Deltiimo – “Weigh Down On You” Feat. Christian Erik

 Deltiimo – “Weigh Down On You” Feat. Christian Erik

Deltiimo – “Weigh Down On You” Feat. Christian Erik – Single Review

I tell ya folks…sometimes it just feels good to hear someone secure a victory with their music, you know what I mean?  Don’t get me wrong, whether I like something or I don’t, there are certain professionals in the game like Deltiimo that you can’t help but acknowledge the skill and craft in what they create no matter what comes through your speakers – but I feel like it had been a minute or two since this skilled Electro-based artist had made a song that I might personally listen to.  So yes, while I’ve always enjoyed what Deltiimo creates on a technical level, there’s a difference between recognizing and respecting that versus knowing you can put on a song and crank the volume up the rafters loud and proud, you feel me?

“Weigh Down On You” felt like a complete knockout from the very first spin.  It’s constructed to deliver, and it really has no obstacles standing in the way of that happening – this single is built to impress, and it does.  From the inherent dynamics present in the pace and enormous sound of the music, and the undeniably powerhouse vocals from featured guest-star singer Christian Erik, to the extra layer of gloss that gets added in via producer Kevin Cho, “Weigh Down On You” is a hit single by every conceivable definition.  The way it moves is sensational…if we’re talking about music engineered, geared & destined to grab your attention, I’m not sure there would be many better examples of that in action than this song here.

Did that surprise me?  I’d say a little yes and a little no.  On the one hand, I’m well aware of the incredible resume of the man behind the music of Deltiimo, Gary Louca, who has produced and created a legacy of hits that reflect a lifetime dedicated to being immersed in doing exactly what he loves most.  Like I was saying at the start, you can always hear the quality and investment in what he creates, and that usually has me onboard with his music.  As of late, he’s simply been working on a lot of material that has been more targeted towards the children’s market with his project known as The Spirit Of Toronto – and while I still recognize the quality in what he’s created along the way, it’d be a little bit misleading to say that it felt like the kind of tunes that you’d more readily listen to as an adult.  That’s no knock against the man, read that again – it’s actually a compliment.  If you’re making music for kids, then really, all of us adults should wonder what the heck we’re doing listening to it – that make sense?  Anyhow.  The quality of his work is something I’ve never questioned, and he’s always hit the mark in terms of what he’s aiming to create, whether it’s been for the younger generation, or old dudes like me.  So in that respect, no, of course I wasn’t all that surprised to hear the successful stomping beat and vibrant sound of “Weigh Down On You” come out so perfect for the guy – music is a part of Gary Louca, and I’m not even sure one could exist without the other!  It’s like he needs music to keep breathing, and I’ve always loved that about the guy.  What DID surprise me, was that for a song that is essentially a cross between Electro/Country – which is a pairing I probably shouldn’t usually enjoy as much as I have here – I thought “Weigh Down On You” was immaculately gripping to listen to, and an undeniable hit.

Sometimes it’s about finding that right combination that works, where a whole group of professionals come together for the right moment with a shared vision on what success looks like and sounds like – I’d say that’s what we’ve got here in this single.  You couldn’t ask more from the sound of “Weigh Down On You” – the music from Deltiimo is electrifying, the vocals from Erik are outstanding, and the production from Cho is like hearing an audible confirmation of the strength in the material…as in, the work has been put in from start to finish, because every one of’em knew they had an authentic hit single in the making with “Weigh Down On You.”  The most you’re gonna find me conceding to ya is that I’m a little neither here nor there about the lyrics themselves in certain spots…the verses come out a bit on the rhymey-side of sound for me, but whatever, I’ll live with it when the performances I hear are as great as they are on this song, and the main hooks of the chorus shine as bright as they do in this tune.  “Weigh Down On You” is memorable, exciting, and extremely engaging at all times…for an Electro/Country combination, it’s noteworthy how much Soul that singer Christian Erik brings to this song, and how it leads this song to the crossover potential it contains.  I don’t think it really matters at all what you’d normally listen to or what your genres of choice would regularly be – they’re rocking with conviction and universal vibes on “Weigh Down On You” that are bound to connect to everyone listening.  I’m living proof of that!  Sure I like my Electro-based tunes and I always have, but rarely does that extend on over to the Country side of sound – and I didn’t even show an ounce of hesitation or resistance when it came to how easy it was to enjoy “Weigh Down On You” y’all – this is simply an irresistible single built on massive crossover potential, full stop.

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