Month: <span>April 2019</span>

WinstonW – “Purple Eden”

Mysterious, curious, and soul-soothing vibes connect together as one on the brand-new ambient & atmospheric single “Purple Eden” from WinstonW’s latest EP, called Ignorance Is Strength, released officially early in April of 2019.  As in, it’s out there & available now – make sure to check it out!  Give yourself some audio-enticement by clicking on […]Read More

Dallenger Cheap – “Say It Ain’t So”

“Say It Ain’t So” – scrap that, say it IS so – everyone’s got time for this classic cut! Dallenger Cheap is busting out the ol’ Weezer hit, giving it the garage treatment in a live performance, and keeping the magic of the original intact.  With four pieces bringing that essential good-time vibe to their […]Read More

The Kid Chocolate Band – “Do I Cross Your Mind”

The Kid Chocolate Band – “Do I Cross Your Mind” – Single Review I don’t know if I mentioned it the last time around when I reviewed The Kid Chocolate Band in 2018 and their The One With Love Songs EP, but they actually remind me quite a bit of the early days of The […]Read More

duØ – “It’s OK”

duØ – “It’s OK” – Single Review An artist like say, Alex Clare, might just want to be watching over his shoulder real close – because right there ready to pass him by is the flashy, confident, professionally controlled cool of duØ destined to take his spot if he ain’t too careful.  The gigantic crossover […]Read More

Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss”

Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss” – Single Review She can’t “Take No Loss” – but c’mon people…you wouldn’t expect the infamous microphone boss Dawn Duchess to take an L now would ya?  She’s been out there commanding the stage & scene for a minute or two now at this point…if you’re up on your […]Read More

Nessa Dove – “Sugar Sugar”

Nessa Dove! My friend…if we HAVE to share you with the rest of the world, well…I suppose that’s the right thing to do. Our fellow Canadian is making moves with her music, audibly AND geographically.  Nessa made the move to the music-mecca of NYC and she’s been releasing impressive new material online over this past […]Read More

CHX Collective – Keep Me In Orbit Today

CHX Collective – Keep Me In Orbit Today – Album Review If you’re following our pages on the regular, or at least have been since about early 2016, you’re familiar with the main dude from CHX Collective, a one Mr. Rob Sulzmann, who’s been partially-or-more responsible for acts you’ve seen here in review like the […]Read More

Royal Ruckus – “Back N Effect”

Royal Ruckus – “Back N Effect” – Single Review I don’t know if your YouTube auto-play feature works the same as mine does over here, but letting the new single “Back N Effect” run into the next offering actually said quite a bit about this rap duo – it led into a video titled “Best […]Read More

Howard Herrick – “Hold My Hand (We’ll Take This On

Howard Herrick – “Hold My Hand (We’ll Take This On Together)” – Music Video Release/Review No lie, I got totally lost in the information & music that’s out there from Howard Herrick!  I started looking into this dude the other day and found myself in a sea of song credits and a gigantic list of […]Read More

Christa Deánā – “Shine”

Christa Deánā – “Shine” – Single Review Coolness.  Back-to-back faith-based artists that are bringing something real to the genre – I can dig that.  We just toured through the latest cut by Soul Recruiter, and now we’ve got this new single from Christa Deánā called “Shine” – both these names are putting their stamp on […]Read More

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