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Link&Chain Returns In 2021 To Celebrate Their Legacy With YOU – New Single “Ready” Is Out & Available Now!

2021 marks an incredible milestone for Link&Chain – and they couldn’t be more excited for YOU to join them as they celebrate the legacy in music they’ve created for over thirty-five years with the release of a vibrant new Reggae single called “Ready,” 100% designed to move the mind, body, and soul of the people!

From their humble beginnings long ago as a three-piece in 1986, to the expansion of their band to the four talented members that Link&Chain have to this very day in 2015, every step that they’ve taken together with their music has been part of a remarkably unified and entirely unforgettable adventure.  After tantalizing the world with their insatiably colorful & lively spin on the Reggae sound with their debut EP Fix The Roof in 2016, and going on to tour internationally with features in high-profile music magazines around the globe – listeners from all over the map have waited patiently for their return…

…and in 2021, Link&Chain proves they’re more than “Ready” to go for another thirty-five years to come.

In a full display of what has made Reggae as timeless as it has become throughout the history of music, Link&Chain create lusciously cultural sound that draws inspiration straight from the roots of the genre.  Loaded with radiant Dancehall vibes, naturally harmonious vocals, and socially conscious lyricism that is as boldly insightful as it is entertaining – Link&Chain’s unbreakable bond as friends throughout the years has provided them with a unique & beautiful freedom in their creativity as artists to express themselves completely from the music to the microphone.  “Ready” is a fantastic comeback to the music-scene by any measure – & it’s more confirmation that the Rasta-men of Link&Chain can never stay away for long!  Join Ta Seti, Congo Paul, Kasha, & IceCold as Link&Chain brings their spirited sound & meaningful music to the top of the charts this year & reveals to the world just how “Ready” for this moment they truly are, and how grateful they are to share it, with all of you.


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