WinstonW – “Purple Eden”

 WinstonW – “Purple Eden”

Mysterious, curious, and soul-soothing vibes connect together as one on the brand-new ambient & atmospheric single “Purple Eden” from WinstonW’s latest EP, called Ignorance Is Strength, released officially early in April of 2019.  As in, it’s out there & available now – make sure to check it out!  Give yourself some audio-enticement by clicking on the lead-single from the new WinstonW record below, and treat your mind, body, and soul to the serene & chill sounds of “Purple Eden.”  Stunning mix in the clarity of the production & space within the music, WinstonW puts forth exceptionally selected sounds that each make an impact individually, while adding up to an every greater level of mystery, beauty, and wonder when all combined – “Purple Eden” makes fantastic use of its four minutes and explores the depths of this thought-provoking, subtly emotional, and brilliantly textured moment in time.  Have a listen and experience the magic of ambient music done right – WinstonW has a solid grip on what it’s really all about, and puts together a perfectly smooth sonic journey for ya on “Purple Eden” – enjoy!

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