2Seas Sessions: Number 8 – Msaki

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 8 – Msaki Msaki is a singer-songwriter from East London in South Africa, best known for her soulful renditions of African themed folk music. Having spent the most of her youth in East London and the surrounding regions, Msaki has come far from humble […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 5 – The Leisure Society

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 5 – The Leisure Society The Leisure Society is an indie-folk bank from England, consisting of Nick Hemming (guitarist/vocals), Christian Hardy (piano/co-vocals) and Mike Siddell (Violin). Having received a nomination for a prestigious award in 2009, the best song at the Ivor Novello, the […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 1 – Hassan Bin Rashid

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 1 – Hassan Bin Rashid Hassan Bin Rashid Al Khalifa (HBR) is a singer/songwriter from Bahrain, best known for being a member of the Royal Family but most affectionately recognized for his musical talents. When we invited Hassan to perform at our studio in […]Read More

Gen Dietzel – “Burn”

OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE With the release of her new single “Burn” – Gen Dietzel is set to scorch the earth in 2018! What began with the first sparks of her career starting to ignite through the release of her debut single “Don’t Call Me Pretty” last year, has turned into a blaze of inspiration, creativity, […]Read More

2Seas Sessions: Number 9 – The Rising Souls

From the official desk at 2Seas Studio – 2Seas Sessions: Number 9 – The Rising Souls Acoustic roots band ‘The Rising Souls’ rise indeed. They have captivated audiences far and wide. Performing shows across their native Scotland including a lauded performance at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Festival as well as shows south of the Scottish […]Read More

The Dark Scene Rises

…stolen straight off the desk of the underworld…we’ve snatched some breaking news on bands you gotta hear to believe… Los Angeles Dark Music Scene Rises Again It’s been years – a lot of years – since Mötley Crüe’s Shout at the Devil came out: it was 1983, amidst the glory days of Heavy Metal. Los […]Read More

Esprit D’Air

Rising J-rockstars Esprit D’Air are crowned winners for best metal/hardcore album at the 16th Annual Independent Music Awards announced at New York’s historic Lincoln Center on March 31, 2018. The winning album, Constellations was selected by an esteemed artist and industry judging panel which included Slayer, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Tom Waits and Sepultura, among many others; as well as press and […]Read More

Kapil Srivastava

An official press release from the desk of Kapil Srivastava! Creating History – Kapil Srivastava’s Amazing India World Record Guitar Journey Have you ever wondered how the entire India would look through the eyes of a Guitarist? If not then here is a man a.k.a. as Guitarmonk of India, who is connecting India’s Heritage musically. […]Read More

Luna 13

An official press release stolen straight off the main desk in the underworld… Devil Worship, Witchcraft and Black Metal/EDM, Luna 13 becomes the next genre of Dark Music Luna 13 was formed only a couple of years back. However, the band established itself as a prominent entity within the EDM music industry within a short […]Read More


Enlight The powerfully expressive, colorful & imaginative music of Melbourne, Australia’s five-piece progressive-rock band Enlight is designed to sonically captivate listeners through bold structures and stunning songs that combine the beauty of pure melody & all-out menace of metal-mayhem as one.  With an intensely explorative & innovative style that digs deep into the depths of […]Read More

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