Month: <span>April 2019</span>

Mississippi Moonlight – “Dresser Drawer”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Dresser Drawer” – Single Review I mean…it’s one thing to sound like a band from the deep south – and it’d be another thing entirely to name your band partly after it, don’t you think?  If that ain’t evidence of Mississippi Moonlight taking full ownership of their style & sound, I just […]Read More

Howard Herrick – Howard Herrick

Howard Herrick – Howard Herrick – Album Review Like I was hinting at the other day when we first posted up the lead single/video “Hold My Hand” from Howard Herrick’s new self-titled record, it’s very clear that this guy is livin’ his best life right now.  I know you can’t see it from here, but […]Read More

Trey Wonder – “Somebody Do Something”

You won’t find too many artists out there with the passion & enthusiasm that Trey Wonder has – don’t let the alt/punk sound fool ya – dude’s a dedicated man!  With a brand-new single & video out for y’all to enjoy – the Hawaiian-based musical-madman is back at it again, keeping the antics on-high from […]Read More

Stephon Foster – “Stay In My Dreams” Featuring Steady Creating

Stephon Foster – “Stay In My Dreams” Featuring Steady Creating – Single Review I’ll say this much, she’s got herself a unique one here. A polarizing single I’d be willing to bet though…some people will willingly follow Stephon Foster down the rabbit-hole with her latest cut “Stay In My Dreams” while she might be leaving […]Read More

Willie The Kid X Dus – City Lights

Willie The Kid X Dus – City Lights – EP Review Sometimes artists just belong together, know what I mean? Y’all know what it’s like to stumble across a collaboration in full-effect…it’s always something you can hear.  When I was checking out this new City Lights EP from rapper Willie The Kid & producer Dus […]Read More

SBS Podcast 068

Spectacular show alert! – We talk it out with the amazing Marcelo Camela and find out what’s up with his latest album Melodies In Motion in a new interview. – We get into awesome new tunes & talk music from Keys And Vices, Stephon Foster, and the recent collaboration between Prada Jones & Easz. – […]Read More

The Surgery – “Lost In Space”

The Surgery – “Lost In Space” – Single Review What better way to spice up your speakers could there be other than a genuine sonic odyssey & audible adventure in sound?  The Surgery is here to supply ya with everything your ears could want – music with exploratory, innovative, and highly imaginative ideas that push […]Read More

Josée Allard – Burning Rain

Josée Allard – Burning Rain – EP Review All day long Josée Allard…I could listen to ya all day long, no problemo.  What a great vibe you’ve got! Extra fun-fact for ya, she also happens to originally be from the same home province as myself, good ol’ beautiful British Columbia – Josée is from Powell […]Read More

HORLA – “Into The Void”

HORLA – “Into The Void” – Single Review Well look at these guys will ya?  HORLA looks like it’s got four dudes that were born to rock. Exciting time to be in the band from Manchester, England as well…I’ve been checking out their sites & social-media & whatnot and 2019 has been a milestone year […]Read More

Andrew Gerard – “Who Do You Love”/”Miracles”

Andrew Gerard – “Who Do You Love”/”Miracles” – Singles Review Sometimes there’s really no choice but to start over again. While any assumptions I could make or conclusions I could draw to would be entirely speculative, according to the facts online, it was roughly two years ago that solo artist Andrew Gerard’s marriage began to […]Read More