Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss”

 Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss”

Dawn Duchess – “Take No Loss” – Single Review

She can’t “Take No Loss” – but c’mon people…you wouldn’t expect the infamous microphone boss Dawn Duchess to take an L now would ya?  She’s been out there commanding the stage & scene for a minute or two now at this point…if you’re up on your reading/viewing here at the pages, you’ll have seen several cuts, joints, videos, and jams of The Duchess have been posted up over these past couple years while she’s been carving up other emcees with the sharpness of her skills & making her way to the top.  Though technically, this’ll be the first time she’s appeared on our pages in review – so let’s do this!

Personally, I’m stoked for The Duchess.  As a listener & fan from way over here in Canada, the refinement, progression, and evolution in her game has been on display from day one…it seems as if each time we hear from her, she’s taking another bold step forward in one direction or another.  So mad props & respect to that…she’s a born mic-hustler and she’s always got something on the go when it comes to her music…we posted her up three times here at sleepingbagstudios in 2017 & 2018 back-to-back, and she’s already cracking into this next year sounding better than ever before.  A lot of what we’ve experienced with Dawn’s music has been live…so don’t get me wrong, it is what it is production-wise and there’s of course limitations in that sense when it comes to what’s recorded & captured via video.  Hearing her here on “Take No Loss” produced by JuanInstrumentals gives us a solid glimpse into the full-dose & strength of The Duchess on the mic as she posts up a solid W on her brand-new single.

I mean…ultimately I’m sure she wasn’t too worried…she’s one of the most confident leaders in the game out there right now…The Duchess don’t “Take No Loss” – you feel me?  That don’t mean the struggle just becomes easy y’all…in fact, it ain’t like that at all, which you’ll hear in the details of what Dawn’s own grind is like as she tackles the bars of her latest single.  She’ll also relate the weight on her shoulders & give you insight into WHY every move she makes is a precise one, adding up to moves that matter and push her career forward each time a new opportunity pops up.  Dawn makes the most of the moment, the bars, the sixteens…wherever she’s found, whether it’s in the studio, performing live, or likely even just rapping right there on the city sidewalk…rest assured, she always brings out her best.  While a lot of what we’ve heard & experienced in the past has been pretty amped-up in the energy department, “Take No Loss” takes a much more chill direction with the piano-led melody & beat combo.  On the inside of a more minimalistic atmosphere, Dawn gets the space to flex her finesse and shine a light on the signature flow she’s got…with this studio-sound & production in-check, she’s as on-point as ever with her performance, but she also gets the time to focus on the delivery & expression even more through the way the song moves & supports her.  The results end up speaking for themselves really – you get that star quality from The Duchess (as expected m’lady) and a fully relevant sound for the right here & now…one that allows you to get a bit closer up to the mindset of Dawn Duchess in the process.  She’s keepin’ it real for y’all (again, as expected) and lays out the details clearly on the mic, what she’s been through, what she’s struggled with, obstacles she’s overcome…and above all things, the fact that she’s here to even create this single in the first place should be every indication you need to prove that Dawn Duchess, will indeed, “Take No Loss.”  Not now, not ever – she’s gonna stay up on that grind and keep on her music until she reaches the top of the charts & playlists around the globe – believe that.

Because “regrets don’t bring in that paper” – those are her words direct – and that’s #truth yo.

Sometimes it’s all about tone of voice…when you listen to The Duchess rap, you know she means every word she spits…the confidence is always well-earned and an audible part of her signature identity & sound.  She’s giving you a more vulnerable moment on her new single that’ll give you insight into what makes comin’ up in the Rap game & LIFE hard – but the empowering way she rises above it all to continue on the path she’s taking at all costs gives “Take No Loss” a hugely inspiring vibe that burns just below the surface.  She’s also sounding strong enough to take on every emcee out there in the scene right now with the slick power she packs into every syllable with such impressive swagger & style – The Duchess will “Take No Loss” here at our pages, not this time around, nope.  Solid win for Dawn Duchess with this cut produced by the expert hands of JuanInstrumentals…definitely a collabo that works 100%.

Find out more about Dawn Duchess from her official pages below!

Official Homepage:  https://dawnduchess.com/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dawn_duchess

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/officialdawnduchess

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/dawn_duchess/

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