Deltiimo – “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again”

 Deltiimo – “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again”

Deltiimo – “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” Featuring Maria Louca & Lisa Love Barron – Single Review

Gary Louca, aka Deltiimo, has really been cleaning out the closet this year I tell ya…the roots of his latest singles have been tracing back decades before being revitalized for your consumption today.  “Let’s Get Together” for example, was originally created back in 1992, with singer Lisa Love Barron…and now it has been refreshed for an updated version called “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” with Gary’s then four year-old daughter Maria in the mix for you as well.  They say music is never finished, only abandoned, and I suppose what Deltiimo is currently doing is proof of that statement being true.  As a person that is always pushing forward, I don’t know that mining through the past catalog is necessarily the route that I’d personally take, but to be completely fair, I don’t hear anything about “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” that wouldn’t be suited for the ol’ music market of the present day.  Credit where credit is due, Gary created songs that were built to last, and the mere fact that he can revisit them, remix’em, and keep them sounding just as fresh as if they were made yesterday is a real testament to the material.

Where my opinion on what makes a track like this appealing will likely differ from just about everyone else that’ll write about it, is that I’d tell ya the vocals from both Lisa and Maria are a way distant second place in the order of what’ll make you wanna listen to this single.  I’m not necessarily saying they don’t fit…in fact, I think they fit well enough…but that’s a different thing in comparison to an ingredient that we can unequivocally know adds something to enhance the experience – make sense?  To me, that’s important…and as always, all I’m gonna tell you is the truth as I personally hear it – it’s the music that makes “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” practically ridiculously addictive to listen to, and it’s as simple as that.  There’s no doubt that Deltiimo has created a real vibe with the music on this single, and with no disrespect to Lisa or Maria, everything else beyond the music pales a lot by comparison.  Maria was four at the time…so let’s be real here…there are no expectations in regards to that particular element of “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” – she’s fine, and I genuinely think that it is sweet of Gary to have added her into this song, just like I think it was essentially kind of him to even let Lisa sing overtop of it too!  I’m tellin’ ya straight up, if I had created an instrumental cut with the energy and color that this song has, nary a set of lips would have gone near a microphone…I would have hoarded this one for myself and let the music shine as it does.  Like I said, I’m not personally convinced that anything else really adds much into the equation here…unless you’re considering how it’s going to be marketed and who it’ll be marketed to…then of course the addition of vocals gives Deltiimo some other extra options.

So…yeah…I mean…no real complaints, it’s really just a matter of personal taste I’d reckon.  I’m all about doing whatever it is to serve what a song is calling out for…to me, that’d probably have kept this track as an instrumental, but for others, the vocals will be a welcome addition I’m sure.  We all like what we like and love what we love and that’s what makes this giant floating rock we’re on so darn wonderful ain’t it?  I didn’t hear anything that stopped me from loving the music on “Let’s Get Together Sunshine Again” – and ultimately, I suppose that’s the most important thing of all.  I might not feel like the vocals added as much as others might feel they did, but the music was still undeniably enticing to listen to at all times.

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