Veronica Largiu – “Always Running Back To You” (Radio Mix

Veronica Largiu – “Always Running Back To You” (Radio Mix / Deltiimo Big Room House Remix) – Singles Review So…as I say from time to time, a couple things can be true at the same time. When I put on Veronica Largiu’s latest single “Always Running Back To You,” (Radio Mix) to kick things off […]Read More

Deltiimo – “Hypersonic” Feat. Veronica Largiu

Deltiimo – “Hypersonic” Feat. Veronica Largiu – Single Review How many times in your life have you heard the notorious phrase, “video killed the radio star,” long ago added to the lexicon via The Buggles, ever since they added this ironic cut to the first MTV broadcast way back in the day?  Countless times, right?  […]Read More

Deltiimo – Time Tunnel

Deltiimo – Time Tunnel – Album Review BIG album! You can look at this release from Deltiimo in a variety of ways.  You could take things on the surface level of how this record has been prepared for your consumption in 2024, and you could make the assessment that it has taken two years to […]Read More

Deltiimo – “Break Free” Feat. Veronica Largiu

Deltiimo – “Break Free” Feat. Veronica Largiu – Single Review Miracle Rave?  #CmonYall #FriendsDontLetFriendsMakeMoreGenres Sooooooo yeah.  I’m gonna stick with EDM, because…sigh…because life is too short I guess. To be completely fair, it’s not just music that’s been getting insane with how many genres there are – BIG FOOD has been trying to convince us […]Read More

Deltiimo – “Weigh Down On You” Feat. Christian Erik

Deltiimo – “Weigh Down On You” Feat. Christian Erik – Single Review I tell ya folks…sometimes it just feels good to hear someone secure a victory with their music, you know what I mean?  Don’t get me wrong, whether I like something or I don’t, there are certain professionals in the game like Deltiimo that […]Read More

Deltiimo – “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again”

Deltiimo – “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” Featuring Maria Louca & Lisa Love Barron – Single Review Gary Louca, aka Deltiimo, has really been cleaning out the closet this year I tell ya…the roots of his latest singles have been tracing back decades before being revitalized for your consumption today.  “Let’s Get Together” for example, […]Read More

Deltiimo – “Welcome To The Real World Every Little Thing”

Deltiimo – “Welcome To The Real World Every Little Thing” (Ricky Louca Aged 9 Tech House Radio Mix) – Single Review Yep.  That is indeed a title that is longer than a single line in Microsoft Word.  #KeepEmShortYall So…hmm…what’s the best way to approach this…lemme see, lemme see.  I suppose the accurate way to summarize […]Read More

Gary Louca & Trovatori – Memories

Gary Louca & Trovatori – Memories – EP Review The musically-inclined mind of artist Gary Louca, who many of you reading these pages of ours would know as Deltiimo from past reviews on songs he’s created like “Love Sometimes It Hurts,” “One Time,” “On My Own Again,” and “Buzzy Bees Are Everywhere” that he created […]Read More

Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts”

Deltiimo – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” – Single Review I mean…Deltiimo certainly ain’t wrong about all this as far as I can tell – “Love Sometimes It Hurts” – that’s the truth.  But hey, to be fair, most of the time, it also feels pretty good for the majority of us. At least I hope […]Read More

Deltiimo – “One Time”

Deltiimo – “One Time” – Single Review Hard to argue with success! Deltiimo’s already had plenty of enthusiastic response to their latest single “One Time” out there in the scene that they wouldn’t really need any additional accolades from me, though I might very well be inclined to pass out a few as well.  “One […]Read More