Month: <span>April 2019</span>

Acharya – “Spearhead”

Acharya – “Spearhead” – Music Video Release/Review Back in September 2018, I had my first opportunity to check out what Acharya was up to. And I knew then what I still know now. Without question, I knew I was listening to something with that intangible uniqueness I’m always hoping to find every single day when […]Read More

Woodfish – “Damn Thang”

Woodfish – “Damn Thang” – Single Review 100% THIS.  Woodfish absolutely have it goin’ on. Anyone with ears and a spare ten-seconds to fire-up their new single “Damn Thang” could tell ya that though…in fact, it’ll probably take them even less time to reach that conclusion.  Woodfish get this cut cranked into gear & rollin’ […]Read More

Keys And Vices – Chronic Nostalgia

Keys And Vices – Chronic Nostalgia – Album Review Been checking this record out happily all week long, Keys And Vices have a fantastic energy goin’ on.  In fact, it was only last week that we featured the three-piece all up in our lineup on the SBS Podcast, unleashing their lead-single “Out Of My Head” […]Read More

Solja – XXX

Solja – XXX – EP Review Working with some extremely large low-end here homies, no doubt about that. As to whether or not the production needs a slight tune-up or whether it’s Spotify’s compression clippin’ past the threshold…hard to say for sure…but right now you can definitely hear that red-line pulsing away on the opening […]Read More

Old Salt – “Quicksand”

Old Salt – “Quicksand” – Single Review One good turn leads to another, as they say right? Wasn’t so long ago at all that I was reviewing Dillon Douglas’ band Mississippi Moonlight and their stunning new single “Dresser Drawer” – and here we are, what seems like only mere days later, with a cut from […]Read More

Alexx Calise – “Rise” Featuring Sensitive Robot

The sensationally soulful vocals of artist Alexx Calise joins forces with the songwriting & production team at Sensitive Robot on the brand-new single “Rise” to create a powerfully vibrant Gospel-tinged tune for your speakers & screens this spring.  Definitely a collaboration that instantly makes sense to the ears, from the clear tone & technique from […]Read More

TonAsh – “Wanna Be Rich”

TonAsh – “Wanna Be Rich” – Audio Post Release/Review This cut came along at a perfect time…I’ve been having this debate in my head back & forth for the past couple days now when it comes to finances & what people want versus what they need – how much is enough exactly?  For me, it’s […]Read More

Dr Optimiser – Borders

Dr Optimiser – Borders – Album Review Any time I find Lemon Jelly listed in the tags for an album, I can promise ya, I’m more than interested.  I pretty much wish all music was Lemon Jelly, all of the time.  In their absence however…I’m more than happy to welcome back Dr Optimiser to our […]Read More

Mudskin Cix – “EitherOr”

Mudskin Cix – “EitherOr” – Music Video Release/Review If ya just recently tuned into the latest episode of SBS Live This Week and you’re here to find out more about Mudskin Cix after seeing his video for “EitherOr” on our show – we appreciate you & you’re ahead of the game.  For the rest of […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 111

Taking ya waaaaaaay back into some of the earliest days from what we’ve still got in the vault for this episode of The First Five Years series of SBS Live This Week! We’ll defrost the band Overdose from a set they put on live at The Forum in Vancouver back in 2013, before they broke […]Read More