MusicMegaBox – Listen To All New Music Online For Free!

MusicMegaBox – Listen To All New Music Online For Free! Everyone out there can always use another reliable source when it comes to finding their new music! has made it easier than ever to find the songs you want to listen to with a brand-new site that allows users to listen online to hundreds […]Read More

Donny Richmond

DONNY RICHMOND  &  ELVIS PRESLEY’S MUSICIANS in “THE ULTIMATE ELVIS SALUTE IN SONG” August 16, 2017 marks 40 years since the untimely passing of Elvis Presley “THE WORLD KEEPS LOVING ELVIS” THE HISTORY MAKING RECORDING!!!!! The ONLY TIME this many of ELVIS PRESLEY’s legendary original studio musicians were ever collected again, to back up any […]Read More

Bristol Kids Band

Bristol Kids Band signed to ODR Records in Nashville with distro through Sun Records in Memphis. James and Keri also signed with Adrienne Hawe Management in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Toronto born Singer-Songwriter James Walsh and his American wife Lead Singer Keri Walsh are working on 35 new songs and will be in negotiations with legendary […]Read More

The Latest From Charming Timur…

Santeri Lohi of Helsinki, Finland, continues his adventures into wildly-experimental & heavily-textured sonic-atmospheres as Charming Timur and has released a couple records you shouldn’t be missing out on if you’re a fan of the extreme side of music. Released at the end of February in 2017 – you can check out the latest album Toiling […]Read More

You Need Lyrics!

Chris Hardy World Musicians, bands, songwriters – You Need Lyrics? I can help! I’ve been writing my own lyrics since 1978 and have been a professional lyricist since 2010. Need help? I’m your guy! Over 350 satisfied customers! I’m most comfortable writing rock lyrics in a style similar to REM, Foo Fighters, Steely Dan, Del […]Read More

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