Month: <span>April 2019</span>

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Seguin Son Of A Gun”

Ranzel X Kendrick – “Seguin Son Of A Gun” – Single Review I think…I think I’m gonna let this single mosey on through with a pass of approval.  Ain’t gonna lie, Ranzel X Kendrick has got a bit of a bizarre little oddity here on “Seguin Son Of A Gun,” but the way he’s played […]Read More

WinstonW – “1984”

There are some artists out there you know you can rely on for some good ol’ late-night style audio-entertainment – and WinstonW definitely fits into that category.  You might remember the dude from a posting earlier mid-month, when we put up his cut “Purple Eden” and explored the chill serenity in sound WinstonW was capable […]Read More

Tony Marino – Tango Silhouette

Tony Marino – Tango Silhouette – Album Review Well from the looks & sounds of things, Tony Marino is having himself a pretty darn inspired year.  With this new record Tango Silhouette in review here, this will be the second time already in 2019 that we’ve had him up on our pages, following our thoughts […]Read More

222 – “I’m Not Trying To Be You…”

222 – “I’m Not Trying To Be You…” – Music Video Release/Review MASSIVE thumbs-up of approval for this single, video, and band – 222 is CRUSHIN’ it on “I’m Not Trying To Be You…” the title cut from their new album I’m Not Trying To Be You…Just Kidding I’m Trying To Be You.  As always…we’re […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 112

Stoked to unleash this beast out of the vault for the First Five Years series on SBS Live This Week – we’ve got Vaultry crushin’ it live from the stage at the Biltmore Cabaret in 2017 from the beginning of their cross-country tour.  PLUS – we’ve got a rock-solid new single from LA-based band 222 […]Read More

Iaki Vallejo – “India Soy Negra Soy”

Iaki Vallejo – “India Soy Negra Soy” – Single Review The international sensation returns to the spotlight & our pages once again!  Always an honor to check out what Iaki Vallejo is up to – full disclosure, she’s every bit as wonderful behind the scenes as she is in front of the mic – it’s […]Read More

Counter Intelligence – “Pounded”

Counter Intelligence – “Pounded” – Music Video Release/Review “This is where you get pounded!”  Alrighty then – sign me up. Well now, looky here will ya?  It’s the self-professed pioneers of Transversal Rock! While myself & a lot of you out there might not yet have any real idea of what that might exactly be […]Read More

Grave Robbert – “The Ecstasy Of The Night” Featuring Eloise

Grave Robbert – “The Ecstasy Of The Night” Featuring Eloise Kerry – Single Review Certainly doesn’t take this guy long to get goin’ does it?  Rob Grave of Grave Robbert is back in action and sounding in fine form on the brand-new single “The Ecstasy Of The Night” featuring Eloise Kerry.  As crunchy, amped-up, and […]Read More

Charlie Christmas – “Happy Day”

Charlie Christmas – “Happy Day” – Single Review Finally…an exception to the rule on how I feel about Christmas tunes. Though I ain’t gonna lie to ya, I saw the name of Charlie Christmas and immediately panicked for a moment, thinking I was about to somehow find myself at the beginning of the holiday season […]Read More

Monolith – Vermin Among Us

Monolith – Vermin Among Us – EP Review One-man music-machine Mario Welke sounds determined to turn your speakers & bones into dust with the face-melting mayhem & madness you’ll find throughout the new EP for his solo-project Monolith – this dude sounds like he’s twenty-feet tall and ready to fight Godzilla.  I mean, I haven’t […]Read More