Psykobilly – “Love Is A Slow Bullet”

Psykobilly – “Love Is A Slow Bullet” – Single Review Oh happy hap…this world needs another song about killin.’ Personally, I love the spin on the Serenity Prayer at the beginning of the new Psykobilly single – that definitely caught my attention straight away – “Dear Lord…grant me the serenity to accept the things I […]Read More

A Place For Myself – “Alive” / “Together”

A Place For Myself – “Alive” / “Together” – Singles Review I could see A Place For Myself catching on well enough.  As I was listening to “Alive” to get a first impression of this project, I felt like all-in-all, we’ve got a pretty decent hybrid between the old and the new goin’ on here.  […]Read More

Ayhan Sahin – “I Like You”

Ayhan Sahin – “I Like You” – Single Review As a dude that gets the opportunity & privilege to work with artists/bands from all over the map in a variety of ways, that comes along with the occasional sneak preview too…as in, sometimes I know about songs & records you might not have any idea […]Read More

Cary Shields – “In The Morning”

Cary Shields – “In The Morning” – Single Review Don’t get me wrong…I was convinced we had something special in Cary Shields after listening to his single “Run Rabbit” earlier this summer – this new one, “In The Morning,” is simply more confirmation of what I was thinkin’ is all.  Cary’s got the magic…yes indeed…the […]Read More

speakeazie – “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy”

speakeazie – “Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy” – Single Review Now where on earth has speakeazie been all my life?  THIS is music I can definitely get behind.  I’ll admit, I’ve been on a fairly good run of decent tunes as of late, from a whole variety of styles…there are so many fantastic new […]Read More

4Sayken – “Empty” / “You Owe”

4Sayken – “Empty” / “You Owe” – Singles Review ??? Dude’s already got all that love coming in from all corners of the world, tens of thousands of hits on his videos like “Empty” at Facebook since its release five years ago – and somehow we’ve ended up on this page for some…feedback?  The general […]Read More

Chad Anthony – “Lights Out”

Chad Anthony – “Lights Out” – Single Review Man!  With so many people out there looking for a job right now, you’d figure there’d be more than just ONE dude playing in this video for “Lights Out” – but the reality is, everything you see & hear, is all the hard work supplied by one […]Read More

Loyal Machette – “War On” / “Suffocating”

Loyal Machette – “War On” / “Suffocating” – Singles Review “Can you feel me?  Do you feel me?”  #Yestoboth Don’t get me wrong…after having listened to about as much music as a human being ever could in one lifetime, I’m no stranger to the fact that many artists/bands we listen to take a few spins […]Read More

Chris Lewington – “The Bridge At Midnight”

Chris Lewington – “The Bridge At Midnight” – Single Review “A little bit Beatles, a little bit west coast folk rock ala Jefferson Airplane with a touch of Bon Iver and First Aid Kit…”  #ICanGetBehindThat If I’m being real with ya though, if that description was to be for this specific song, we’re probably cut […]Read More

Michael Va – “Kiss Me In New York”

Michael Va – “Kiss Me In New York” – Single Review I’m starting to think that Michael Va might be one of the more interesting Pop-stars of the future to come.  Hopefully at least a few of you out there remember her from appearing here on our pages in the summer of last year with […]Read More