Rosalila Music

Official Press Release Rosalila Music Reminds Us All To “Cherish” Our Time Together – Her Debut Single Arrives February 12/21! Her stunningly sincere & expressive style/sound is a pure reflection of the humble passion of an artist fully capable of bringing hearts & minds together around the globe through the soulful music she’s now making […]Read More

3Mind Blight & Sophie Dorsten – “Reflections”

Official Press Release 3Mind Blight & Sophie Dorsten Are Spellbinding Together – New Single “Reflections” Available Now! With the remarkable depth in the emotion and stunningly produced sound in 3Mind Blight’s music, he’s established himself as a genuinely premier entertainer and truly collaborative spirit.  After an incredible breakout year in his career in 2020 saw […]Read More

Kez – “No Love”

Official Press Release Mark Your Calendars Y’all – Kez Is About To Set 2021 Off 100% – New Single “No Love” Out 01/22/21! Ever since the man put out his debut record Flavors back in 2017, Kez has taken massive leaps forward on the daily as his music surged throughout the scene.  With a steady […]Read More

Krysta Youngs

Official Press Release Krysta Youngs Turns Bad Decisions Into Spectacular Sound – “FUCK ME”/”LOVE ME” + REMIXES – Released Jan/Feb 2021! From the millions of streams & plays she’s earned online, to her monumental achievements as one of music’s most sought-out songwriters after her platinum success co-writing the #1 Billboard mega-hit “ON” by BTS featuring […]Read More


Official Press Release Aleister Is Making Massive Moves In His Breakout Year – Brand-New Album Gaslight Is Out & Available Now! Clearly building massive momentum in the music-scene throughout his breakout year as an artist, Aleister surged online with a stellar series of singles and his debut self-titled record establishing his name permanently in the […]Read More

Crash Wednesday

Official Press Release Crash Wednesday Are 100% Set To Rock 2021 – Debut Album Monday, Tuesday, Crash Wednesday Jan. 1st! With their riotously amped-up electrified energy and gritty signature sound, Crash Wednesday is set to explode onto the scene with their debut record at the start of the New Year and blaze their way straight […]Read More

John Evergon – “Hallelujah”

Official Press Release John Evergon Dazzles & Charms With His Cover Of The Cohen Classic “Hallelujah” – Available Now! After revealing his immaculate gift for melody & intricate finger-style instrumental guitar compositions to the world & stunning fans and critics alike with the spectacular music flowing throughout his debut record Constellations Of Thoughts from last […]Read More

Ty The Artist

Official Press Release Ty The Artist Is Making The Most Of Every Moment In His Music & Career – Brand-New Singles 11/27! After tantalizing the music-scene online around the globe through a stellar series of single releases in his groundbreaking debut year going solo, Ty The Artist officially returns on November  27th, 2020 with a […]Read More

Pale Vision – “Life Is A Game”

Official Press Release Pale Vision’s Debut Single “Life Is A Game” Is Online Everywhere & Available Worldwide 10/30/2020! Faithfully taking music back to its analog roots and insightfully musing on the many twists & turns of life, Pale Vision has officially arrived on the scene with metaphorical lyricism, vibrant instrumentation, and a stellar debut single […]Read More

Hazhar Saleh

Official Press Release Hazhar Saleh Gets Set For International Superstardom! With the release of his groundbreaking album Hasti Namoyi in 2012, Kurdish artist Hazhar Saleh burst onto the charts of the international music-scene with a sensationally versatile sound of his own unique design.  From that point forward, the years to follow would quickly become the […]Read More

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