Yana – “My Check”

Ready to stack up some paper for real – don’t get caught between the stylistic sound & determination of this artist unless you wanna get stomped on as she makes her way to the top of the charts & playlists out there, cause ain’t nothin’ stoppin’ her from gettin’ that money yo!  Yana, based out […]Read More

Kris Buckley – “Ich Bin Ein Ferrari”

You KNOW you come to this page to find something different than the rest – and this should do it for ya!  Kris Buckley, aka The Godmother, brings a worldly perspective to the Rap game and essentially gets her Trap-on in the vibe, rhythm, & flow of her latest single “Ich Bin Ein Ferrari,” sounding […]Read More

SlickMick – “Sippin Versaci Bitter N Spittin On Cars”

Been a minute since we last heard from SlickMick on the mic – but you best believe he’s still out there doing his thang.  Hell, he might even pick up an official endorsement for this latest single, he’s rocking a Victoria Bitter logo over his eye-patch while he’s late-night rhyming over one seriously imaginative beat.  […]Read More

Marley Makarah – “YouAintGangGang”

You been TOLD homies.  You wanna know what GangGang is just take a look at the video below – just KNOW that you AINT.  Rapper Marley Makarah keeps it loose and gets wild on one of his latest joints called “YouAintGangGang,” rhyming over an insane-meets-intense beat while bringing the thunder & lightning to the mic […]Read More

Mr. Shammi – “Oh-La La Live My Life”

Check this out!  The Caribbean-influenced sound & summertime vibes of Mr. Shammi are in full effect on the new single/video he’s got for “Oh-La La Live My Life” – for maximum good-times, it’s highly recommended that you turn this right up until you can feel the audio heat coming right through your speakers!  Excellent energy […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 4 – Muntu Valdo

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 4 – Muntu Valdo Muntu Valdo is a Jazz singer-songwriter from Doula, Cameroon. In many ways, Valdo seems to have created his very own style of music as he blends the very traditional sounds of folk music in Cameroon with his own rhythm and […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 7 – Neil Cowley Trio

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 7 – Neil Cowley Trio The Neil Cowley Trio is an acoustic-jazz piano group consisting of Neil Cowley (Piano) Rex Horan (Bass) and Evan Jenkins (Drums). When Neil Cowley performed on the intro to Hometown Glory by Adele, the talented musician became one of […]Read More

Talking Tom Dance Song

You just never know what you’ll find here on our pages! Whether you’re up late like we are here at the studio, or looking to add some energy & fun to the start, middle, or end of your day – an animated video & electro tune might be exactly what you’re looking for at this […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 2 – Wizz Jones

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 2 – Wizz Jones The “Wizz at 65 Tour” still features on the navigation menu of Wizz Jones’ website. Born as Raymond Ronald Jones, the English acoustic guitarist is best known on the folk music circuit and has a distinct charm as we interview […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 10 – Mo Zowayed

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 10 – Mo Zowayed “Good Morning!” For the well seasoned in-house crew a 2Seas Session generally begins with a short trip to Bahrain International Airport in Muharraq to meet and greet the incoming Artist or Artists. Not this time though, this talented Bahraini could […]Read More

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