Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts”

 Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts”

Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” – Single Review

I mean…Deltiimo certainly ain’t wrong about all this as far as I can tell – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” – that’s the truth.  But hey, to be fair, most of the time, it also feels pretty good for the majority of us.

At least I hope so?

On the bright-side of things, even if you’re in the middle of heartbreak, a track like this is still gonna sound genuinely stellar on its way outta your speakers – it is, after all, Deltiimo – and whether concerning this particular single, or the others I’ve become familiar with in reviewing his music in the past, Gary Louca’s collaborative project has always remained synonymous with high quality tunes.

According to the notes I’ve got here scattered around the ol’ studio desk, “Love Sometimes It Hurts” was originally written for a Deltiimo album, got delayed in the process, then Covid hit and the whole world got delayed in every process…but at the same time, of course it’s given several artists out there from every corner of the map a bit more space to finish up some of their past material & projects and get all that good good stuff out there finally.  Don’t get me wrong…you’re never gonna find me proclaiming my love for the pandemic era – but I’d also be lying by omission if I didn’t say that some great things have come out of such troubled times in the realm of art & music, because that has indeed, been the case.

Further proof of that is right here in this flavorful new single of Deltiimo’s…”Love Sometimes It Hurts” was originally released back in 2019, but has now got some updates to it for its re-release here in 2021, coming out with a “Miami Deep House Radio Mix” and a “Miami Deep House Extended Mix” for you all to enjoy.  Fun fact – while Gary’s usually at the helm of the music & overseeing the production & whatnot in Deltiimo’s songs – you’ll find him right in the center of the spotlight & singing on this single.  Alongside a featured female guest-singer who expertly brings the essentially Miami character & sound to this song by flipping back & forth between singing in English & singing in Spanish – Gary’s done a solid job of holding his own and delivering on a track that dives into a few more layers of deep emotions than we’re normally used to finding in the realm of Deltiimo’s catchy & bright hooks designed for good times.

Written by Gary & featuring music by Bradon Grobler as well, Deltiimo has taken this single from 2019 and given it a whole bunch of new pathways to success here in 2021.  Not only do ya get the new remixes along with it, but he’s got an awesome lighthearted video to go along with the official release; it’s simple, but guaranteed to bring a smile to your face too while you’re listening to this song about the devastating pitfalls of relationships, life & love – and yup, the Tik Tok crowd has gotten ahold of this latest Deltiimo single as well already, with hundreds of people out there doin’ their dances & lip-synching or whatever it is that y’all Tik Tokkers are up to now – you get the point, people are listening.  And for plenty of good reasons when it comes right down to it – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” is a really well designed single that deserves its share of your attention out there.  From the chilled-out vibes of the music, to the pairing of different sounds complementing each other from the microphone, you get a full range of style & sound, in addition to substance that’s unafraid to dig a little deep thematically.  In fact, there’s a good chance it’ll take more than a few folks out there enjoying “Love Sometimes It Hurts” at least a couple of spins before they might realize the addictive sound they’re digging on is surrounded by words filled with devastating scenarios & emotions on display – which I always think is really cool.  Any kind of song with a straight-ahead concept & matching vibe is always going to be one thing, but the ability to add contrasting emotions & sound together like you’ll find on “Love Sometimes It Hurts” is what leads music to hold up & last over time, as opposed to burning out quickly in a short fiery burst of catchy hooks.  Don’t get me wrong – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” still has more than its fair share of hooks to be enjoyed – and I promise you will enjoy’em – all I’m simply saying is that the more you dig into a song like this one, the more you get out of it as you slip underneath the surface and into what Gary & his guest-star are singing about here.  You’ll find that “Love Sometimes It Hurts” is not at all devoid of hope – really, it’s quite the opposite – if anything, it felt like while they’re willing to point out some of the harder parts of life & love, the main message was hopeful, positive, and encouraging – soothing even.  Think of “Love Sometimes It Hurts” as based in realism, if you will – it’s an observant cut that takes time to be empathic & sympathize yes, but it’s also a track that fully inspires anyone out there that’s fallen out of love to not be afraid to throw their hat back in the ring one day.  Depending on how fresh your own most recent heartbreak may be, a track like “Love Sometimes It Hurts” might be that light in the darkness you really need right now…to know that things DO get better…and that love never leaves us for long; it sure as heck has no problem changing shape & form along the way, but it’s never gone for long.

All-in-all, it’s a strong main single from the Deltiimo crew…and of course, coming with additional remixes means there’s a whole lot of it for you to turn up out there.  So do that!  You can take my word for it if you like – or feel free to check out the many people around the world that have latched onto this new vibe from Deltiimo & been Tik Tok’n to their hearts content online for further confirmation if ya wanna!

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