Nessa Dove – “Sugar Sugar”

 Nessa Dove – “Sugar Sugar”

Nessa Dove!

My friend…if we HAVE to share you with the rest of the world, well…I suppose that’s the right thing to do.

Our fellow Canadian is making moves with her music, audibly AND geographically.  Nessa made the move to the music-mecca of NYC and she’s been releasing impressive new material online over this past year, revealing her stunning vocals & style on singles like “Light It Up” and her latest cut “Sugar Sugar.”  For real people – this fine lady is cooler than cool on “Sugar Sugar” and I’m just hoping she’ll still remember our quaint little country when she blows up worldwide.  With her widely accessible sound & crossover style, Nessa Dove proves to be an innovator and a real leader for the music of tomorrow…there’s a lot of ‘right now’ in her sound that’ll catch the interest of the people out there, also a ton of potential exposed as well, that shows she’s thinking ahead to what she can bring to the scene with her own charisma & genuine authenticity.  I can hear the real deal in Nessa’s vocals and the way she expresses herself in her music, through her guitar…there’s something special in the works here…and that’s the only reason I don’t wanna give up sole custody of this wonderful Canadian talent just yet; but I understand, & I will.  The facts are the facts – an artist with the radiant style & smooth singing voice that Nessa Dove has can’t stay a secret to the world for long.

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