Pure AV – Corporate Event Production

If you’re looking for audio solutions for your next corporate function or event – Pure AV has got all your wants & needs covered from every angle.  Whether it’s a giant product launch with the whole company attending, or a private meeting to discuss pivotal new business strategy with your most key employees, Pure AV […]Read More

Brandon – “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

“I smoke another one for my stress, stress, stress.”  True that homie – don’t mind if I do. Brandon!  Mixin’ it up with his Beamer in the parkin’ lot & havin’ himself a drank or two while droppin’ some bars for y’all to hear.  Produced by Poloboy 81 – “Yeah Yeah Yeah” has this emcee […]Read More

Black James Bond – “Baby Girl (Timeless Remix)”

R.I.P to the great J Dilla, the original designer behind the “Timeless” sound you’ll hear today by watching that video down below these words – but you’ll get a different twist on the whole thang, courtesy of Bond.  Black James Bond.  Adding in his own soulful & stylistic sound into the mix on “Baby Girl […]Read More

Jason Pierre – “I Thank You Lord”

No better time than on a Sunday to hear an artist soulfully preach the good word – so we’ve got Jason Pierre in the mix early this morning to do that very thang.  Dude’s a versatile entertainer for sure – you can see onscreen the man’s havin’ a great time doing what he loves under […]Read More

G8ABAK – “Halloween Story”

Hot Halloween bars y’all! Rapper G8ABAK weaves a fractured tale full of frightening imagery and details some seriously wild times on his brand-new cut, “Halloween Story” – just in time for the season – holla!  Listening to this emcee spit his story through the speakers in your crib is certainly better than sittin’ around the […]Read More


Official Press Release Possessed: The Resurgence Legendary Death Metal Band to play legendary Californian venue Whisky-a-go-go! Death Metal wasn’t a reality in 1983 when the band Possessed first formed and started kicking butt.  Their sound was so new and brave, fans and critics had to come up with a new name for their genre. That’s […]Read More

Luna 13

Luna 13 vs. Metal: Rising Through Adversities Having created one of the most controversial and interesting metal bands in years, Dr. Luna and Lilith Bathory, the duo known as Luna 13, expected some buzz around them. For the few who don’t know them yet, they created a whole new captivating subgenre, blending EDM and black […]Read More


You’ve read about them and seen them on our pages here at sleepingbagstudios through videos & write-ups of all kinds – and now you’re fully invited to check them out at their own!  Scarlett has just officially relaunched the website…they’ve got their videos & pictures up there for you to enjoy and all the information […]Read More


2ndVerse is a group that is something I found after looking through an infamous battle rappers Spotify page.  Apparently the battle rapper has joined the ranks of 2ndVerse for the track Legend and it does not disappoint.  I would highly suggest listening to the other tracks especially Communication.  Their Spotify page doesn’t boast a expansive […]Read More


MyPianoNotes.com As we all know, daily life is a lot to keep up with!  Whether it’s work or school, just being on schedule can take up a lot of your time as you travel back & forth for employment, education, or your hobbies.  Rather than set up an appointment in the future – wouldn’t it […]Read More

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