Month: <span>April 2019</span>

Tough On Fridays – “Summer”

Tough On Fridays – “Summer” – Single Review I’ve never attempted to hide it…if you look up Tough On Fridays at our pages here on the internet, you’ll find multiple reviews that give high praise to the kickass duo of Katie & Caleigh for the music they’ve made over this past year or so – […]Read More

Stephon Foster – “SNAKE”

Stephon Foster – “SNAKE” – Single Review What I can definitely tell ya about this new single…is not to cross Stephon Foster!  Not 100% sure if she’s having a full-on Swift or Morissette moment here…but if you’re out there and you’re listening to “SNAKE” and you’ve done Stephon wrong at some point…you just never know, […]Read More

SBS Podcast 067

Ready to take ya all over the musical map with a whole range of sounds & songs from our incredible independent music-scene – come join in the audio awesomeness!  Got excellent stuff in the mix from Cheena Black Monrow, Toby Poynter, Matthew Hipps, Dylan Schneider, I, Useless, and Onetwothreescream for ya on the show today, […]Read More