feat. QBthaQB

Queen Nandi – “Shout Out” Feat. QBthaQB – Music Video Post The Queen stays Queen y’all – “Shout Out” to Queen Nandi for creating this killer cut! One of the slickest & most stylistic video/single combinations you’re gonna witness this year without a doubt – Queen Nandi’s got the whole block rockin’ along with her, […]Read More