Deltiimo – “One Time”

 Deltiimo – “One Time”

Deltiimo – “One Time” – Single Review

Hard to argue with success!

Deltiimo’s already had plenty of enthusiastic response to their latest single “One Time” out there in the scene that they wouldn’t really need any additional accolades from me, though I might very well be inclined to pass out a few as well.  “One Time” has already reached the number one spot on the highly respected Kings Of Spins site, which is voted on by actual DJs that are in the Electro circuit.  So yeah…I mean…I might have an opinion & all, but I’d probably be more likely to take their word for anything over my own & I’d advise you all to do the same; they’re the experts – I’m just a dude who listens to music.

For those of you out there still unfamiliar with Deltiimo, the nuts & bolts of this scenario are that it’s a UK-based project…a production team led by Gary Louca with a flexible style of sound, rooted in a core aspect of positivity & letting the good times roll when it comes to the music being made.  Chances are, you’ll find Gary at the helm of the studio controls to make the magic in the music sparkle & shine on the vast majority, if not all of the tunes you’ll find by Deltiimo out there – but as to what’s happening on the microphone, we already know from the past that it could be anyone from the dude’s own grandkids to professionals dedicated out there in the scene…and I dig that personally, it always feels so…all-inclusive.  Diverse as well – we experienced cuts like “On My Own Again” back in 2018 that featured singer Marley Blandford, and Deltiimo & The Grandkids for the children’s single “Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere” at our pages in 2019, both of which included entirely different vibes & of course, different singers in the mix.

Word on the street is that the whole pandemic era & isolated times gave Gary the extra opportunity to get back into doing what he loves & catch up on making some music out there.  While there are countless reasons to get down on all of the many detriments to our lives that Covid has wrought, music ain’t one of’em – in fact, for many people I know & you know too, it’s been a complete lifeline & saving grace to have had an outlet of creativity to keep busy during so much of a non-functioning societal void.  You’ll probably never catch me celebrating this virus being around, ever – but I’ll admit, from this side of the screen & speakers, seeing & hearing how it’s been shaping the music we make & the scene around us has been kinda awesome actually…and quite inspiring.  There is an onslaught of staunchly Covid-based tunes…which I’ve already pretty much had my fill of & will be likely consuming for a decade still to come…but this whole situation has brought a lot of people back to the scene, just like Deltiimo, and it’s impossible not to appreciate just how many artists and bands have turned to music in our darkest times.

Like everything we’ve experienced so far with Deltiimo’s music, the quality is as impeccable as ever when it comes the vibrant Electro EDM sound…Louca’s got a gift for the mix & he always puts that skill to use in full-effect, which he certainly does once again here on “One Time.”  That part, I ain’t gonna lie to ya…is somewhat expected…there’s just no reason to doubt this man with what he’s already proven in his talents behind the studio boards.  The guest-star he’s got singing here does a truly stellar job – I’ll readily concede it took me a couple spins to be fully convinced that her tones were a perfect pairing for the vibe of the music, but the more that I listened, the more it was easy to hear she’s really well suited for this song.  There are elements of the hooks where she’ll bend the melody in the best of ways, and it’s moments like those spots where she’ll sing “don’t go searching for the place you’ll never find” that always seemed to bring out a remarkable highlight, every time.  On a lyrical level, I actually kind of found this song to be on the fascinating side of things…because it’s kind of got two completely different ways of saying something that almost seem to compete with each other.  On the one hand, you’ve got the quote from up above that lends sage advice to essentially not wander too far from what you can control or achieve, metaphorically encouraging you to find that place you belong and contribute how you can – and on the other, “don’t wait until tomorrow” is just as much of an inspired message telling you to go plunging fearlessly into the unknown, take chances, be daring – because we only get “One Time.”  Don’t get me wrong – both these main pieces of advice & wisdom you’ll find in this single have tremendous value & meaning behind them that could be explored in pages upon pages of theories & writing, I’m just saying it was unexpected to find them both here in this same context, trying to communicate the same message at the song’s core from almost two completely different sides of the perspective.  For myself personally, like I said, I found I ended up agreeing with both these main points…I think there’s so much comfort in finding the place where you belong, yet I could imagine a life where we didn’t push beyond that either…those main breakthroughs we experience in life, love, art & music, come from finding those places you never did expect to find, and it’s hard to detach the direct implications of the words from the metaphor that’s being threaded into the lyricism overall.  Or maybe I just think too much…there’s that.

To me, whether any of the theories in our heads are correct or not when we listen to any given artist or band out there, the fact that a song makes the wheels in your head move is always a really great thing.  In the case of “One Time,” I felt like they got so much melody out of the main vocal hooks that I couldn’t help but find myself onboard with this song after a mere couple of spins…and I still think the main message & meaning come radiating through in a way everyone out there can hear it – get out there & live yourself some LIFE and embrace that spirit of today being what always matters most – live in the present & be here now…sentiment I think we can all embrace with open arms.  Plus, you factor in the magic of Gary’s music in the mix, and you know you’re on solid ground one way or the other – Deltiimo makes quality tunes, that’s always been the case & I suspect it always will be – it’s great to have this production team back in action this year, sounding as inspired and entertaining as they’ve ever been.

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