Veronica Largiu – “Always Running Back To You” (Radio Mix / Deltiimo Big Room House Remix)

 Veronica Largiu – “Always Running Back To You” (Radio Mix / Deltiimo Big Room House Remix)

Veronica Largiu – “Always Running Back To You” (Radio Mix / Deltiimo Big Room House Remix) – Singles Review

So…as I say from time to time, a couple things can be true at the same time.

When I put on Veronica Largiu’s latest single “Always Running Back To You,” (Radio Mix) to kick things off in listening to these two variations, the first thoughts that ran through my mind were mostly about how she’s potentially got the kind of personality/performance combination strong enough to bring this early-to-mid 90s sound right back to the forefront of Pop/R&B here in the present.  Ultimately, that says a ton about how awesome it is to listen to – we’ve essentially been here and done that before sound-wise, but Largiu does such an exceptional job singing this song that we have no problem with the idea of going back, you feel me?  You could cite acts like Whitney Houston, or Emotions-era Mariah Carey as comparisons for example…or you might even feel like you’ve got your own, more accurate names on a list of who Veronica will remind you of on “Always Running Back To You” – but at the end of the day, all of that is a fairly moot point anyway.  As in, more of a good thing is exactly that, ain’t it?  Sure, she’ll probably remind you of a few artists that have blazed the trail for Largiu to be in the spotlight today, but regardless of any similarities she shares with anyone else, if you wanna turn up a song, that’s still the better criteria to determine whether something hits the mark or not, ain’t it?  Veronica is keeping great company when it comes right down to it, but beyond the strengths found in any comparison that could be made, you’ll find she’s basically superhuman when it comes to her performance on this new single.

Overall, it works from start to finish, so let me be clear about that from the get –go here.  As far as the verses on “Always Running Back To You” are concerned, there’s more than enough hooks in the mix for you to grab on to…I think she’d be in solid shape to keep you entertained even if that was all we got out of this particular tune.  The thing is though, is that there IS MORE in store for ya…and that comes in the form of an absolutely irresistible chorus.  You get a good glimpse of everything on this single upfront – but if I had anything substantial to say about that, it wouldn’t be criticism, so much as the simple observation that EVERYTHING gets stronger as this song settles in and really finds its main strengths.  As in, sure – the first verse will entice you in to keep listening, and the first chorus you’ll hear introduces the hooks in a way that’ll get you excited to hear more – but it’s really all about how “Always Running Back To You” continues to dazzle and charm its way through your speakers from there on that reveals the most noticeable highlights.  Essentially, the more that the song continues to fill itself in, the more powerful everything we hear continues to get, until by the time you’re about a minute in, nothing could possibly be any better than what you’re hearing from this latest single by Veronica Largiu.  This is a #1.  Hearing her attack the chorus with such confidence, technique, style, and conviction, is truly captivating – she got the most out of every moment in the main hooks of this song from the lead to the background.

Written and produced by Gary Louca, who you know as Deltiimo – “Always Running Back To You” gets the guy’s remix treatment for an extra upbeat spin on the “Deltiimo Big Room House Remix” variation.  Annnnnnnnd…lemme see here…well…as much as I’m always up for hearing another version of something or songs take on a different life in a remix – sometimes you end up in a position where you can’t help but feel one has the clear advantage over the other…and that’s the original this time around.  Don’t get me wrong, I can hear that “Always Running Back To You (Deltiimo Big Room House Remix)” could potentially open the doors to a few more listeners through its Electro-based sound being able to reach a few folks on the fringe…and I can understand the argument that it could appeal to the dance-floor crowd a bit more in modern club settings and whatnot.  That being said…I gotta say, this remix from Deltiimo was a bit surprising in the sense that it seems to be missing the most important ingredient that the original has – which is the spark, straight up.  Where you’d probably assume the remix would be the version that had a bit more sparkle and gloss to it, you’ll get the opposite effect…it’s a bit on the flat side of sound with a low-end heavy balance, and taking out some of that essential brightness is really like taking one of the most radiantly addictive & universally enticing qualities that the original contains.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – remixes can basically do anything they wanna do…there are no rules written down anywhere that says something has to be a certain way – but in really dulling down the high-end qualities of “Always Running Back To You,” I feel like Deltiimo’s taking a giant risk & practically removing the main reasons that we’d likely return for another spin through this single.  Is it still a good song?  Heck yeah – like I said, don’t twist my words – I still enjoy what I’m hearing in the “Always Running Back To You (Deltiimo Big Room House Remix)” – but I do feel like the original version and the inspired energy & brightness Veronica naturally brought to the song gave it the undeniable advantage.

It’s a well-written Pop song at the heart of it all, and you really can’t lose with either version, because you’ll get what you need in the main hooks.  If you’re looking for the real spark though, it’s coming right from Veronica Largiu on “Always Running Back To You” without question, and the more clearly we get to hear the magic she’s bringing to this song unencumbered by anything else, the better this single will likely be received.  Different strokes for different folks, as they say – and I’m still going to advocate on behalf of having multiple variations of a song being a great tool to have in getting your music heard by one and all – but if we’re talking about my personal preference, then I’m going with the original, 100%.

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