MELØ – “Don’t Change”

MELØ – “Don’t Change” – Single Review Great to hear things working out this well for MELØ, I dig this dude. It’s crazy though y’all…I gotta admit, I love how little I know about music sometimes.  I think us critic-types tend to get to a point where we think we’ve heard it all, or even […]Read More

Becoming Human – “Goodbye To When”

Becoming Human – “Goodbye To When” – Single Review I remember towards the end of last year when I stumbled across this kickass solo-project from artist Jordan Barney, called Becoming Human and a single he’d released called “Scars.”  Having a listen to that track was not only one of my favorite finds of last year, […]Read More

Marcellus – “Notice”

Marcellus – “Notice” – Single Review Shaken, not stirred…as the ol’ saying goes. Marcellus knows how to make a drink y’all, which you’ll see happenin’ directly onscreen in the new video he’s got put together to support his single “Notice” – and from what you’ll hear pouring through your speakers, it’s clear he knows how […]Read More

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha”

Klacc1315 – “NIGHTMARE In Texas” / “Patricia-Wockeisha” – Singles Review “Let’s go!” Representing N.T.A Records – we’ve got Klacc1315 back up on our pages.  It’s been a minute, but not too long – the name should still be fresh in your mind from posting the man up here back in August of last year when […]Read More

Tony Marino – Original Piano Pieces

Tony Marino – Original Piano Pieces – Album Sampler/Singles Review My-oh-my how the world has changed since the last time I reviewed Tony’s music, which was way back when in the first half of 2020 with the album Que Pasa.  He was on quite the streak of creativity around that time…we’d reviewed records like Tango […]Read More

Hormesis – “Doom Riders”

Hormesis – “Doom Riders” – Single Review Holy shit am I dumb!  For real y’all…as I’ve told ya many times throughout the years, I know about one thing and one thing alone – what sounds good.  Anything beyond that, I am dumb, dumb, dumb as a rock.  Don’t get me wrong, I do attempt to […]Read More

Doc Jazz – “Friendzone”

Doc Jazz – “Friendzone” – Single Review Well now…it’s been more than a minute or two since we’ve had Doc Jazz up on our pages, has it not?  I remember this quirky cat from back in 2017 when we reviewed a track he had circulatin’ called “It Takes Love” featuring Toy Matthews…heck – that’s nearly […]Read More

nasmore – “Welcome To The Hell” Feat. Neil Taylor &

nasmore – “Welcome To The Hell” Feat. Neil Taylor & La Strange – Single Review “Welcome To The Hell,” you say, eh nasmore?  That’s one heck of a way to say Happy New Year I tell ya. So let’s see here…let’s see…how do I feel about this new single from our Canadian friend…what do I […]Read More

Joseph James – “Valentine”

Joseph James – “Valentine” – Singles Review C’mon man.  I just got through the whole Christmas season, which technically lasts forever and a day because people can’t wait for Halloween to pass before they start pumpin’ out those seasonal specials, and then like, New Year’s Eve and Day were only like…what…still measurable in hours ago?  […]Read More

12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To

12-GAUG3 – “I Need You” Feat CRXWN / “Someone To Hold” – Singles Review January 2nd!  I tell ya folks…it never takes long.  Usually I’m a bit further into the year before I find that artist or band that makes me ask the question “WHERE have YOU been?” – but here we are, on the […]Read More