The Key Of F – “Lies”

The Key Of F – “Lies” – Single Review Harsh!  Deservedly harsh that is.  I dig it. The Key Of F tap into a post-breakup vibe here with scathing & brutal honesty that I’d be willing to bet resonates with a ton of people listening out there.  If you’ve ever found yourself burned by a […]Read More

The Quarantined – “Shadow”

The Quarantined – “Shadow” – Single Review A Rock/Grunge/Metal band from out of LA – The Quarantined are leaning heavy on the Rock side of that hybrid combination on their new single “Shadow” from the upcoming 2020 EP Aversion To Normalcy.  Don’t get me wrong, I can hear a few rumbles of Grunge in the […]Read More

Linda Tourje – “Leila”

Linda Tourje – “Leila” – Single Review Gorgeous! If there’s one thing I’m absolutely sure of, it’s that singer/songwriter Linda Tourje should be truly proud of this new single “Leila” – the humble beauty you’ll find in the sweetness of this song is outright staggering.  I’m massively impressed by what I hear from Linda on […]Read More

Pauline Frechette – “Jewel Box Fantasy”

Pauline Frechette – “Jewel Box Fantasy” – Single Review There are always a few artists & bands that remain at the top of a reviewer’s mind over the years, no matter how much time passes.  Although it was last year that we had most recently featured her music on our pages, Pauline Frechette is certainly […]Read More

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do”

Ronald Williams – “Love Me As I Do” – Single Review If you had a chance to read the review we published here yesterday on another of the latest singles from Ronald Williams called “Missing You” – you heard a lot of thoughts in support of what the man is capable of, specifically highlighting his […]Read More

Ronald Williams – “Missing You”

Ronald Williams – “Missing You” – Single Review For those of you that follow along with our pages here, you know that ultimately, I’ve always been in the corner of Ronald Williams – straight-up, the man’s a brilliant songwriter when it comes right down to it.  While I can’t quite claim that I’ve been there […]Read More

Ernest – “Midnight” Feat. Middle Aged Lady

Ernest – “Midnight” Feat. Middle Aged Lady – Single Review Freakin’ geniuses! If you’ve ever experienced the true joy of the musical maze, you’ll know full-well as to why I’m as excited about this new single “Midnight” by Ernest, featuring Middle Aged Lady.  You know what I’m talking about?  I’m talking about heading right on […]Read More

Neon Radiation – “Not Today”

Neon Radiation – “Not Today” – Single Review Synthpop addict Gary Blake is back at it again!  Or…it’s probably more accurate to say, if you follow the guy’s every move as closely as I have been with his project Neon Radiation…well…you know it’s not so much ‘back at it again’ as it is ‘always at […]Read More

Collins And Streiss – “Freedom’s Captive”

Collins And Streiss – “Freedom’s Captive” – Single Review I’d have to be crazy not to support this tune…it’s built of a ton of sounds I’ve grown-up on and loved throughout the years.  To me, the overall influence on this song…or the comparison that most would draw to, is without question R.E.M. – and given […]Read More

Betweenzone – “Mosaic”

Betweenzone – “Mosaic” – Single Review This is quite a trip! Betweenzone…where do I even start this time around?  It’s certainly not my first time experiencing the music of this band…yet in many ways, this feels like a complete reboot from what I knew in the past, or a leap forward in their evolution once […]Read More