Jay Jai – “True One”

Jay Jai – “True One” – Single Review While it’s certainly no secret that I’ve been a fan of Jay Jai since first hearing his music nearly five years ago & having written about it several times since – it’s always awesome to hear the man back in action with something new & exciting like […]Read More

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage”

Chords Of Truth – “The Mirage” – Single Review “The Mirage” you say, Jason Garriotte. You know I’ve often wondered throughout the years what this man might be searching for. If you’re familiar with our pages, you likely know the name Chords Of Truth by this point.  We’ve reviewed this vehicle for Jason’s songwriting, music, […]Read More

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother”

Love Ghost – “Dead Brother” – Music Video Release/Review “I killed my brother last night…I ate his remains…” So…. …..ummm. Well you can’t exactly compete with sunshine and rainbows like that now can ya? Grim!  Perhaps damn near even Grimm with two Ms!  Love Ghost have crafted an eerie tale onscreen for the new video […]Read More

Thelma Ball – “Overachiever”

Thelma Ball – “Overachiever” – Single Review I don’t think anyone really knows what this is…yet. Let me explain.  Obviously Thelma Ball is making kickass Alt-Rock – that’s not in dispute – I’m talking more about the big picture when it comes to this band.  Perhaps I should have said, I don’t think anyone really […]Read More

Magazine Gap – “For The Ride”

Magazine Gap – “For The Ride” – Single Review You know…having reviewed well-over 2000 records, singles, and EPs & all-that at this point, I can safely say for a certain fact that some names always put a smile on my face whenever I see them pop back into my inbox and onto my playlists – […]Read More

Alissa – “Dreamcatcher”

Alissa – “Dreamcatcher” – Single Review Well now…this is something. Aside from the release of an impressively versatile set of songs on a previous EP called #Love2PointZero and an admission of being “99% human” on her social-media page at Facebook…I didn’t really know what I was in for with Alissa’s music, or anything to do […]Read More

Ramhero – “Above It All” Featuring Dream & Txmic

Ramhero – “Above It All” Featuring Dream & Txmic – Single Review Time to end this decade…got one last single here for ya to remind you to rise “Above It All” – the calendar resets itself once more for us all tomorrow…get yourself ready to make the most of 2020. Way back towards the beginning […]Read More

Solar Pixie Journals – “Building The Perfect Monster”

Solar Pixie Journals – “Building The Perfect Monster” – Single Review If you tuned into the latest episode of the SBS Podcast, you had the opportunity to check out THE FUTURE OF MUSIC when we played the brand-new cut “Building The Perfect Monster” from the upcoming album from Solar Pixie Journals called Temporizing The Ephemeral […]Read More

Mississippi Moonlight – “Where I Belong”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Where I Belong” – Single Review “Some folks chase their dreams, but me I’m stuck here in this town.” Alright…chances are many of you read the last review on Mississippi Moonlight that just posted up with my thoughts on “Stickin’ Around” – the five-piece band put out a cut that packed in […]Read More

Mississippi Moonlight – “Stickin’ Around”

Mississippi Moonlight – “Stickin’ Around” – Single Review Look at that guy in this picture will ya? You know the dude I’m talking about here…the one with that luscious shrub attached to his chin – bassist Zac Blackwell.  It’s like he’s taunting me at this point.  My head will never be that rad. I mean […]Read More

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