Afiya – “To The Top”

 Afiya – “To The Top”

Afiya – “To The Top” – Music Video Post

Really cool music video here from Afiya, and a genuinely positive tune to go along with it.  If you’re lookin’ for a little inspiration these days, “To The Top” might be just what the doctor ordered.  Designed to be the kind of food for the soul that’ll have you reaching to be at your best, “To The Top” is for the dreamers and the doers out there – it’s always great to run into another artist or band that’s aiming to assist those listening and watching with a motivational moment that can propel them further forward.  Because that’s what it’s all about ain’t it?  This life thing?  It’s all about conquering your goals & turning your dreams into reality…and while you’re workin’ on doin’ all that, Afiya has supplied your soundtrack.

Really unique stuff to watch and the song is great.  From the soulful sound of the main hooks, and the smart use of effects in the video, Afiya has put in the work to be noticed from sight to sound.  Above all things, in a world that tends to dwell on the negative, Afiya’s leading by example & ensuring that you’ve got something that’s been created to help inspire, motivate, and challenge the dreamer in you to come on out and live those dreams of yours out loud in full color in your daily life.  There’s always room for a lil’ more positivity in your day isn’t there?  Make sure to check out what Afiya is all about by having a listen to this new single and a watch of the video for “To The Top” – and for more information, make sure to click on all those shiny links below to find out even more & stay connected to Afiya Films!




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