Frank Zeno – “Hey Hey!”

Frank Zeno – “Hey Hey!” – Single Review “Why don’t you loosen up a little – whatcha got to lose anyway?”  #WordsToLIVEBy There is all kinds of solid advice & friendly guidance found within the new single by Frank Zeno called “Hey Hey!” – in particular, that quote up top kinda said it all for […]Read More


TWOFEW – “GONE” – Single Review Hey there!  Did you watch the latest episode of SBS Live This Week?  If you’re here reading about TWOFEW, chances are that means you’re either a fan already, or you’re about to be – so if you haven’t checked out our newest show, make sure that you do – […]Read More

Third Development – “Echoes”

Third Development – “Echoes” – Single Review If I missed the first & second developments…can I still jump right into the third?  #AskingForAFriend The truth is…none of us really know what Third Development is fully capable of…yet – even sounding as amazing as they do on this brand-new single called “Echoes,” this collaborative crew has […]Read More

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night”

Hannyta – “Make It To The Night” – Single Review Hannyta!  M’lady, you’re definitely on the right path. If you read my previous review on her debut single “Wildflower” from back at the end of December last year, you know I had plenty of great things to say about this stellar artist making her way […]Read More

The Neverines – “Revolution”

The Neverines – “Revolution” – Single Review It’s pretty darn easy to become addicted to this big shiny tune right here, yes indeed.  Consider yourselves warned, and take it from a guy with firsthand experience…y’all know I never have the music I’m listening to for too long, but I can always tell ya what makes […]Read More

MELØ – “Mysteria”

MELØ – “Mysteria” – Single Review “Futuristic synth-pop with a modern edge.”  #Hmmmmmm  #YouSaySoDoYaMyCanadianBrother I might have to push back on that a little bit…but I’ll be gentle about it.  MELØ’s got a really stellar beard that’s pretty much as legendary as the one I’ve got attached to my chin…similar length, similar thickness – the […]Read More

SR.Gent – “Winner”

SR.Gent – “Winner” – Single Review “They say I make BIG music, and I agree,” might just go down as the best quote I’ve seen & pulled direct from any artist’s pages this year!  I know…we’re still another 364 days away from being able to say that for a definitive fact, but I’m sticking with […]Read More

F.R. Music Project – “I See You” Feat. Rich Allen

F.R. Music Project – “I See You” Feat. Rich Allen – Single Review “I See You” Rich Allen…you’re a genuine man of music, and I dig that. According to what I’ve read about the man behind the music here, Rich has had quite the career even prior to his creating the F.R. Music Project.  He’s […]Read More

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