Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts”

Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” – Single Review I mean…Deltiimo certainly ain’t wrong about all this as far as I can tell – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” – that’s the truth.  But hey, to be fair, most of the time, it also feels pretty good for the majority of us. At least I hope […]Read More

Deltiimo – “One Time”

Deltiimo – “One Time” – Single Review Hard to argue with success! Deltiimo’s already had plenty of enthusiastic response to their latest single “One Time” out there in the scene that they wouldn’t really need any additional accolades from me, though I might very well be inclined to pass out a few as well.  “One […]Read More

Deltiimo & Marley Blandford – “On My Own Again”

Deltiimo & Marley Blandford – “On My Own Again” – Single Review Check this out…this quote comes directly from the Deltiimo page at Facebook, posted up just today, regarding the new single they’ve just put out with singer Marley Blandford – it reads:  “We have actually lost count of how many playlists of all sorts, […]Read More