Kay Guss x Buck Hunnitz – “FRANTIKK”

“Whole lotta racks.”  #VisualProof After hearing all the unfiltered, raw, and gritty details of everything they’ve been through to get where they are today – you better believe that Kay Guss & Buck Hunnitz have earned the racks they’re flashing now!  I’m 100% stoked about what I hear in this collaboration and what I see […]Read More

Made By Engineer – Hip Hop Trap Beats Vol. 1

It was about three weeks or so, back in June this year, that we stumbled onto the creative pages of Made By Engineer and introduced you to the man’s altruistic pursuit of putting knowledge & new tools into the hands of artists out there in our world today.  Of course, you gotta lead the way […]Read More

Jonathan DesVerney – “You” Feat. C3

Absolutely stellar stuff from Jonathan DesVerney & C3 combined here on the brand-new single “You” – if you tuned in to the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you’d have heard me talking all about the devout pursuits of the man behind the music and his faith-based leadership.  As promised, we’re back here on […]Read More

Jango Fresh – “Call From God”

Jango Fresh – “Call From God” – Music Video Post I know I’d be listening to a whole lot more Reggae in this world if it was being made by Jango Fresh…that much I can tell ya for sure.  For what it’s worth, there are pages upon pages here at this very site of ours […]Read More

Sundance Jump – “Three Little Stars” Featuring W. Dire Wolff

Been about a year since we last featured the Sundance Jump crew on our pages, and you know what they say…there’s no time like the present, even when you’re diggin’ into the past.  They’re still hard at work promotin’ the 2019 album Deep Purple Sage, and according to the ol’ date stamped onto this here […]Read More

Mz. Tulip – “Ladies Anthem” Feat. Alicia Cinnamon, Fat Joe,

“We got that T&A to make ya stand at attention.”  #Yup! Let’s be real here – this is a mission fully accomplished.  Mz. Tulip loaded up a collaboration with all-stars, and you get a killer cut stocked & loaded with quality bangin’ from the lefts to the rights…and certainly onscreen in the video itself, no […]Read More

MTP – “Have Nots”

Look the fuck out homies – MTP is about to take over the scene this year. Mind you, to be fair, a quick look online will reveal this dude’s been kickin’ ass for quite some time already.  Being my own first experience with the man’s music & all, as the video for his latest single […]Read More

Serious Matters – “Glitches”

If you cup your ear to the wind at just the right angle, chances are you’ll hear a rumbling that traces all the way over to the core of its source, in Union Beach, New Jersey.  What you’re hearing is the sound of Serious Matters getting ready to break outta isolated quarantine days & start […]Read More

Nick Almighty – “All Praise”

“Since my arrival, I ain’t had no rivals.” “Nick Almighty bars make the track cry uncle!” – I could pull quotes from this dude all day long y’all – he’s got all the skills to back up these bold claims, 100%.  “All Praise” has the man hittin’ those bars in full-effect, puttin’ the rhythm straight […]Read More


While I’d never claim to have any superpowers, or even the cool-ass ones we’ve got on this planet like synesthesia – the reality is, I feel the music you all make.  BROCK included of course.  Happy, sad, mad, or otherwise, generally speaking, I’m right there with y’all no matter how far away I might be…and […]Read More

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