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The Visionary New Video For “Scrambled In Your Wake” By Forsaken Garden Is Online & Available Everywhere Now!

With a powerfully gripping combination of Dark Wave-meets-Post Industrial synthetic-based sound that explores the depths of art, music, philosophy and poetry as one – Forsaken Garden creates sensationally thought-provoking songs for the third-eye aware.  Releasing a single per month from the start of 2021, which includes “Fruitful Dilemma,” “Scrambled In Your Wake,” “Ruin,” and “Space In You” to-date – Forsaken Garden is set to drop two more savagely addictive tracks in advance of the highly-anticipated upcoming album Banished In Place due out later this year.  Doling out a stylistic set of substantial songs that have stunning weight & evocative sound to pair with Forsaken Garden’s insightful lyricism & wildly low vocal tones – each cut takes the story further through a new sonic chapter designed to move minds.

For the official release of the second single “Scrambled In Your Wake,” Forsaken Garden enlisted the visual talents of visionary artist Mir Hisham @ Art Of Heavy Metal to create an immaculate lyric-video to support the song onscreen.  The results came out so much wilder and more cutting-edge than Forsaken Garden had ever hoped for – and in March of 2021, the stunning new video was released online for the world of fans around the globe to witness a breathtaking combination of music and art that truly speaks for itself.  Engaging, exciting, and brilliantly provocative, the video for “Scrambled In Your Wake” proves that Forsaken Garden has a wholly innovative approach that’s designed to create sensory experiences in sight & sound unlike any other – and all the right support & skills required to set this project apart from the rest of the scene.  Join Forsaken Garden in celebration of the official release of the visually-dynamic video for “Scrambled In Your Wake” – and make sure to grab a copy of Banished In Place later this year.

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