Just as promised, just as predicted in posting up his video/single for “BEEP” only days ago – BROCK returns to our pages with another spectacular dose of wild neon Electro vibes for you to enjoy from your eyeballs to your ear-holes!  Dude’s got a genuine ear for sound that is second to none and knows how to get all the dynamics you’re craving into a sonic & sensory experience that’ll get you groovin’ & bustin’ out all kinds of dance-moves of your own that you’d never think to let loose outside of the security of your isolation – or in other words, BROCK is crushin’ it with supremely spectacular sound yet again on this new single “BHEVY.”  An Electro-wizard that specializes in creating addictive vibes that directly turn good times into great ones – this cut brings flashy sound and sparkling design to the forefront of your speakers & screens on the new single “BHEVY,” fully confirming that BROCK is rockin’ with the kind of unforgettably stylish & slick music you can’t help but turn straight-up where the volume belongs.  Much like we’d experienced with the past single “BEEP” as well, “BHEVY” makes just as much of a visual statement on BROCK’s behalf, keeping the flow of onscreen entertainment comin’ atcha in a pairing that perfectly suits the whole sleek design of his new song.  What else can be said?  BROCK is firing on all-cylinders and bringing the A-game in savagely sensational ways that stand out for all the right reasons – if you don’t have this digital sorcerer on your radar & playlists, you’re truly missing out…and there’s no acceptable explanation as to why that could be the case when we’ve got this incredible new single & video for you to check out below, so do the right thing for yourselves and take “BHEVY” for a spin (or several)!

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"I’m passionate about what I do, and just as passionate about what YOU do. Together, we can get your music into the hands of the people that should have it. Let’s create something incredible."

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