Christa Deánā – “Shine”

 Christa Deánā – “Shine”

Christa Deánā – “Shine” – Single Review

Coolness.  Back-to-back faith-based artists that are bringing something real to the genre – I can dig that.  We just toured through the latest cut by Soul Recruiter, and now we’ve got this new single from Christa Deánā called “Shine” – both these names are putting their stamp on the Christian sound in unique ways that are totally different from each other, yet they certainly share a common bond in how open & honest they have been with their backstory, their past, & ultimately, what’s brought them to their faith.

When it comes to Christa’s own history, she experienced a crisis of faith so monumental that she started her journey in religion & relationship with God all over again, like a complete reset from ground zero.  Now…y’all know me…or, at least some of you out there reading do; I’m not a religious person myself, though I was raised that way & still carry many of the same values with me to this very day – so don’t get me wrong, we’ve got some things in common…but as hard as I can try to imagine nearly losing everything I believe in, I don’t know if I can quite get there without actually going through it.  I can certainly appreciate the magnitude of what that situation must have been like…and of course, Christa’s actions speak for themselves; while she never fully renounced God or anything crazy like that, she felt abandoned & needed to rebuild the trust in her relationship with Him.  What matters most perhaps, is that she always recognized that the repair was NEEDED…not just something she wanted, but something that was damaged in her life that was important needed the care & nurturing to get it back to its full glory.  Christa took every opportunity to fix her relationship with God – & now they’re tighter than ever.

And can I just say – I absolutely love this line from her social-media pages…it’s a quote from Christa direct, that reads:  “When I minister through music, if people see me instead of the glory of God, then I have failed.”  When we talk about conviction and belief – it’s words like these that we’re referring to.  Full respect to you Christa, you’re clearly leading a committed, humble, & altruistic life of devout service in an effort to guide the masses towards a better way – we should all have love for sentiment like that.

I’m gonna have to stay in my lane though and probably concentrate on the whole music part of this…

“Shine” definitely does what the title promises, as does Christa with the inspired performance she puts in on her brand-new single – everything here shines beautifully.  I’ll fully admit, I was onboard with Christa right from the very first two lines of her vocals…there’s a tremendous amount of expression & style in the way she sings.  Tough to explain in words perhaps…but if you can imagine, it’s like…she’s got a lot of space to work with in the music supporting her – it’s how she’s using it that will impress you just as much as the sound of her voice will.  She’s got bold, confident tones, genuine poise, technique, and a powerful connection to the material & music she’s making that authentically brings out her very best.  “Shine,” she most certainly does – Christa brings the chorus of this song straight-up to the next-level with the spectacular chorus melody she’s created…religious or not, that’s appealing to all ears out there.  Making excellent use of backing vocals & harmonies, “Shine” is brilliantly produced to perfection, with plenty of smoother-than-smooth sound and an uplifting vibe that never quits on ya.  In fact, not only does it never quit, it continually finds ways to brighten your day as “Shine” plays on, getting good quality time in with the main hooks, which I think everyone would have to agree are highly memorable for all the right reasons.  I know Christa wants us to hear the glory of God & all that…but I’m just a human…a regular ol’ dude, with a couple of ears, who happens to think he has an idea of what sounds good; and what I hear is a truly stunning singer with a lot of soul, a lot of passion, and perhaps even more heart.

When you’re this proud of your faith, this committed, & so faithfully dedicated – it sounds like “Shine.”  Christa Deánā radiates her love of God on her new single & just so happens to sound absolutely fantastic in the process…when you’re this connected to the inspiration behind the music, you’re bound to “Shine” just as bright as Christa does in singing her latest song – she’s done an exceptional job, all-around.

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