Steven Faulkner – “Leech”

Steven Faulkner – “Leech” – Single Review There we go brother. Steven’s been hard at work creating some killer cuts this year…it wasn’t all that long ago that I reviewed his last single “War For The World” – which for the record, I quite thoroughly enjoyed.  I did however, add in my usual two-cents for […]Read More

Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass”

Jordan Paul – “Emerald Glass” – Single Review No objections here y’all. For the record, there’s a vast difference between being satisfied with something and indifference.  Sometimes when it comes to music, you can hear a tune that you enjoy, that you know you’d never turn off, and still not necessarily be running to your […]Read More

Danielle Hollobaugh – “Patiently”

Danielle Hollobaugh – “Patiently” – Single Review There’s not a day that goes by here that I don’t find a new artist or band to worry about. Danielle Hollobaugh is not one of them. And if I’m being truthful with you…that’s a conclusion I came to with a single spin of her latest cut “Patiently.”  […]Read More

Sinistra – “Art Of Manipulation”

Sinistra – “Art Of Manipulation” – Single Review This single audibly defines the word epic. Quite honestly, I can think of legions of people I personally know that would absolutely love what Sinistra has created with “Art Of Manipulation” – this is one of those hybrid cuts that truly has it all.  From the immaculate […]Read More

Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna

Warren J. Gallimore & Austin Leeds – “I Just Wanna Tell You…” Featuring Emarie – Single Review A collaborative effort on all fronts, supplied by our homies at Survival Crew Records, Inc. – the brand-new single “I Just Wanna Tell You…” features the songwriting of Warren J. Gallimore, who also co-produced this cut along with […]Read More

Swami Lushbeard – “The Truth”

Swami Lushbeard – “The Truth” – Single Review With great responsibility, comes great power. As impressed as I was with the flash & dazzle of their previous single “Enemy” released earlier this year, and as much as I’ve already documented my thoughts about this being the most impressive part of the band’s career coming throughout […]Read More

King Cotz – “Together Forever” / “TROUBLE”

King Cotz – “Together Forever” / “TROUBLE” – Singles Review With about three years or more of listening to the King’s music under my belt at this point in time, having reviewed his cuts all the way back to 2017, and twice in 2019 in the thick of his resurgence – he knows I’m always […]Read More

Arnold Mitchem – “Shout” Remix Featuring Jason Pittman

Arnold Mitchem – “Shout” Remix Featuring Jason Pittman – Single Review Ahhh, there you go…apparently this just needed a pinch of salt is all. You’ve been there.  You’ve cooked up your dinner, you take that first bite…and something’s missing.  And whatever that something may be, it was the one thing that was gonna tie it […]Read More

Damien Q – “Black Unicorns”

Damien Q – “Black Unicorns” – Single Review Since finally cracking the code of artist Damien Q and his enigmatic signature approach to music that continually keeps us guessing as he pursues new artistic dimensions in sound, I feel like I have a much better grip on the intentions of the man behind it all […]Read More

Betweenzone – “We Got No”

Betweenzone – “We Got No” – Single Review These guys! I tell ya…you won’t often find many musicians out there that put as much into their music and art as Betweenzone does…you have a listen to their tunes or see their videos & you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  You can always SEE the […]Read More

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