Christopher T – “Break It Down 4 Me”

Official Press Release Christopher T Raises The Stakes With “Break It Down 4 Me” – New Single Available April 10th! Back in action early on in 2020 with his powerfully stylistic sound on-point and an electrifying new single called “Break It Down 4 Me” designed to kick this year into gear, master mixologist Christopher T […]Read More

Omar Bowing – “Paradox”

Official Press Release Omar Bowing Puts Life, Love, & Art Into Perspective On The New Single “Paradox” – Out Now! Back with an explosive set of powerfully melodic hooks and extremely thought-provoking lyricism, Omar Bowing creates a killer combination of words & music that makes a genuine impact on their new single “Paradox.”  Designed around […]Read More

Project Pronin – “Release Me” Featuring Nicole Carino

Official Press Release Project Pronin Collaborates With Singer Nicole Carino On Brand-New Single “Release Me” – Out Now! In a year filled with personally creative milestones and sensory sonic adventures that have detailed the true depths & dimensions of Project Pronin through stunning new singles released all throughout 2019, artist Yan Pronin is back with […]Read More


Official Press Release NasSa recently released an exciting new project that combines the energy of modern hip-hop with the grit of old-school rap. The song is called “Montreal,” and it has a unique sound that is refreshingly unpredictable, yet warmly familiar, offering a great example of the artist’s growth and creative process.  “Montreal” hits hard: […]Read More

The Surgery – “Labyrinth”

Official Press Release The Surgery – “Labyrinth”, released October 11th 2019 A dark drum and bass audio onslaught centred around the theme of youths escaping from their parent’s houses to attend a rave in a disused underground network of tunnels, based around a sample from 1938 Orson Welles record “The Shadow – The Creeper” and […]Read More

Strong A.R.M.

Official Press Release Strong A.R.M. The Question:  Anywhere online where curious fans can listen to your music and find out more about you? The Answer:  Yes!!!! You can hear me on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, and in any other digital music store around the world!!!!  And you can also check me out on Youtube, […]Read More

Peter Sirah – “Distort That Bass”

Official Press Release Peter Sirah’s 3rd release “Distort That Bass” (breakbeat/funk rock/hip hop) has just come out.  It’s a highly danceable track that especially street dance people and djs should check out.  It’s available on Spotify and many other digital music services worldwide. Lyrics: It’s dark at the bottom of the steps & the top’s […]Read More

Andrew Ryan – “Spin It”

Official Press Release Andrew Ryan – “Spin It” – New single available now! With chaos and woes saturating the airwaves, internet and television, on a daily basis, it’s easy to get discouraged with the current climate.  Enter Andrew Ryan’s latest single, “Spin It.”  A track that somehow manages to transport your mind to a simpler […]Read More


Transcribed direct from a local radio-show in Los Angeles – discover what is being screamed about over the airwaves regarding the underworld’s best-representatives in music today, LUNA13, in their latest press release… There is a new music project called LUNA13 creating a ruckus in California.  Could you believe I walked into the Whiskey A Go-Go […]Read More

Shanty Franco

Official Press Release:  Shanty Franco Shanty Franco began her career in entertainment as a adult actress, vixen angel model and music.  Her keen eye for fashion and her ability to make music and acting trends in the fashion world landed her a high-end clientele.  She has graced & appeared in magazines like Vogue and Maxim.  […]Read More

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